McDonald’s fan threatens to call police after food vlogger shares ‘healthy’ ketchup hack

Food Vlogger Divided Her Followers And Let At Least One Swear To Call 999 After Sharing Her Simple McDonald’s Hack For Tomato Ketchup To Make It ‘Healthier’

The ketchup hack has divided people

When it comes to McDonald’s, a lot of people have their own preferences for how they eat their food.

For example, some people like to dip their fries in milkshakes, while others keep it classic, smothering their fries in tomato ketchup.

However, a cooking fan made a splash after sharing how she likes to use ketchup.

In a post on TikTok, under the name @sensationfoodie, she explained that there was “tons of sugar and a lot of red coloring” in the ketchup, so she mixed up a concoction that made so much noise that she must have been slapped with a “trigger warning”.

In a clip that left many of her subscribers deeply shaken with horror, she explained, “I always put water in mine so you get double the health for half the price.”

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This confession is accompanied by a video that a horrified potato chip enthusiast described as “the highway to hell.”

In this clip, @sensationalfoodie can be seen pouring a dollop of Heinz Tomato Ketchup into a small plastic container that she then holds under a running tap, completely diluting the sauce.

The result is a thin, watery substance that will no doubt forever haunt those who can’t stand a soggy, tarnished bright red color to a faint orange.

The self-proclaimed foodie then takes some delicious and innocent McDonald’s chips from a packet and mixes them in the jar before putting them in. It is an image that made many of his disciples “speechless”.

His video went viral, with one commentator so outraged he threatened to call 999.

A second person begged, “Please tell me this is some kind of joke?” Why not just dip your chips in the water?

Another wrote: “What is the real duck! If you’re going to do that, at least make some vodka for a Bloody Mary bath ”.

This isn’t the first time that @sensationalfoodie has sold off its followers with controversial food clips.

Previous videos show the vlogger dipping giant wotsit in whipped cream and microwaving a drink she describes as “the perfect cup of British tea,” made mostly of milk and sugar.

Would you like to try the ketchup hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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