KFC Brings Huge Change To Their Menu That Customers Never Seen Coming

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for its, uh, chicken, but the Louisville-based fast food chain just hinted that it is jumping on the non-meat protein craze by soon launching plant-based chicken fillets at United States ! It’s huge.

Following the additions of plant-based meals to McDonald’s and Wendy’s menus, KFC’s decision is not shocking but it remains monumental. The company added a meatless “chicken” patty to restaurants across Canada in 202, and has now confirmed that it’s coming to the US sooner than you think!

The chain, known for “the best fried chicken on the market,” referred to its meatless collaboration with Beyond Meat in recent interviews CEO Kevin Hochman conducted with the media. Although the interview revelations ended before a full press announcement including a date when alternatives to meat would be available, Hochman’s remarks follow months of speculation about their herbal plans. (Some sites have reported that they have been working on the collaboration for years!). Needless to say, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking to cut down on their meat intake should be * very * excited. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming poultry-free recipe:

In a story about Fortune last month, the CEO of KFC, which is a division of Yum! Brands, revealed he ate plant-based burgers at home (“I think they’re as good as the regular hamburger”) and that the company doesn’t consider plant-based meat to be a fad transient. “We believe this is something that will continue to grow over time,” he told the publication. We couldn’t agree more!

Hochman conceded that while the majority of people will * always * want to eat animal protein, he believes chicken alternatives will be a bigger part of their market in the future. “I think it will one day be an important segment of the fried chicken market, but it will never replace animal protein,” he revealed. Fair enough!

Eat this, not that previously reported that the Kentucky food chain had been working “quietly on plant-based chicken strips” for some time and was finally ready to hit the market, with the company putting the finishing touches on a nationwide rollout. We can’t wait!

And that’s not all – Hochman revealed how the restaurant continues to evolve its model in the age of Covid. “The KFC prototypes we’re working on typically have smaller dining areas than a traditional KFC,” he revealed, adding that they would invest in take-out pickup areas with storage space and a checkout. without contact. We will be looking for these cubes soon, as well as the chicken without chicken!

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