‘I went to McDonald’s, had a few cheeseburgers, then flew to Europe alone’: Dennis Rodman reveals bizarre details about his first marriage to Annie Bakes

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has revealed he’s in no mood to marry his first wife, Annie Bakes, the mother of his child Alexis.

There can never be another Dennis Rodman. The Bulls legend wasn’t your quintessential NBA superstar, often coming across as odd and erratic. The Worm made more noise with his off-court antics during his professional career, becoming the favorite child of controversy.

From his high-profile affair with the Queen of Pop Madonna to notorious trips to Las Vegas, Rodman has led a pretty extravagant life. Worm had gained a reputation as a bad boy in the league due to his involvement in several altercations, missing workouts, and anti-authority nature.

By now, one can imagine that Rodman wasn’t your usual guy. Nevertheless, his personal life has always remained an intriguing topic for the tabloids, one such story being his first marriage to Annie Bakes, with whom he had a daughter Alexis.

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In his book Walk on the Wild Side, Rodman would divulge details of his first marriage to Annie Bakes in 1991. The five-time champion described the ceremony as his worst.

Dennis Rodman is spilling the beans on his first marriage to Annie Bakes.

Rodman had revealed that he only married his first wife when his daughter Alexis told him to. The former Bulls striker was not in the right frame of mind to get married, which he deeply regretted. The worm would provide insight into her wedding ceremony, which seemed bizarre from the get-go.

“I wish I was drunk because if I was, I swear I never would have even gone to chapel in the first place,” Rodman said.

Dressed in the most casual manner for his wedding, Rodman headed straight for the McDonald’s station to exchange his wedding vows.

It wasn’t exactly the most romantic wedding in the world. I went to the chapel with combat boots, shorts, a t-shirt, sunglasses and a hat. Then after the ceremony, I went to McDonald’s, grabbed some cheeseburgers, and got ready for a one-night honeymoon. The next day I boarded a plane to Europe alone and spent the next two weeks tripping.

We never had sex on our wedding night or anything, and the week after I got back from Europe, we stopped living together.

Rodman and Bakes would end their marriage in 1993, leaving The Worm traumatized. In his biography, the Bulls superstar admitted to having also attempted suicide. After this incident, Rodman decided to live his life on his terms.

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Despite all his shortcomings, Rodman has proven to be a valuable asset on the hardwood, the biggest proof of which being his contribution to the Bulls’ second hat-trick from 1996-98.

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