McDonald’s fans are shocked to find out how their onions are made

A man claiming to be a McDonald’s employee offering a behind-the-scenes look at the Golden Arches has revealed how the restaurant chain prepares its onions, which has left fans conflicted.

In a 36-second video shared on TikTok by essentialmcdonalds, viewers are guided through the process that creates the diced onions found in many of the famous fast food burgers.

It turned out to be an eye-opening experience for many and can be viewed here.

“I’m going to show you how we make our dehydrated onions today,” the man explains in the video. He begins by pouring the contents of a bag of dried onions into a plastic tub.

Using a standard kitchen sink faucet, he then proceeds to fill the tub with water to a designated line drawn on the tub. The visually unappetizing mixture is then displayed on screen with small pieces of onion floating around the top of the filled tub. “Then you put a lid on it and put it in the fridge,” the man in the video explains.

According to the alleged McDonald’s employee, “it usually takes two hours in the fridge” before the onions are ready. At this point, the mixture is poured through a strainer to remove any excess liquid. Once strained, the process is complete. “There’s your dehydrated onions,” he happily states at the end of the clip.

The video showcasing the entire process racked up over 8 million views in just over 24 hours. However, the responses from those watching have not all been positive.

“Of all the fast food talk videos, this one crossed the line for me,” wrote Samantha Conley. “I really thought you all had packaged diced fresh onions or more.” Beth O’Conner also felt duped. “Why did I think there was a little man in the back chopping onions into microscopic pieces,” she wrote.

Another user, posted as adaywithshay, also expressed disappointment to learn what is going on behind the scenes at the Golden Arches. “Man, we can’t even have fresh onions,” she commented.

Always “the best”

A user posted as The Jess was stunned writing “onions aren’t real!” while Mads Plants seemed conflicted, replying, “These onions are the best though.”

Despite the outcry, some thought the reaction was a bit over the top.

GothGrandma said, “I can’t believe dehydrated onions are what some people want to draw the line” with teukyskate stating, “These onions are the highlight of every McDonald’s burger, I love them so much.” Akerscm also struck out in favor, commenting, “Probably an unpopular opinion but I LOVE McDonald’s onions.”

User 7321823118967, meanwhile, scoffed at what those opposed to the idea of ​​dehydrated onions seemed to suggest as an alternative. “Really disappointed these onions aren’t from a 50 pound bag of onions that someone gets paid to cut,” they joked.

Newsweek has contacted McDonald’s and essentialmcdonalds for comment.

McDonald’s has previously been criticized for offering unhealthy meal options. A doctor in Tampa, Florida, for example, recently paid to use a billboard to discourage his patients from eating there.

According to the health and nutrition website Eat This, Not That, the outlet’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese represents the most calorie-dense option offered by the chain.

Erich Bargainier of Eat This, Not That writes that the burger contains “720 calories and well over half your daily sodium intake.”

“This item contains the highest amount of fat and salt of any McDonalds burger offered in the United States,” he warns.

A recent viral video revealed how McDonald’s cooks cook folded eggs versus round eggs, while another clip purported to show what workers do when a customer asks for fresh chicken nuggets.

A photo of a Big Mac burger taken in 2017 – McDonald’s fans have mixed feelings after discovering how the restaurant makes its onions.
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