KFC opens pop-up hotel with ‘chicken press’ buttons

KFC is opening a pop-up hotel in London where guests can order room service with a “Press for Chicken” button.

The deal is in effect for 11 nights from August 18, when guests can only check in for one night at the so-called House of Harland, named after the founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. And yes, the promotion at 9a Club Row, an apartment building, is a nod to the number of herbs and spices in the Colonel’s original recipe.

The package includes a black Cadillac – the “colonelmobile” – which will pick up guests and drive them to the hotel, where a “chick-in” employee will greet them, the company said.

You will have access to a “Hot Winger” arcade machine and a private cinema showing chicken-themed films. Rooms are decorated with a poultry theme, and guests will slip into linens or use towels with a fried chicken design, according to a press release on the promotion.

Room rates are $ 154 – or £ 111 – and all proceeds will go to the KFC Foundation, which supports youth organizations. Guests also receive a stipend of $ 139 to order KFC food – and the idea is to “prevent over-consumption,” a KFC representative told Insider.

Red "chicken press" phone inside a pop-up KFC themed hotel
A “push for chicken” button allows customers who may be hungry to order food with a $ 139 allowance provided by KFC.

Reservations can only be made through Hotels.com, which is the exclusive booking agent, but don’t hold your breath for a room. It looks like the promotion has run out.

This isn’t the first time that YUM Brands, owner of the chicken chain, has opened a themed hotel. In 2019, Taco Bell opened the Bell Hotel & Resorts pop-up in Palm Springs, California, where reservations sold out in two minutes.

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