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Jane McDonald is a staple of British television, having entertained fans since 1998. Her latest project is Jane McDonald: My Yorkshire, where the star returns to her roots and takes viewers on a nostalgic journey around Yorkshire and its surroundings, showcasing all the beauty it has to offer.

For the show’s third episode, she traveled to Emmerdale Farm to watch the original set of the long-running soap opera.

Joined by her best friend Sue Ravey, the pair also took a tandem bike tour of Knaresborough.

There, she met Frazer Hines of Emmerdale Farm, who played Joe Sugden for an impressive 1,371 episodes.

Viewers got a special glimpse inside the iconic venue as they joined the show’s veteran at the real Woolpack pub.

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The singer recalled the time she spent watching the soap with her mother when it was originally called Emmerdale Farm, with Frazer telling her of his fond memories of the show.

The show was filmed in the Yorkshire town of Esholt, where the duo settled for the Channel 5 special.

Diehard fans would have recognized it, but the new show is being filmed at a purpose-built new studio in Harewood and removes the farm from its title.

Several locals took issue with the way the former Loose Woman panelist pronounced the town’s name, making it sound like E-Shot.

While swapping Emmerdale stories, the pair noted how the series had a slower pace, unlike the current series, which has quite traumatic and dramatic storylines.

So far, the Wakefield entertainer has gone down memory lane by showing off her time at home in the first episode.

She showcased the charming town and surrounding Yorkshire market towns and visited the village of Holmfirth, which was the setting for the sitcom Last of the Summer Wine.

In episode two, she admired the delights of Oakworth Station.

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