Heather McDonald on Chrissy Teigen’s feud: I like to ‘point out the hypocrisy’

Heather McDonald takes her social media feud with Chrissy Teigen to the next level.

The actress, 51, was in Los Angeles when she told photographers she was only “pointing out the hypocrisy” in one of Teigen’s Instagram posts.

“I wish him the best,” McDonald said. “I just called her like a thirsty person on Instagram. She knows what she’s doing. [It’s] very manipulative. “

“I mean, good luck to her. I think she’s doing really well in life,” McDonald continued.


“I mean, she has 33 million followers. I think everyone likes her just enough. But you know a lot of people who were on my side because she’s been pretty hypocritical over the years. So j ‘just like to point out the hypocrisy. ”added Teigen’s McDonald, who was also criticized earlier this year for a cyberbullying scandal.

The feud started when Teigen shared a photo on her Instagram in which she apparently berated her followers for holding her to impossible beauty standards. The author of “Cravings” noted that, despite posts about her often glamorous lifestyle, she ultimately doesn’t care whether a photo of her that is uploaded is flattering or not.

Heather McDonald has said she enjoys “pointing out the hypocrisy” amid her social media feud with Chrissy Teigen.
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McDonald, took to the comments section to criticize the former Sports Illustrated model for what she believed was a performative post that sought compliments.

“Those humble bragging about ‘this is an unfiltered image, so say whatever you want to get people to write me nice things since I’m still so beautiful’, that’s 3 years ago, Chrissy,” she wrote.


On Thursday night, McDonald gave Teigen a few compliments. “I think she’s probably a super mom, a super wife and super fun,” she said. “I guess I was just pointing out an annoying kind of hypocrisy that happens with social influencers. That’s it. And everyone was in agreement with me. So there you go.”

The quarrel began when the comedian called the author of

The feud began when the comedian called out the author of “Cravings” for being “thirsty” and “manipulative” on social media.
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Meanwhile, some people on social media have criticized McDonald’s for his insensitivity to Teigen at a time when the author had more on his mind than a social media feud.

The day the former “Chelsea Lately” excavated Teigen coincided with the first birthday of Teigen and her husband, John Legend, tragically suffering from pregnancy loss.


In addition to a moving tribute to their son, Teigen took to her Instagram story later in the day where she apparently commented on McDonald’s speech without directly naming her.

McDonald's made fun of Chrissy Teigen on the anniversary of her pregnancy loss.

McDonald’s made fun of Chrissy Teigen on the anniversary of her pregnancy loss.
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“I didn’t sleep at all last night, as John can attest. I was sick, sobbing, as my phone reminded me of being in the hospital exactly 1 year ago, losing our baby.” , she wrote (according to Sixth page). “So maybe I’m a little sensitive today but damn it.”

She added: “Why do people follow people they hate us [sic] beyond me. ”

Fox News’s Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.

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