McDonald’s fries exposed in viral TikTok video

The worker went viral after posting a video about making French fries at McDonald’s – and it got a very mixed reaction from customers.

Most of us know that fast food like Macca’s or KFC isn’t exactly the healthiest option.

But some customers have given up on eating McDonald’s fries after an Australian employee revealed how they are made.

In a series of TikTok videos, @maccaschick showed how much oil and salt residue builds up on the bottom of the fry bin throughout the day.

“I’m trying to stay healthy, I’m just going to have the fries,” she captioned the video, saying she often hears health-conscious customers comment before ordering.

“Are you sure of that?”

The video racked up more than 5.4 million views, with customers saying the video was definitive confirmation that French fries were not the healthiest option.

“Fried food is not healthy… like seriously,” one person commented.

“That’s why I hate French fries,” wrote another.

“I will no longer have McDonald’s,” said another commentator.

But other viewers weren’t surprised, pointing out that the TikTok showed the grease trap under the fries tray.

@maccaschick also confirmed this, posting a follow-up video, in which she showed the top fries tray lifted up to reveal the bottom grease trap below.

“Guys, please, it’s not the fries. It’s the oil and salt that are left at the end of the day, ”she explained.

“It does not affect the taste of your fries. It’s just the residue under the filter after making about 1000 fries.

Although they showed the residue left over from French fries, many viewers said it would take a lot longer to keep them from ordering French fries, with many calling the grimy residue “good flavor.”

A few went so far as to say that they would gladly eat from the bottom tray, which they compared to salted mashed potatoes.

“I have no problem with this video,” wrote one person.

McDonald’s has been contacted by for comment.

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