Macca bans under 18s after 5 p.m.

A McDonald’s restaurant in the UK has taken the extreme approach of banning under-18s from entering after 5pm.

The Church Street franchise in Liverpool says the decision has been made to limit instances of ‘anti-social behaviour’.

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Reports say his harsh decision to temporarily ban some customers was ‘not taken lightly’ but was necessary after staff were subjected to ‘verbal and physical abuse’ from customers minors.

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in the number of incidents of anti-social behavior in the region, with our people being subjected to verbal and physical abuse,” a spokesperson said. said.

“We have a zero tolerance policy on crime and anti-social behaviour, and have temporarily restricted access to the restaurant to U18s from 5pm.”

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“This decision was not taken lightly and we are working closely with the police to find a solution and help reduce these incidents,” they continued.

To enforce the policy, restaurants appear to have hired security at the door to ban teenage customers.

Speaking to a local newspaper, the Echo of Liverpoolone customer said he saw the fast food bouncer turn away customers.

“As I was leaving, the security guard stopped a man he believed to be a teenager and told him that they didn’t allow anyone under 18 to enter the restaurant after 5 p.m. without an adult with him. them,” the client said.

“The man told the security guard he was in his twenties so he apologized and explained that the company’s new policy meant he couldn’t let groups of teenagers in alone. .”



In Australia, Maccas is doing its best to attract young people in its restaurants.

Recent skills shortages led a Sydney McDonalds franchise to offer $1,000 signing bonuses to new hires. Although the offer is no longer available, the company is still looking for new crew members.

“Across the country, McDonald’s has more than 8,000 jobs available in crew, management, barista and maintenance roles,” a Maccas spokesperson said. said.

“Our restaurants are actively hiring and seeking people of all ages and experience levels to embark on a career at McDonald’s.

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