KFC / Taco Bell on Duboce no longer serves Taco Bell items

This is going to make some Zeitgeist regulars and the people who live near Safeway Heights and the Mission Edge very sad, but Hoodline regrets to inform you that the KFC / Taco Bell at 200 Duboce Avenue (in Guerrero) has become right. a KFC, so more tacos.

A tipster let us know that a sign was recently installed on the restaurant door stating that as of September 16, this hybrid restaurant no longer serves Taco Bell food – and is now a fried chicken restaurant on time. full. The sign also has, oddly enough, an upside-down rendered image of a KFC chicken sandwich meal, with the Pepsi logo upside down.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you,” the sign reads. “Come buy a bucket of KFC chicken today! “

And even though it can’t be called a new again, having debuted two years ago, the sign says, “We also have our new KFC Chicken Sandwich and it’s really amazing!”

See for yourself, read it and cry:

Photo via Hoodline tipster.

KFC and Taco Bell are Pepsi loyalists because they are under the Yum! Umbrella Brands, which is the fast food arm of PepsiCo. Taco Bell has been owned by PepsiCo since 1978, and over the past few decades the country has seen many of these hybrid KFC / Taco Bell (and Pizza Hut / Taco Bell) locations. Although the company may be moving away from these dual menu restaurants. As Hoodline reported at the time, the KFC / Taco Bell at 2040 Ocean Avenue closed in February 2020, and this followed three more KFC / Taco Bells closings at Geary and Steiner, Lombard and Fillmore, and Irving and 20th Avenue, which all closed in 2016.

This Duboce location was originally a stand-alone KFC in the ’90s and early’ 90s, and didn’t add the Taco Bell side until 2005 (if Yelp is to be believed). And when Zeitgeist enthusiasts found out they could make you a fried chicken burrito, minds were blown away.

But where is a San Franciscan supposed to get two coins and a cookie with a Crunchwrap Supreme on the side now? Or a fried chicken burrito?

The Excelsior location (4285 Mission Street) still appears to be a KFC / Taco Bell hybrid, and there’s another in South San Francisco at 199 Airport Boulevard. But these appear to be a dying breed!

Yum! Brands has not made any official announcements to our knowledge when it comes to no longer doing dual menu locations.

The company has 50,000 restaurants around the world and recently acquired The Habit Burger Grill.

Fun fact about Taco Bell: Among other facts in this mashed piece of 2019, the preformed hard taco shell was actually invented at Taco Bell – it was a time-saving invention by founder Glen Bell in the early 1960s, so workers could produce more tacos faster without having to heat up soft tortillas.

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