Guy Riding Horse In Horizon Hits McDonald’s Drive Thru

A guy and his horse casually strolled to a McDonald’s drive-thru this weekend in Horizon City.

Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one for many in town, from family reunions and friends’ parties to Black Friday shopping and, of course, the occasional weird occurrence of a man on a horse. ordering a drive-thru at a McDonald’s.

While it’s not uncommon to see people on horseback in the Horizon and Fabens area, it was odd to see one hitting a McDonald’s while driving.

While working in Horizon City this weekend for a promotion, I saw a guy walking along the Darrington sidewalk. I immediately thought how strange it was for someone to ride a horse on a city street. Then I turned to my coworker and jokingly told him that if he was heading to McDonald’s, I would run and take pictures.

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Sure enough the guy made his way and positioned himself in a line, horse and all, and patiently waited for his turn where he started to get off the horse, place his order, take out his wallet and get back on the horse to head. towards the drive-thru window.

No one in the line blinked; otherwise I was the only one amused by the scene, and as the guy and his horse got their food, they turned around and trotted past me.

I took the opportunity to ask the guy if this is a standard mode of transport for him, and he said he usually rides a horse to several places and he lives about 20 minutes away from the region.

With that, the very soft-spoken guy lifted his hat to me, smiled, and rode home.

Ironically, this moment reminded me of an interview I did a few years ago with a British artist (who will go unnamed) who once asked me if the people of Texas were riding their horses everywhere and if we knew how to extract water from cacti. My answer was, of course, no, but after seeing this guy on his horse at the drive-thru at McDonald’s, I may have to reconsider my answer in the future.

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