McDonalds features Shaw University in ad, donates $100,000 for musical instruments and uniforms

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — You may have seen the new McDonald’s ad. In a national campaign, the fast-food giant introduced the South’s first and oldest historically pristine college and university, Shaw University.

Ad Highlights Shaw University’s Platinum Sound Marching Band’s Rich Heritage

“Legacy is so important to our school. For me to be able to follow in the footsteps of my mother, my aunts and my uncles, it’s so important,” said Dave Walters Jr., a sophomore and a member of The Band.

Walters, a former student, plays alto saxophone. He is grateful to walk the same halls as his family members.

“I never thought I’d see myself on national TV through my son. I’m humbled and excited,” Dave’s mother Vanessa Barnes-Hammond said.

McDonald’s also offered the HBCU a donation of $100,000. It’s a contribution that band manager and Shaw alumnus Andrae King says will help drive the program forward. They bought new uniforms and instruments.

“So when you see us at the Raleigh Christmas Parade or any other public event, wherever the band is represented, being able to benefit from this type of funding, it just reflects the quality education that we are able to provide. ‘offer to students here at Shaw,’ King mentioned.

According to King, Platinum Sound turns 20 in 2022. Although there are only 50 students in the group, the director is sure that interest will grow.

Walters agreed,

“When you have new uniforms, you feel better about yourself and the program,” Walters said. “You’re more proud of what you’re doing on the pitch. I think it’s needed for the boost and the confidence. It’s also needed for the look – the style.”

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