Jalen Green heads to OKC Thunder in CBS NBA mock draft

The NBA Draft is now just under two months away and we at TI are already cooking up some tape views and countless hours of reading on some of this year’s top prospects that could end up falling. in the hands of the OKC Thunder.

After the room turned to Oklahoma City earlier this week, Sam Presti and his colleagues. Head into the June Draft Lottery with the fourth best chance of landing first place on the illustrious night, and have a 52.5% chance that their pick will end up in the top five.

Because of these odds, it’s quite obvious that next season the OKC Thunder will likely have a handsome young stud to enter the rotation to become a potential sidekick for current star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

At the forefront of the majority of big boards, there are four top-rated consensus perspectives that are seen as clear options to go from one to four, aside from Cade Cunningham, No. 1 overall. , in NBA Mock Drafts, we often saw the other three selected in a multitude of different orders.

Recently, CBS Sports has released an updated mockup for 2021 and, fourth overall, we see G League Ignite star Jalen Suggs heading to the State earlier.

Citing his propensity to put the ball in the basket and his impressive stature, writer Gary Parrish believes Green should be seen as a true building block of the franchise from day one:

Jalen Green is an elite scorer with a good size for his position that could quickly establish itself as one of Oklahoma City’s main building blocks. His decision to skip college and play for the G League Ignite did nothing to significantly hurt his draft status.

Starting with every game for its team in 2020-21, the 2020 McDonalds All-American went on to record impressive per game averages of 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.5 steals of 46. % shots from the ground and 37% shots. from the depths.

While Cunningham is obviously seen as the top pick for all teams in the lottery, it could certainly be argued that a guy like Green is perhaps the second best talent to enter this draft.

If the OKC Thunder drops to fourth overall, catching the talented wing seems like an absolute steal in our book.

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