McDonald’s Franchises Hack McFlurry Ice Cream Machines to Avoid Appropriate Food Safety Codes

McDonald’s ice cream machines are perhaps more notorious for breaking than actual ice cream products at this point. It’s a common joke to the point that A Snapchat user posted a video driving a machine literally breaking seconds after being told the machine was working.

Heck, even McDonald’s joined in its own shame last year Tweeter, “We have a joke about our serving machine, but we’re worried it won’t work.”

However, McDonald’s ice cream machines that don’t work aren’t the only problem the fast food chain has faced. Company machines can also be a sump for disease if not cleaned properly.

And it’s happening – some McDonald’s franchises are forcing maintenance professionals to hack ice cream machines to bypass security codes in place to ensure they’re properly sanitized.

“You are under pressure to get it up and running,” said an anonymous maintenance professional. Vice motherboard, adding that a store manager urged them to “install a jumper”.

“I was replacing a man who had been made redundant. When I got there I had been informed that he was installing the jumper on the shaking machine. I refused to do it ”, they said Motherboard. “To clean the machine, it’s a three hour job from start to finish – you have to drain it, clean the cylinders, check the pumps and the caramel and caramel o-rings. It is a long and detailed process. Installing the jumper is considered a trick to make it work – you don’t have to take it apart. “

McDonald’s McFlurry and soft serve machines are both manufactured by Taylor Company. Apparently, neither McDonald’s nor Taylor Company support franchise hack machines. However, the anonymous maintenance technician says machine hacking is a familiar thing to McDonald’s restaurants.

The maintenance employee said Motherboard these installed jumpers are potentially dangerous, causing the illness of some customers from McFlurrys or non-alcoholic serving items.

“It’s a dairy product, so there’s a reason you clean and sanitize it. There are things that accumulate in there, things that grow in a cold and humid environment ”, the maintenance technician added. “So to ignore that, for me, it’s wrong on so many fundamental levels.”

McDonald’s has recognized the problem. A spokesperson said Motherboard McDonald’s is aware of hacking to bypass sanitizing codes, but says there aren’t many restaurants that do.

“Adhering to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness is always our top priority, and that includes putting in place extensive cleaning processes for our gentle service machines to ensure the safety of our customers and our team. Any systems that bypass the regular cleaning cycle are not permitted or tolerated by McDonald’s, ”McDonald’s said in a statement to Motherboard.

Learn more about this issue at Vice motherboard and Wired.


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