Invictus Capital Blazes Trail for Bitcoin Wallet Earnings

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With the bitcoin price soaring in 2021, many new investors are looking for a way to profit from the windfall. But with this world so new to many investors and moving so fast to start, it can be daunting looking for a safe way to build an investment portfolio.

Fortunately, Invictus Capital is on the scene, helping to develop an array of bold new investment opportunities for exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Opening in 2017, Invictus Capital launched seven unique funds to connect users to the world of Bitcoin and beyond. In 2021 alone, it increased its assets under management (AUM) by 81% to over $ 100 million. Going through the list, each of the Invictus funds has its own strengths and is suitable for strengthening portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

Crypto10 covered

A true favorite of Invictus clients, Crypto10 Hedged is a new fund designed to manage risk and provide clients with ease of use compared to Crypto20, Invictus’ first offering. These two funds track major cryptocurrencies, weighted by market capitalization. Crypto10 Hedged is carefully managed by data scientists, to ensure that customers don’t have to constantly monitor it. During bull markets, it remains strong in cryptocurrency, and when the market slows, it hedges itself in interest-bearing cash holdings. This makes it easy for investors to overcome all kinds of calamities and makes Crypto10 Hedged an attractive and accessible choice for newcomers to the space.

The Invictus Bitcoin Alpha (IBA)

Unlike other Invictus funds, which tend to mitigate risk through diversification, IBA offers investors favorable risk-adjusted exposure to bitcoin, making it an incredible option for those looking to make serious gains at medium and long term. The fund generated a return of 24.18% in March, with all expectations of outperforming the value of bitcoin over a full market cycle.

Essentially, IBA’s strategy is to provide additional protection to users against market volatility, by purchasing puts on a monthly basis as a form of insurance and funding these options by writing call options. . This strategy limits the decline for any given month to 10 percent, but also means that there is a cap on earnings for any calendar month in the region of 30 percent. Backtesting on bullish and bearish market conditions showed the strength of this strategy, with gains made during market corrections easily offsetting the impact of the gain cap in bullish months.

Ultimately, the fund offers investors a favorable risk-adjusted return profile for this highly volatile asset and offers a surefire way to strengthen a cryptocurrency portfolio, helping it to withstand all market conditions.

A wealth of funds

Invictus Capital also offers several other funds, with less direct exposure to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Invictus margin lending, for example, is not itself correlated with the price of cryptocurrencies, but rather involves the granting of loans to external cryptocurrency traders. Invictus clients are investing to fund these loans, with returns easily exceeding traditional fixed income investments, especially as the cryptocurrency market itself becomes more volatile – the annualized return has fallen by 20%. compared to 2021 to date. Invictus also offers funds for venture capital investment in blockchain-focused companies, as well as other assets like renewables and gold.

In short, Invictus Capital offers a wide range of products and services for investors looking to dip their toes into the dazzling world of crypto assets. Whether you are looking for exposure to crypto assets or for safer, long or even short-term returns, Invictus Capital has an option that’s right for you.

To explore Invictus’ fund offerings in more detail, visit its website. For additional advice on creating an Invictus portfolio that meets your investment needs, this guide will help.

Invictus Capital also offers an innovative program that allows you to lock in your investments to generate additional returns in the form of ICAP tokens, read more here.

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