McDonald’s double murder shooter claims victims extorted him

The gunman who killed two brothers at a McDonald’s in Zwolle in March said his family threatened and extorted him for months. He insists he did not go to McDonald’s with the intention of killing the men and says he regrets what happened, according to NOS.

The suspect, Veysel Ü., claims to have invested money with the victims’ family with the aim of buying a property in Istanbul. However, he says he never saw much money again. The family of the victims, Hüseyin and Ali Torunlar, dispute these allegations. Ali’s son told police the suspect was the one who cheated in the real estate transaction. Police are still investigating these allegations and report that the suspect was involved in drug trafficking.

When you. met the two brothers at McDonald’s on March 30, they told him he had to pay 30,000 euros, which he said he could not pay, according to the suspect. Lawyers for the suspect say the shooting was not premeditated, but was due to a psychological breakdown after being threatened. “I was told: I will shoot you and we will take your children with us”, Ü. said.

So u. shot the two brothers in the crowded McDonald’s, causing panic among the other customers, many of whom had children with them. “I really regret what happened at McDonald’s,” the suspect said. “I am terribly ashamed. Also for the children who were there.”

Ü., whom the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) suspects of murder or manslaughter, fled in his car and threw his phone and gun out the window, he said. Police have yet to locate the phone or the weapon, according to NOS.

“If he felt threatened, he should have surrendered to the police and not killed two people,” said Priscilla Buchele, the family lawyer for Hüseyin and Ali Torunlar.

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