“Food businesses in Kashmir are full of exponential growth opportunities”


Speaking of the current product offering, Arsalan says, “We have a unique product line of Ovenfresh Signature cakes that are very popular with customers – we offer them in 14 different flavors. We also serve pies, pies, pancakes, pure butter cookies, Desi-Ghee kulchas and of course pastries. I’m also happy that we offer a variety of breads – white, brown, wholemeal and multigrain and plan to offer more of them taking inspiration from European bread making. Word of mouth has led people from all around Srinagar to place orders for specialized birthday, wedding and occasion cakes and most of the time we get bulk orders for special arrangements or personalized for wedding majmas. We also serve more traditional products from the local baking scene for our customers’ daily baking needs. Beyond the bakery, we’re experimenting with fast food options like pizza and wraps and also serve some of the best coffee you’ll find in town – always made with freshly ground beans.

Asked about his upcoming plans, Arsalan said, “I believe more than ever that customers are ready to explore the options and varieties in the food and edibles market, and we are doing our best to expand the offerings and make Ovenfresh products available to as many customers as possible. we can – to introduce them to great quality food at affordable prices. The rest will follow!


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