Friends taxi drivers dining at McDonald’s in Edinburgh stunned by £ 100 parking fines

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Taxi driver Mary Erskine met the other three drivers outside of work for the first time in a year to sample food and drink at the London Road branch in Meadowbank, as they had done for many years until the arrival of the pandemic.

And instead of taking advantage of a Big Mac, they got hit with a huge fine.

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Big Mac, big fine for taxi drivers who ate at McDonald’s in Meadowbank

But last week she received a letter from a company called UK Parking Control saying she had 11 minutes over the time allowed and would be charged £ 100. The letter, seen by the Edinburgh Evening News, says the company will accept a reduced sum of £ 50 if payment is received within 14 days.

She says her three friends each received the same parking fee letter, which shows camera footage of her vehicle and associated arrival and departure times at McDonald’s parking lot.

The 62-year-old, a taxi driver in Edinburgh for 31 years, said: “I think it’s shocking. We were regular customers and we knew most of the staff before Covid.

“It’s not fair, and I think the fine itself is really high. They’re the ones taking £ 400 from us to eat at McDonald’s.

The parking fine notice received by Mary Erskine

“McDonald’s is not interested, although they can confirm that we ate in the restaurant and the years of custom that we gave them. We were the only four of us sitting that night – it’s absolutely disgusting.

Taxi drivers decided to meet up to eat, drink and socialize at McDonald’s restaurant on London Road around 8 p.m. on Thursday August 19. Most have not been able to socialize for over a year due to the strict lockdown regulations introduced in the event of an emergency Covid-19 legislation.

Ms Erskine said she was around 20 minutes late when she arrived, the ordering process took a while and they were spending time chatting while eating and they weren’t simply sit down to take up valuable customer space.

She insisted that at no time did anyone in the group notice any warning signs regarding parking restrictions – whether in the parking lot or inside the restaurant.

Ms. Erskine continued, “I have never had a parking ticket or a driving violation. If I had known there were cameras, this wouldn’t have happened. Why don’t they let the public know about the cameras? “

A McDonald’s spokesperson said senior officials were trying to overturn the fines.

They added, “There is a sign at the entrance to the parking lot and six other signs spread across what is a fairly small parking lot.

“The cameras and signage were installed at the beginning of October and were put into service on 23/10/2020.

“We have the four license plate numbers and we are talking to the parking company to try to remove the fines in this particular case.

UK Parking Control has been contacted for comment.

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