I’m a McDonald’s employee and I ranked the worst jobs here

Many secrets lie behind the golden arches of McDonald’s, but one TikTok user has revealed the reality of what it’s like to work at the fast food chain.

A passing poster @mcdonalds_hacks101 takes users behind the scenes of the McDonald’s franchise in its videos, even giving its definitive ranking of workstations rated on a scale of 1 to 10.

“Hi guys. Today we’re going to be reviewing McDonald’s positions. Let’s go,” he says in a clipwhich has been viewed over 171,000 times.

The TikToker ranked the positions from least favorite to favorite, starting with the fry station — which it says is the worst station to work at.

“I absolutely hate that piece of shit. It’s a zero out of 10,” he said.

He then moves to the front register, which he gives a six out of 10.

Running and presenting food received a seven out of 10 – although he admitted it’s less enjoyable when it gets hectic – while cooking got an eight out of 10.

However, the perfect score went to the drive-thru, or “pit”, which got 10 out of 10.

Running between the scullery and the front counter is one of the best positions, according to the TikToker.

“I am mostly [here]so I would have to rate it 10 out of 10 because that’s where I’m most comfortable,” he explained.

Senior McDonald’s employees commented on the video, challenging and accepting its ranking.

“I love running ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S RACING,” one user commented.

“lmao fries station was the worst. I spent many years managing and supervising in Michigan. I think you are awesome,” wrote another.

Others thought he got the rankings wrong.

“Fries are my favorite because you don’t have to deal with customers,” someone replied to the video,

“Runner > presenter but during a backcash rush [pit] >runner>presenter,” one person said, while another called the pit a “punishment.”

McDonald’s employees – past and present – often use the video-sharing platform to share their secrets. Last month user Georgia Zackiwho reportedly worked at the fast food chain, claimed the McFlurry machine always seems to be down because employees turn it off when it’s too busy.

‘It’s not because we’re out of them – it’s a lie,’ she said, adding why you should ‘never’ order fries, alleging employees often get their hands on them and eat a fry or two so you never know who your fries are. may have been affected.

another user, TizzyTay, claimed to know the secrets of McDonald’s eggs and shared a clip of him making scrambled eggs from a mixture of eggs in a box labeled (in Spanish): “Liquid Egg Product”.

On the website, McDonald’s says “real liquid butter” is used to prepare eggs, adding that it uses “liquid eggs” for other breakfast items, including scrambled eggs, “folded eggs, such as those in a bacon, egg and cheese” and “egg sausage burrito”.

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