I am a former McDonald’s employee

EVER been to McDonald’s and was baffled by how quickly you get your burger?

Well, a former food franchise employee revealed what he’s learned to say in order to score a fresh burger every time.


Former McDonald’s employee revealed how to mark fresh food every time
You must request it with a modification


You must request it with a modificationCredit: Getty

He revealed: “I worked at McDonald’s and discovered this trick when I was a kid.

“If you want your sandwich or fries, whatever you want, made fresh, be sure to add something special – whether it’s no pickles, no onions, no ketchup, no salt on the fries.” . They have to do it fresh.

“Nobody wants an old sandwich that’s been sitting there for a while, so if you order something special they have to make it fresh.”

Sadly, another McDonald’s employee has exposed the truth behind his beloved fries.

The McDonald’s clerk showed what builds up at the bottom of the tray of fries throughout the day in a viral TikTok.

In the video, they scrape the layers of fat and leftover fries from the bottom of the pan into a large metal tool that usually collects the fries and puts them in boxes.

The fast food worker wrote in the video, “I’m trying to stay healthy, I’m just going to have the fries” after hearing it countless times in restaurants.

“Are you sure of that?” she wrote after.

In the comments, she added, “Guys, please it’s not the fries. It is the oil and salt that remain at the end of the day “

She also added that the waste was not directly scraped from under the fries, but the tray captured residue that fell through the filter.

“It does not affect the taste of your fries. It’s just the residue under the filter after making about 1000 fries.

One user disagreed with his caption, saying, “No one thinks French fries are healthy.”

Another didn’t seem to be concerned about the fat build-up at all, saying, “I don’t have any McProblems with this video.”

One of them even thought: “It’s the flavor anyway.”

An intelligent commentator informed viewers, “The point is not that they actually serve you this, it’s that It’s what’s IN what they serve you.

A former McDonalds employee also heard this and said, “Yeah, I was still thinking of customers and I was like, you’re sure.”

It seems the video didn’t put everyone off, as some called the slick of fat a “forbidden secret sauce” as well as “forbidden mashed potatoes”.

Another video shows the chip tray lifted to reveal layers of grease that have passed through the holes and are scraped off.

Where she further clarified: “Every workplace with fries has / SHOULD HAVE these to catch the excess salt and oil, for the last time that’s not what we’re serving.”

One user warned her that, “Technically, this is against your contract and you could be in serious trouble.

Another admitted to working at McDonald’s for 3 years but never knew you could remove the tray in the first place.

Another McDonald's employee exposed what was left in the frying pan


Another McDonald’s employee exposed what was left in the frying panCredit: Getty

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