I eat McDonald’s every day for two WEEKS and still lose weight

BEFORE we start a new diet and exercise program, the first thing we must always swear is McDonald’s – because we have proven time and time again that we have no control over ourselves when it comes down to it. is a McChicken sandwich.

But while we’ve always assumed that indulging in fast food is the worst thing you can do on a diet, this personal trainer claims he goes to a McDonald’s every day for two weeks – and ALWAYS manages to lose. weight.


Fitness instructor Oisin Mulligan shared his McDonald’s weight loss challenge on TikTokCredit: Oisin Mulligan / Tiktok

Document your weight loss plan on TIC Tac, fitness instructor Oisin Mulligan explained how he still lost weight by eating the food he liked.

In the first video of the series, the trainer – who specializes in weight loss – said, “I’m doing this to take the fear out of food.

“No food will inherently make you gain weight – even if that food is a McDonald’s Big Mac.”

At the start of the experiment, Oisin weighed 82.1 kg [12 stone 9lbs] – and 11 days later, he lost 1.7 kg.

The fitness expert wanted to challenge the idea that McDonald's is 'bad' and will stop you from losing weight


The fitness expert wanted to challenge the idea that McDonald’s is ‘bad’ and will stop you from losing weightCredit: Oisin Mulligan / Tiktok

Explaining how he planned to lose weight, Oisin added, “I do it by staying in a calorie deficit.

“Essentially our bodies burn so many calories per day or use so much energy each day and if you eat just a little less than that no matter what you eat you will lose weight.”

Every day, Oisin filmed himself ordering something different from the McDonald’s menu – but made sure to do 10,000 steps as well.

He said, “If that doesn’t show that calories are the deciding factor in weight loss, nothing will.

No food will inherently make you gain weight – even if that food is a McDonald’s Big Mac

Oisin Mulligan

“All diets work by creating a calorie deficit, but most do it by restricting whole food groups, such as carbohydrates. And I repeat, restriction leads to failure! “

Although he doesn’t advise his customers to eat junk food every day, Oisin wanted to challenge the idea that McDonald’s is “bad.”

He continued, “People are afraid of certain foods or feel like they can’t eat the foods they enjoy and lose weight at the same time.

“If someone calls your food bad or says McDonald’s is inherently bad or your chocolate bar is bad, when you eat that food you feel bad.”

So far, Oisin has lost 1.7 kg


So far, Oisin has lost 1.7 kgCredit: Oisin Mulligan / Tiktok

Needless to say, Oisin’s videos were a hit with its 12,900 subscribers.

“I love this message,” replied one. “I have to eliminate the fear of food! Great videos.”

Another added: “Love this trip!

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I really need your videos right now.

“I gained weight from being treated for a tumor and I am punishing myself for eating.”

Asked about his vitamin intake, Oisin replied, “There are a lot of other foods involved – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to eat them every day.”

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