McDonald’s in Marine City is set to close in October

Marine City McDonald’s is scheduled to close on Sunday.

“It’s definitely a bummer, we never want to see a business leave the community,” said City Manager Holly Tatman.

Mayor Cheryl Vercammen said the company and the franchise owner had not contacted city officials about the situation. When a business wants to open in the community, it has to apply for a business license, but when it closes, “they can just go out,” she said.

Marine City McDonald's at 6658 S. Riverside Road on October 21, 2021.

“A business decision is a business decision,” she said.

In a written statement, Markus Schulz, owner of the Marine City McDonald’s franchise, said McDonald’s regularly reviews its restaurant portfolio in order to make the best decisions for the future of its business.

“Closing a restaurant is a tough decision in any city and we would like to thank the community of Marine City for their support for nearly 40 years,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers at our nearby Algonac and St. Clair branches. “

Erica Jones, McDonald’s field public relations manager, confirmed in an email that the restaurant at 6658 S. Riverside Road will close on Sunday and that the organization has offered positions to all crew members in other places.

Vercammen said it looked like the company had decided to shut down McDonald’s because there weren’t enough people, although she felt like she always saw someone lining up at the restaurant.

“I am actually very surprised and sad,” she said.

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She said McDonald’s is a convenient fast food option for a family running to and from sporting events and the city is losing jobs with the shutdown.

There aren’t many local restaurants that have convenient drive-thru options and Vercammen believes the local Dairy Queen will be very busy as a result.

She said she wasn’t sure what the company was going to do in the future, but it would be great if another fast food company opened at the McDonald’s site.

Tatman said she hadn’t heard of any interest in the McDonald’s space yet. She hopes employees can land new positions, whether it’s at another McDonald’s or elsewhere in the community, and hopes another business opens in the space.

Following the closure, the closest St. Clair County McDonald’s to Marine City will be located at 700 Pointe Tremble Road in Algonac and 1155 S. Carney Drive in St. Clair.

Marine City McDonald's at 6658 S. Riverside Road on October 21, 2021.

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