McDonald’s holiday drinks are finally back in Canada after not being available last year

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I ask Tim Hortons for a 9×9 gretzky coffee 😂😂 #areyouokay #foryou

I got in my car, went to the drive-thru at my local Timmies, and ordered a Wayne Gretzky coffee. The clerk was confused, so I clarified and said “Can I get an average coffee with nine creams and nine sugars?”

She then said, “Okay, an average coffee with nine creams… wait.” Yuck. Are you sure ? ”

After reassuring him that I was totally serious, we encountered our first problem. Apparently, at Tim’s POS terminal, you can only enter a maximum of six creams per drink.

The clerk decided that she would make the coffee herself, so that I could get exactly what I wanted, but we had another problem.

“No room for coffee!” she said, what we danced while changing my drink to a big one.

I walked over to the window to pay, where a very indifferent teenager said “Here’s your nine out of nine.”

The first thing I noticed was that my mug was barely hot, which makes sense considering how much cold dairy was poured into it.

When I got home and opened the cafe it was mostly white. Since I usually drink it black with no sugar, I braced myself for what I was about to do.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t as horrified by Wayne Gretzky as I thought. Honestly, did it taste a bit like latte? Although very soft.

What surprised me the most was that after my first sip, I went back for two more. I didn’t like it per se, but I couldn’t help myself!

I decided that was enough and forced myself to stop drinking it, if only for the sake of my digestive health. I hate food waste, so I put the rest of the drink in my fridge and poured some into the regular coffee I make on my own every day.

So, would I recommend Wayne Gretzky from TikTok? Absolutely not!

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