McDonald’s celebrates National Teachers’ Day by giving away free drinks

McDonald’s celebrates National Teachers’ Day to show appreciation for educators and their profession. The fast-food chain will offer free drinks to teachers across the United States.

The franchise is well known for running such campaigns and offering free rewards to appreciate service workers and their work during the pandemic.

Here’s a full look at their upcoming Teacher’s Day offer.

McDonald’s will offer a Teacher Appreciation Week offer

Tomorrow begins teacher apperception week. Teachers, don’t forget to stop by McDonald’s Pulaski, TN tomorrow through May 5 to grab a gift of appreciation – an iced or hot coffee or a free medium soft drink. Thank you McDonald’s!

The Food Joint will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week for a total of four days, from May 2 through May 5, 2022. During this time, education professionals can pick up a free medium-sized iced or hot coffee, or a soft drink to celebrate their work and their impact on society.

The offer is part of a campaign called “Thank you, teachers”.

Getting the campaign advantage is very easy with no stings attached. All it takes is a valid ID proving that the person requesting a free drink is an eligible professional, working at a school or other educational institution. No purchase is necessary for the offer. Teachers can go in-store or drive-thru to get their free drinks, at no additional cost. A few outlets may also provide free food.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has given gifts to teachers. The restaurant launched a similar program in October last year. Educators received a free meal between October 11 and 15, 2021 to celebrate Global Teachers Week. The offer was called a “Thank You Meal”, which featured a choice of meal between an Egg McMuffin, a Sausage Cookie, or a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Cookie. The food item came with a hashbrown and a medium sized coffee.

The offer delighted many teachers who shared their happiness on social networks.

Thank you McDonald’s @McDonalds for the Educator Teacher Appreciation Breakfast Meals last week! I enjoyed starting my school day with an Egg McMuffin in my class 🙂

Thank you @McDonalds for today’s Teacher Appreciation Breakfast! It was the perfect way to send our teachers and staff on fall vacation! See you all on Monday, October 25! 🍁@OCMiddle

The history of National Teachers’ Day

America has celebrated National Teachers’ Day every year since 1985. However, its history dates back to 1944. Mattie Whyte Woodridge, a teacher from Arkansas, came up with the idea of ​​establishing a day that appreciates educators and their work. . Woodridge began approaching educational and political leaders with the idea of ​​a national holiday to honor teachers.

She wrote a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt) outlining her idea. Eleanor agreed with Woodridge and persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim a National Teachers’ Day.

The National Education Association of Kansas and Indiana worked to make the idea a reality, and eventually Congress declared March 7, 1980, National Teachers’ Day.

The National Education Association continued to celebrate the holiday in March until its Representative Assembly voted to change the date in 1985. Currently, the first Tuesday in May is marked as National Teachers’ Day, while the preceding week is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week.

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