McDonald’s employee reveals the least popular menu item – can you guess?

Stephen Patula claims he hasn’t cooked this menu item once since his family bought a franchise in July as she shares his take on the fast food channel on YouTube.

McDonald’s employee revealed the menu item customers order the least

A McDonald’s employee revealed the least popular menu item – and many were shocked.

The hot drink, says the worker, is never so popular because its cold and sweet counterpart is more popular.

Stephen Patula said tea was the least requested menu item when sharing a video on his YouTube account on October 14.

He also claims in this video that he hasn’t served tea since his family bought the franchise in July.

Stephen, who is an area supervisor, also answers the question in a previous TikTok video where he shares his take on the fast food giant.

He said: “We bought these stores in July and I have yet to serve hot tea.

“I actually didn’t even know we were selling hot tea until about a month ago.”

He also says that ironically, the top-selling item in the Ohio store is iced tea.

The TikTok account, where he posts under the @patulafamilymcdonalds domain, has over 934,000 subscribers and many have commented on the youtube video as well.

The worker also revealed one of the most popular drinks ordered from the ahin fast food restaurant


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One person wrote, “Okay I know what I’m asking for next time I’m there.

Another McDonald’s employee wrote: “Exactly, someone asked for hot tea the other day and I had to ask where it was on the machine because I had no idea where it was. found or even that we had sold it. “

In another popular video, Stephen shows how iced tea is made. The publication received more than 332,000 views.

Comment from one person: “In high school, we got this EVERY day,” one person commented. “

Another wrote, “Brother, I get this every time at McDonald’s.”

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