McDonald’s hack: Clever trick to make sure friends are always ‘hot, fresh and salty’

Two content creators stumbled upon the best way to ensure fries are always “hot, fresh, and salty,” and ready to eat, when ordering them from the drive-thru. This is the 32nd McDonald’s hack that TikTokers have posted on their account.

The @hellthyjunkfood account has one million followers on the app and 22 million likes. It started as a way to post recipes and encourage home cooking.

However, junk food fans are also posting their tips for getting the most out of it when ordering from these restaurants.

The couple behind the account post tips and tricks for popular fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys, KFC, Subway, and more. A recent McDonald’s hack showed TikTok users how to ensure they’re getting the freshest, tastiest fries.

They described it as “the best way to eat McDonald’s”. So how exactly does it work?

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“You can also store your fries in your car’s cup holder, and the empty fries are packaged the perfect size to hold your double cheeseburger. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to eat McDonald’s on the go.”

The hack got almost a million views on the app. Other fans of the fast food restaurant chimed in with their tips for fresh fries.

One said: “You can also ask for the fries to be cooked to order (they drop them when you order).”

“Every time I donate to McDonald’s my mom says there’s no salt so the fries are fresh and hot,” said another. One commenter wrote, “Just ask them done right. They’ll be fresh every time.”

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