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A man has been on trial for abusing McDonald’s staff in Ballarat after poorly serving his meal. Bradley Fothergill appeared in Ballarat Magistrates’ Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to all charges. Police Attorney Chief Constable Steve Repac said police saw Fothergill driving in Mount Pleasant in October 2020 with an expired license and no locking device in his car. The offense violated a bond of good conduct he received for the offense in December 2019, when police were called to McDonald’s in Ballarat where he was mistreating staff members. IN OTHER NEWS The court heard that Fothergill returned to McDonald’s after eating his meal on the way to confront staff that his meal was bad. Senior Constable Repac said Fothergill was aggressive and abusive towards staff and was arrested when he attempted to enter the store. The staff called the triple zero and the police were present. Police smelled alcohol on Fothergill’s breath and told police he had drunk half a bottle of vodka. The police arrested him for being drunk in a public place and he tried to struggle and get free from the police. Fothergill refused to take a breathalyzer test. A defense attorney said alcohol use was an underlying factor that continued to bring Fothergill back into the criminal justice system. The court heard that he turned to alcohol after a difficult time and feelings of distress due to family disputes. She said Fothergill pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, was motivated to stay sober and sought continued treatment for mental health issues. The lawyer said his client was working and his employer was a big supporter, as a reference provided to the court shows. Magistrate Tim Walshe asked Fothergill how he would feel if someone treated his daughter the way he treated the young staff at McDonald’s. “These people are just doing a job. A lot of them are kids, doing their best,” he said. Fothergill’s license has been canceled for the mandatory minimum period of two years to refuse a breathalyzer test. Fothergill was convicted and fined $ 1,000. If you see this post, you are a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier, as we’ve made this story available only to subscribers. Thank you very much for your support and for allowing us to continue telling the Ballarat story. We appreciate your support for journalism in our great city.


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