Hamburger-Themed ‘Cat Boxes’ Are McDonald’s Latest Sensation in China

People are going crazy over McDonald’s new “cat boxes,” simple collapsible structures that come with the purchase of a new combo meal, which includes a spicy chicken fillet burger, chicken nuggets, fries and a coke. .

Furniture of food inspired cat houses is capped at around 100,000, and many restaurants have already sold, further increasing demand.

The boxes come with delivery slips and, with some minor construction, will serve as lovely homes for customers’ feline friends.

Image via Weibo

Many people shared photos and videos of the boxes on Chinese social media after the campaign was launched.

The cardboard cat house is shaped like a giant hamburger box, with the three designs inspired by the iconic Big Mac, cheeseburger and fish burger boxes from McDonald’s. It has a hole on the top, allowing cats to enter, exit and exit their heads.

McDonald’s made the structure more cat friendly by providing a scraper that fits into the base of the carton.

mcdonalds chat box

Image via Weibo

The hashtag ‘McDonald’s Cat House’ (# 麦当劳 猫 窝 #) has gained more than 130 million views on Weibo, China’s response to Twitter.

“I did not receive the box. I’m such a bad parent commented a user, which clearly missed the promotion of pet-focused fast food.

Another one nodded, “The box is perfect, except that the supply cannot meet the demand.

While not everyone had a chance to bring the box home, many still managed to satisfy their beloved feline companions with no-frills alternatives.

mcdonalds cat box

Its good, Indeed. Image via Weibo

Far from being a blow in the dark, McDonald’s knew exactly what they were doing when they unleashed the latest fast food frenzy on Chinese consumers.

Animal ownership is now steadily increasing in China, as does the pet products market.

According to China Business Review, China’s National Bureau of Statistics reveals that the country’s pet industry has experienced a remarkable 2,000% growth in just 10 years. In 2020, the number of pet cats in the country reached 48.62 million, according to data from the China Pet Industry 2020 White Paper.

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