McDonald’s employee fired for revenge on “rude” customer

A McDonald’s employee who decided to take revenge on a “rude” customer soon saw his act of revenge backfire when he lost his job.

A McDonald’s employee was fired after pouring sweet and sour sauce instead of caramel sauce on the order of a “rude” customer.

Posting anonymously on TikTok, the former fast food employee revealed how he took revenge on the unsuspecting restaurant.

In the first viral clip, the McDonald’s employee can be seen putting whipped cream on the customer’s order before pouring a packet of sweet and sour sauce over the drink.

“When the customer has an attitude but you remember you only earn 8.50 an hour,” they wrote.

But it wasn’t long, but the fast food worker’s act of revenge backfired.

Just 13 days old, the fast food worker posted a video of himself greeting the McDonald’s where he was supposed to work.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you did it …” he wrote, referring to his previous TikTok which went viral.

“You got me fired… bye mcb **** es. So what’s next?” He finished the clip.

Both clips went viral, with his dismissal announcement having been viewed more than 400,000 times.

But there was little sympathy for the former McDonald’s employee in the comments section.

“You got fired man …” one person said.

“The second I saw the video of you putting sweet and sour sauce on a caramel keystroke, I knew you were going to get fired instantly,” said another TikTok user.

McDonald’s has been a hot topic on TikTok with workers and others posting “secrets” about the company anonymously.

Earlier this month, a TikToker claimed to know the reason the Mcflurry machines are still down.

Johnny Harris posted a video on TikTok that explains his theory as to why it’s so hard to order ice cream from the iconic fast food chain, and it’s not because employees are too lazy to take care of themselves. occupy machines, as many believe.

One of the main problems with the machines is that they are managed by an outside company, Taylor Company, and there is nothing employees can do but wait for a certified technician to fix them in the event of a failure, such as Harris said on the @behindthebrands TikTok account.

Harris also says the machines self-clean every day, but this process takes about four hours, and if there is a problem during the process, a whole new cleaning cycle begins, taking the machines out of service even longer.

Also, because these machines are so expensive, most McDonald’s stores only have one and they can easily overheat if they process too many orders at once.

These claims come as the Federal Trade Commission investigates McFlurry machines and explains why they don’t seem to work that often.

The investigation is part of an effort to protect franchise owners, who have complained that the machines are giving their businesses a bad reputation.

“We’re tired of being the butt of late night jokes. The same goes for our clients and our teams, ”said the National Owners Association, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Nothing is more important to us than meeting our high standards of food quality and safety, which is why we work with fully approved partners who can reliably deliver safe solutions at scale,” the company said of the investigation.

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