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In the mood for fast food? If so, you should check out the best fast food chains in India. The country has become home to many fast food chains over the years. As a result, Western cuisines are now part of the Indian culinary culture.

These top fast food restaurants are also great for spending quality time with family and friends. People tend to like the taste. The term “Fast Food” is mouth watering. They also provide fast, home delivery of delicious food with just one click. This is the reason why fast food chains are multiplying rapidly. The best thing about these places is that they offer easy meal solutions.

Over the years, many fast food chains have appeared in the country. As a result, Western cuisine has become a part of Indian culinary culture. These top-notch fast food restaurants are also ideal for families and friends. People love the taste.

Let’s talk about the top five fast food chain in India:

1. Domino’s

Top 10 Fast Food Chains In India 2021

Domino’s is synonymous with pizza. Jubilant Foodworks owns the Domino’s Pizza franchise in India. Must-try pizzas include luxury veg, paneer makhani, peppy paneer, and double Margherita cheese, among others. Domino’s is popular for its express delivery. The food chain is distributed in 230 cities across the country. Domino’s continues to offer attractive offers throughout the year.Domino’s is synonymous with pizza. Jubilant Foodworks operates the Domino’s Pizza franchise in India. Domino’s is known for its express delivery. The fast food chain spans 230 cities across the country. Domino’s offers exceptional offers all year round.

2. Mc Donald’s

McDonald's, Bhawanipur, Calcutta - Restaurant

Founded in 1940, McDonald’s is an American fast food restaurant company. The fast food chain is popular for burgers and fries. The menu includes wraps, desserts, chicken products, milkshakes and breakfast options. The company has also added salads, fruits and smoothies to its menu.

McAloo Tikki Burger, Dosa Masala Burger, Veg Maharaja Mac, and Chicken Maharaja Mac are some of the special Indian dishes on their menu. Home delivery is also available through the McDelivery website and app.

3. Kfc

KFC, Sector 4, Salt Lake, Calcutta - Restaurant

KFC is the second largest restaurant in the world after McDonald’s. They are present in more than 150 countries around the world. KFC specializes in fried chicken. They have around 350 outlets in India. KFC has adapted its standard offer to Indian tastes. The menu includes Hot and Crispy Chicken, Fiery Grilled Bucket, Chicken Zinger, Krushers, Rice Bowlz, and a 5-in-1 Meal Box, among others.

The company also introduced a vegetarian menu that includes rice meals, side dishes, and wraps. They also serve mayonnaise and sauces without eggs. Recently, KFC has improved its vegetarian line using Indian spices and cooking techniques.

4. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut - Wikipedia

Founded in 1958, Pizza Hut is known for its Italian-American cuisine. The menu includes pizzas, pastas, sides and desserts. The famous fast food chain offers delicious pizzas. Must-try pizzas include Veggie Italiano, Exotic Chicken, Supreme Soy Paneer, Triple Chicken Feast, Tandoori Paneer, Country Feast, Chicken Pepperoni, and Smoked Chicken.

Recently, they introduced 10 new variations of the iconic pan pizzas. The original pan pizza debuted in 1980. It continues to be the most satisfying pizza in the world. In recent months, the company has seen an increase in delivery and take-out orders.

5. The king of hamburgers

Burger King - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Burger King is best known for its mouth-watering range of burgers and dishes. The brand’s most exquisite fast food products are Big King XL, Bacon King Jr, Whopper, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Club Salad, Pancake Platter, Fully Loaded Biscuit, Quarter King pound, crispy chicken club, frozen coke, frosted frozen coke, double cheeseburger and crispy chicken fillets among others.

The fast food chain is renowned for serving the best burgers in town. It is growing slowly in India as well. You can find a Burger King store in your town. They also provide an online service with home delivery.

Edited by Tanish Sachdev

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KU graduate and IBA alumnus Sabir Sami appointed KFC CEO https://mikeydee.com/ku-graduate-and-iba-alumnus-sabir-sami-appointed-kfc-ceo/ https://mikeydee.com/ku-graduate-and-iba-alumnus-sabir-sami-appointed-kfc-ceo/#respond Sat, 25 Sep 2021 11:30:53 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/ku-graduate-and-iba-alumnus-sabir-sami-appointed-kfc-ceo/

Sabir Sami is currently Chief Operating Officer of KFC Division and Managing Director of KFC Asia and is based in Toronto, Canada. He will play the role of Tony Lowings and report to Yum! Brand CEO David Gibbs.

The 45-year-old was previously the Managing Director of KFC Pakistan, Middle East, Turkey, North Africa and Asia.

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi, Pakistan awarded Sami Sabir a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1988.

He started his career as Assistant Brand Manager at FMCG multinational Proctor and Gamble (P&G) in Australia from 1989 to 1991. After that he worked as Brand Manager for P&G Pakistan from 1990 to 1994.

Sabir worked as Regional Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in Singapore for four years before coming to Pakistan to serve as Managing Director of Reckitt Benckiser from 2000 to 2009. Yum Brands has been his employer since 2009.

Sami will be responsible for the strategy and performance of the KFC brand from January, according to a statement provided by Yum! Trademarks Inc.

Business Wire mentioned the Yum! The CEO of Brands said, “Sabir is an exceptional leader with deep expertise and knowledge of our business and has a proven track record in growing KFC’s physical presence and brand in global markets. whole. “

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How an Entrepreneur Plans to Create ‘McDonald’s’ Plant-Based Food https://mikeydee.com/how-an-entrepreneur-plans-to-create-mcdonalds-plant-based-food/ https://mikeydee.com/how-an-entrepreneur-plans-to-create-mcdonalds-plant-based-food/#respond Sat, 25 Sep 2021 10:16:23 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/how-an-entrepreneur-plans-to-create-mcdonalds-plant-based-food/
  • Entrepreneur Steele Smiley aims to build America’s first plant-based burger chain, Stalk & Spade.
  • With his other quick and casual restaurant, Crisp & Green, Smiley taps into a healthy food market dominated by millennials and millennials.
  • He spoke to Insider about how the pandemic has changed people’s minds towards wellness.

Steele Smiley will be the first to tell you that he leads his life as if he were in the military.

This involves 20 workouts a week, three times a day: running in the morning, a yoga or boxing class during the day, and lifting weights at night.

Since that doesn’t seem to satisfy all of his energy, Smiley also juggles two quick and casual Minnesota restaurants. In 2016, he opened Stalk & Spade, which serves salads, cereal bowls, smoothies, and free workout classes. Five years later (in the midst of the pandemic), he launched Crisp & Green with a plant-only menu. He developed both brands in the South and Midwest, pitting conventional health centers like LA and NYC for an edge in less competitive markets.

“We intend to become the nation’s first franchisable plant-based burger chain,” Smiley told Insider, touting it as the plant-based version of McDonald’s.

It’s a bold statement, but the 43-year-old serial entrepreneur has 20 years in the fitness industry under his belt. While it declined to share revenue figures, analyzes verified by Insider showed that Crisp & Green’s digital orders grew from 9% of its total orders in January 2020 to over 70% in April when the pandemic struck, where they have remained since.

rod and shovel

Stalk & Spade was launched in May.

Rod & Shovel

In 2021 alone, Crisp & Green has grown from five states to 12, with multiple locations in the Sun Belt, an area experiencing explosive growth before and during the pandemic. Smiley said the chain is approaching 100 stores in 14 states, with new stores opening every 6.8 days.

Overall, however, the restaurant scene has struggled. Last August, before the widespread vaccination, rapid occasional space was down 12%, according to figures from the Technomic catering data platform. While consumer spending in restaurants has increased this year compared to last year, the recovery has not yet returned to pre-pandemic traffic levels. Restaurants are still struggling with issues like labor shortages and shorter hours.

Still, the wellness economy is worth $ 1.5 trillion, according to McKinsey, and Smiley is betting it can tap into it, especially since the pandemic has prompted many people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Plant-based diets, followed by nearly 10 million Americans, are gaining ground. The market is growing and is expected to exceed $ 74 billion by 2021.

“The next evolution in healthy eating is plant-based eating,” Smiley said. “A decade from now, people will choose the plant-based alternatives to the traditional meat they eat today.”

Move around, Sweetgreen

Smiley only had $ 765 in his bank account when he launched his career in 2004 with his studio-boutique STEELE Fitness. In 2013, he had just landed a major partnership with Under Armor when he sold his business to international wellness company Lift Brands Global. He joined the parent company as a senior executive.

He started Crisp & Green in November 2016, which he juggled while working for Lift Brands for five months before moving on to full time. “I worked during the day at my first big company, and at night I put on a Crisp & Green t-shirt and worked in my restaurant,” Smiley said.

Smiley said he always wanted to start multiple businesses across multiple industries. Moving her career from fitness to healthy eating was just the next natural step.

“The opportunity that I felt was staring me in the face was the food,” he said. “In fitness, I’ve taught people that what time you train can only have a huge impact. The other 23 hours in a day, you can help people understand how to make the right food choices. ”

crispy and green

Crisp & Green offers free fitness classes in addition to its menu of salads and smoothies.

Crunchy and green

Those who perhaps understood this pre-pandemic best were young, healthy women, whom Steele often saw walking through the doors of Crisp & Green.

Its brands certainly have Gen Z and Millennials written all over it. Both generations have helped grow the global healthy food and nutrition economy to $ 704 billion and pave the way for plant-based diets. Millennials, dubbed “the wellness generation,” are particularly health conscious and more willing to spend on healthy eating and fitness than their parents.

For them, investing in green juices and $ 30 spin courses is a low-key status symbol, a way to show that they care about their health and have the money to do it right.

Smiley made sure Crisp & Green ticked all the boxes for this demographic: healthy, digitally accessible, deliverable, and Instagrammable. “It made people say I wanted to live a more ambitious life,” he said.

A publication shared by C&G • Healthy & Scratch-Made! (@crispandgreen)

It was this combination that Smiley says allowed the restaurant to gain momentum during the pandemic, which in turn led to his confidence to start another business.

“I thought to myself why stop with just one that worked? ” he said. And that’s how Stalk & Spade was born.

The green way of the future

After his pandemic success, Smiley said he saw an opportunity to prepare for a post-vaccine economic reopening by giving Americans what he thought they needed after a health problem.

and a social recession: healthier food and an opportunity to get out of the house.

But he acknowledged that the introduction of another concept into the increasingly saturated wellness industry – particularly during a pandemic that has seen a shrinking footprint in the fast casual industry – meant it would face a difficult road. He knew he had to look to the future – and what he saw were plants.

A post shared by STALK & SPADE (@stalkandspade)

He said he and his team worked on creating Stalk & Spade’s plant-based menu from scratch until taste testers couldn’t discern the difference between a real burger and a hamburger at home. herbal.

The pandemic has pushed healthy eating 10 years from now, he said. This has dramatically widened its demographics, from most young adults to almost everyone.

When asked who his customers are now, Smiley laughed, “humans.” After all, “everyone wants to live a better life.”

Nutrition has taken on new importance, according to a McKinsey survey, as people now want foods that will help them achieve their wellness goals while tasting great. Millennials and Gen Z are even more willing to invest in health and wellness after the pandemic, with 60% of them believing that taking care of their health will be the most important societal change in the pandemic.

rod and shovel

With a modern and minimalist design, even the interior of Stalk & Spade is instagrammable.

Rod & Shovel

The mental shift has sparked the rise of a high performance lifestyle, in which people increasingly let wearable devices and apps track their health and make lifestyle choices for them. This includes Smiley himself, who monitors his sleep with wearable devices. The healthier life people are turning to now is the life Smiley has been living all this time, which could prove to be the key to growing her brands.

By the end of the year, he said, Crisp & Green will have 25 locations with 60 more in the works. Stalk & Spade is slated to open its second location in Minnesota in early 2022.

Smiley believes the time has come for plant-based nutrition to move from a niche audience to a more mainstream one. “We have fueled the trends in healthy eating,” he said of the plant market. “This is the opportunity for a whole new genre to start.”

]]> https://mikeydee.com/how-an-entrepreneur-plans-to-create-mcdonalds-plant-based-food/feed/ 0 Here’s how much it costs to open a RocoMamas, Steers or McDonald’s burger franchise in South Africa https://mikeydee.com/heres-how-much-it-costs-to-open-a-rocomamas-steers-or-mcdonalds-burger-franchise-in-south-africa/ https://mikeydee.com/heres-how-much-it-costs-to-open-a-rocomamas-steers-or-mcdonalds-burger-franchise-in-south-africa/#respond Sat, 25 Sep 2021 07:15:52 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/heres-how-much-it-costs-to-open-a-rocomamas-steers-or-mcdonalds-burger-franchise-in-south-africa/
  • Here’s how much it costs to open a RocoMamas, Steers or McDonald’s burger franchise in South Africa.
  • South Africans eat a lot of burgers, and companies like McDonald’s, Steers, and RocoMamas are among the country’s most successful franchises.
  • While drive-through restaurants can cost millions, there are cheaper alternatives.
  • And when it comes to franchising, burger shops are often among the cheapest businesses to buy.
  • Here’s how much it costs to buy a burger franchise in South Africa in 2021.
  • For more stories go to www.BusinessInsider.co.za.

While chicken is still the darling of the South African fast food industry, burgers aren’t far behind. Of the ten top-grossing food franchises in South Africa, at least four have made a name for themselves selling burgers.

The local landscape of hamburger and takeout quick service restaurants has grown significantly in recent years. Established players like McDonald’s and Steers have recently been challenged by newcomers RocoMamas and Burger King.

All of them except Burger King are available franchise in South Africa – often at a lower price than other franchises in the fast food industry. And it’s possible to buy a turnkey hamburger chain business for under R 2 million – and some franchises are now offering smaller, cheaper kiosk-style options as well.

Here’s what you can expect to pay to open a Steers, RocoMamas or McDonald’s in South Africa in 2021:


Steers has a long history in South Africa, and it was the starting point of the franchise giants Famous Brands in the early 1960s. It has since grown into one of the most popular local burger chains – with 617 Steers branches, including 21 new ones in the last financial year.

Despite this constant deployment of new stores in South Africa, the group is still open to applications for those who wish to own a Steers branch. The franchise now offers a “standard” steer, drive-thru stores and a kiosk store option.

Steers requires new franchisees to pay a membership fee of R68,000 excluding VAT for standard Steers and R75,000 for drive-thru. Both also charge a design fee of Rand 43,500 and Rand 75,000, respectively, and a 5% project fee.

A standard Steers currently costs R 1.97 million excluding VAT, while the drive-thru option is roughly double, at R 3.75 million.

Franchisees are also required to pay monthly royalties of 11% of monthly revenue for advertising and royalties.


McDonald’s opened in South Africa in 1995 and has grown into one of the country’s most successful and sought-after franchises. There are currently over 300 McDonald’s restaurants spread across South Africa, about half of which are franchised.

Although McDonald’s is open to new franchisee applications, getting your own branch is difficult and expensive. They have a fairly strict application process that involves a phone and in-person interview, personality test, and on-the-job assessment that takes three days at an existing McDonald’s restaurant. If you meet these requirements, you will need to go through an in-depth interview with the management team and then complete up to 12 months of unpaid training at one of their restaurants.

Once the application process is accepted, franchisees will need to pay R 4-6 million to open a new McDonald’s franchise, depending on the type and size of the restaurant. According to the franchise documents, at least 35% of this amount must be available as unencumbered cash. The franchise agreement with McDonald’s, if your application is successful, lasts ten years.


RocoMamas is a quick and casual burger joint 70% owned by the Spur Corporation. The brand was launched in 2015 and today has 75 stores across South Africa – and 14 more in ten other countries.

In 2020, the brand contributed 9% of the total turnover of the group’s restaurants, roughly as much as its pizza and pasta franchises and a sixth of the contribution of Spur Steak Ranches.

RocoMamas franchisees pay a monthly franchise fee of 5% of restaurant revenue and a 2% marketing fee. Franchisees are also required to pay for the full development of new outlets and any necessary renovations or relocations.

Establishing a new RocoMamas branch in South Africa will cost around 4.6 million Rand, down slightly from estimated costs last year. Franchisees must have at least 60% of this available, and an additional guarantee of 2.2 million rand sufficient to borrow the remainder.

Perfect burger

Burger Perfect is a take-out burger restaurant that started with the success of Pizza Perfect. The burger franchise dates back to 2006, and they currently have five branches located around Johannesburg. However, they seek to grow and accept applications from new franchisees.

To own a new Burger Perfect branch, you will need to pay an application fee of R 10,000 and a membership fee of R 65,000. Beyond that, current royalties and fees are 8% of turnover .

Burger Perfect estimates that the average installation costs for a new 90-square-meter take-out outlet will be around R 1.45 million, excluding VAT. This amount excludes rental deposits, legal fees, training fees, opening stock and delivery vehicles.

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Are you really excited for McDonalds? https://mikeydee.com/are-you-really-excited-for-mcdonalds/ https://mikeydee.com/are-you-really-excited-for-mcdonalds/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 22:16:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/are-you-really-excited-for-mcdonalds/

This is the first show I have broadcast in over a month in which Auckland has come out of the dreaded Alert Level 4.

And honestly, I thought this time things * might * be different. I figured that after more than a month at home, more of us in the big city could have taken stock, let go of the habit, and set our aspirations a little higher for the transition to the level 3. Aucklanders could have learned from everyone around the country. A new start. A new dawn. A new opportunity to refresh our routines.

But no. We all went to McDonalds and Burger King and Wendy’s and Carl’s Junior, and KFC, instead.

Well, not all of us. I’m not trying to be all loud and powerful, but I haven’t had any of this Worldwide-franchise-plastic-additivesy-supersize-me shit for almost fifteen years and I’ll be damned if a level 3 happens to convince me to spend half an hour with an idling engine waiting for chicken nuggets in a queue behind the wheel.

What is wrong with people? On Wednesday I could see queues on the street for my nearest franchise. Addicts waiting for a fix! Honestly, the marketing of big brand fast food franchises has to be one of the biggest media scams of all time. Because in case you haven’t noticed, the food really isn’t that good.

It’s okay I guess. A little sugar, salt and saturated fat as well as several hundred additives. Call me the old fashioned way but I prefer my food to be made with ingredients, not random numbers.

And before you accuse myself of elitism, know this: I’m not a vegan. I am not a health fool. I eat sugar, salt, and saturated fat. But if I want to enjoy some take out as a treat, I would much rather spend my money on a roti canai at the Malaysian hole in the wall down the road, or on a scoop and a piece of cod with fish and chips. local. Small independent businesses need all the help they can get right now.

I know we like to joke. Haha! Two guys got caught smuggling buckets of K-Fry across the Auckland border. Hilarious. I just think sometimes the fixation is a bit … lame. Apparently, health officials have considered setting up a vaccination system in the KFCs, Piza Huts and Taco Bells. Part of me thinks it’s smart. Part of me thinks it’s funny. Part of me thinks it’s pretty sad that there are apparently people in our society who would rather receive a Cheesy Gordita Crunch than a vaccine for a deadly virus.

I saw Population Nutrition Professor Boyd Swinburn on Breakfast this week lamenting the fast food “craving culture” that has dominated Covid-19. I totally agree with him. This is a conversation our society doesn’t really want to have and you shouldn’t need me to make this point: if you think Covid-19 is putting pressure on our healthcare system, wait until you hear bad talk. nutrition!

There are many reasons why I hope we never return to level four. A lot. Top of the list: I’m sick of people treating a McChicken quarter pack or combo like a sweet sip of water after a long walk through the desert.

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McDonald’s pledges to phase out plastic in Happy Meal toys, new app addresses spider phobias and other stories you missed https://mikeydee.com/mcdonalds-pledges-to-phase-out-plastic-in-happy-meal-toys-new-app-addresses-spider-phobias-and-other-stories-you-missed/ https://mikeydee.com/mcdonalds-pledges-to-phase-out-plastic-in-happy-meal-toys-new-app-addresses-spider-phobias-and-other-stories-you-missed/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 19:28:10 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/mcdonalds-pledges-to-phase-out-plastic-in-happy-meal-toys-new-app-addresses-spider-phobias-and-other-stories-you-missed/

PBS NewsHour’s “5 STORIES” feature the most interesting stories from around the world that you might have missed.

In this week’s episode:

McDonand’s commits to phase out plastic in Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s Happy Meals just get a little happier by going green.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it would significantly reduce its use of plastic by the end of 2025. One solution is to replace the billion children’s toys it sells each year with cardboard or plastics. recycled or plant-based.

Toys from McDonald’s children’s meals sit on a shelf at the Fifty Two 80s Totally Awesome store in Denver, Colorado. McDonalds said on Tuesday it would replace Happy Meals toys with recycled or plant-based cardboard or plastics. Photo by Anya Semenoff / The Denver Post / Getty Images

The move will help reduce the company’s use of fossil-fuel-based virgin plastic by 90% for Happy Meals. The transition has already started in some countries, such as France, where children can choose between a green toy or a book.

By 2025, McDonald’s also hopes to source 100% of customers’ packaging from renewable, recycled or certified sources and to recycle all packaging that customers use in its restaurants.

Kansas boy triggers federal investigation into invasive spotted lanterns

Imagine presenting a collection of bugs at your state fair and suddenly triggering a federal investigation. Well, according to the Washington Post, that’s what happened to a boy at a Kansas State Fair earlier this month. Among its specimens: a rare and dangerous insect known as the spotted lantern.

Spotted lanterns are an invasive species from China and are believed to first enter the United States in 2014 via Pennsylvania. Hitchhiking pests are known to feed on at least 70 species of trees and crops, including grapes, apples, and hops, and have been spotted in New York City, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. They haven’t gone further west than southern Indiana – so far.

Spotted lanternfly

An adult spotted lantern fly photographed in Pennsylvania in July 2018. Photo courtesy of USDA-ARS / Stephen Ausmus.

So why are spotted lanterns considered dangerous?

The problem is with their droppings, which promote a fungal growth called sooty mold that blocks sunlight from reaching the leaves, ultimately killing the plant. This could cause problems for agriculture and forestry industries in areas of infestation.

If you ever see spotted lanterns, experts say kill them right away and double the egg masses before throwing them in the trash.

Defenders successfully extend protections for isolated Amazon tribe

The Piripkura tribe in Brazil has virtually no contact with the outside world. They live isolated on their ancestral lands in central Brazil. Only two male members of the tribe had brief encounters with someone outside of their own community before disappearing into the Amazon rainforest.

Earlier this month, Brazil’s Indigenous Affairs Agency renewed a protection order for nearly 600,000 acres of the tribe’s ancestral land, but only for six months. Indigenous rights defenders had pushed for a three-year extension of the order, which has been in place since 2008.

Like other Amazonian tribes, members of Piripkura make their living off the land, but Brazil does not officially recognize tribal land ownership, which means they must continually resist the invasion of poachers, farmers, and miners.

These threats have increased since the election in 2018 of President Jair Bolsonaro. So while the six-month ordinance offers some relief to the tribe, that doesn’t stop Bolsonaro from supporting legislation that would open up tribal reserves for commercial mining and agricultural plantations.

Researchers succeed in potty training cows

When you have to go, you have to go. This is true for humans and for cows. And just like us, cows can apparently be toilet trained.

In a recent study, researchers from Germany and New Zealand showed that calves can be trained to use the toilet, or “MooLoo,” as they called it.

By collecting and processing cow urine, researchers say in their Current Biology study, farmers could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

According to the Guardian, when ammonia in cow urine enters the soil, microbes turn it into nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. And nitrous oxide has nearly 300 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

Clean cow

Calves that urinated in the MooLoo were given a treat like a sweet drink or mash barely as a reward. Image from video courtesy: Dirksen et al., 2021

To potty train the young cows, the team used a system based on reward and light punishment. If a calf urinated in the MooLoo, it was given a treat like a sweet drink or barely mash. If he went anywhere else, he would get a quick three-second shower. In a few weeks, the research team successfully trained 11 of the 16 calves. The others, they thought, just needed more time.

Emissions of nitrous oxide from human activities – including cattle ranching – have increased by 30 percent over the past four decades. And it’s not a question of laughing.

The app helps treat spider phobias using augmented reality

Fear of spiders is a fairly common phobia that in severe cases can really disrupt someone’s life – consider avoiding outdoor gatherings or over-checking rooms for signs of arachnids.

But since exposure therapy, where a patient directly interacts with their fear, is not a feasible option for many, a group of researchers at the University of Basel questioned whether patients could seek treatment at the using an application.

They created the “Phobys” app which uses augmented reality as a substitute for exposure therapy, allowing participants to virtually interact with a spider to slowly overcome their fear.

In the small study of about 60 participants, those who did six sessions with the app had a reduced fear of spiders and were able to get closer to a real specimen than those who did not fully use it.

It’s a small preliminary study, but the app – which is available for purchase – shows promise. Just be sure to use it under the supervision of a professional.

https://mikeydee.com/mcdonalds-pledges-to-phase-out-plastic-in-happy-meal-toys-new-app-addresses-spider-phobias-and-other-stories-you-missed/feed/ 0
KFC will have a new leader in 2022 https://mikeydee.com/kfc-will-have-a-new-leader-in-2022/ https://mikeydee.com/kfc-will-have-a-new-leader-in-2022/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 19:00:30 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/kfc-will-have-a-new-leader-in-2022/

Yum! Brands has promoted Sabir Sami to CEO of KFC Division, effective January 1, 2022. Sami, a 12-year veteran of the company, is currently COO and General Manager of KFC Asia. He will succeed Tony Lowings, who is stepping down as CEO at the end of 2021 before his retirement in early 2022, according to a company statement announcing the transition.

“Sabir is an exceptional leader with deep expertise and knowledge of our business and has a proven track record in growing KFC’s physical presence and brand in markets around the world,” said the CEO of Yum Brands, David Gibbs, in a statement. “As a highly respected strategic brand builder, operations expert and passionate leader, Sabir is a natural fit to continue to successfully execute KFC’s long-term global growth strategies in close partnership with our franchisees and further elevate KFC in as a relevant, easy and distinctive partner. mark (RED).

Sami has been with Yum Brands for 12 years and has held several positions including Managing Director of KFC Restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa. He has been in his current role as Global Managing Director of Brand COO / Asia since January 2020, where he helps oversee 17 markets in the region.

In his new role, Sami will be responsible for driving KFC’s branding and performance around the world.

Lowings will remain CEO of the KFC division until the end of the year as the team moves to new leadership. He will remain at Yum Brands in a different transition role in the first quarter of 2022.

“I am incredibly privileged and excited to continue to work with our talented and dedicated executives at KFC and our incredible franchise partners across the globe to continue to strengthen and accelerate the development of our powerful and iconic brand,” Sami said in a statement. “KFC holds a unique position in the world as a beloved and trusted brand with millions of fans – the future is certainly bright.”

Summary of the news:

  • KFC will have a new leader in 2022
  • Check out all the news and articles about the latest security updates.
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Grumpy’s Restaurant’s Wins Multiple Bold City Best 2021 and Jacksonville Business Journal Awards https://mikeydee.com/grumpys-restaurants-wins-multiple-bold-city-best-2021-and-jacksonville-business-journal-awards/ https://mikeydee.com/grumpys-restaurants-wins-multiple-bold-city-best-2021-and-jacksonville-business-journal-awards/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 16:01:46 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/grumpys-restaurants-wins-multiple-bold-city-best-2021-and-jacksonville-business-journal-awards/

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The restaurant stands out for the best breakfast, brunch, pancakes and more

September 24, 2021 // Franchising.com // JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Jacksonville’s # 1 restaurant, Grumpy’s Restaurant, wins multiple Bold City Best 2021 awards for best “Global Restaurant,” “Breakfast,” “Brunch,” “Family Restaurant,” Pancakes, “” Bang for the Buck Restaurant, “and the Jacksonville Business Journal’s” Best Place to Work “award. This will be his third consecutive year to receive the Jacksonville Business Journal award and the third time to receive the Bold City Best, Best Restaurant Overall award.

Grumpy’s President and CEO Daniel DeLeon has been recognized as an industry player, elected by Nation’s Restaurant News as one of the nation’s most influential restaurant CEOs, recognized by FSR.com as the ‘one of its 2021 Rising Restaurant Stars, and recognized by Nation’s Restaurant News’ 2021 Power List Reader Picks. Additionally, Grumpy’s has received FSR Magazine’s Next-Gen 2021 Restaurant Mark, TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, and Jacksonville Business Journal’s Fast 50 Company 2021.

Daniel has owned and operated several franchise concepts in the restaurant industry and developed six local and diverse businesses from scratch. After a successful career as a multi-unit franchisee for various restaurant concepts and representing large franchisors, DeLeon developed and launched Grumpy’s as a franchise opportunity. DeLeon drew the lessons he learned from the very beginning of his career and used them to amplify his strategies to create a better franchise brand.

“It is such an honor to not only win awards for the restaurant, but also to be recognized as a business owner,” said DeLeon. “I’m really proud of how far Grumpy’s has come and grateful for the opportunity to help it grow. Grumpy’s Restaurant was born out of the passion and love to bring family and friends together for great food and we take it very seriously.

DeLeon was able to become Grumpy’s “restaurant lifeguard”, a nickname dubbed by his FSR Magazine award. In 2017, he bought and fully revitalized the brand, making it a successful award-winning restaurant and launched his franchise program in 2019.

DeLeon hopes to connect with new franchise partners who can carry out Grumpy’s mission of supporting others and creating a welcoming, family-oriented community-based restaurant. He is looking to expand the restaurant to parts of the southeast.

Grumpy’s Restaurant is a full-service, traditional American restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and brunch. Grumpy’s offers fresh, made-to-order, always cooked from scratch menu options that are affordable and suitable for families. Grumpy’s offers a range of daily and weekly board specials for breakfast and lunch, special waffles, sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, signature coffees, fresh juices, homemade hot chocolate, desserts and goods.

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Fast Food and Fast Food Restaurant Market Recovery and Impact Analysis Report – Quality is Our Recipe, Carrols Restaurant Group, Yum! Brands https://mikeydee.com/fast-food-and-fast-food-restaurant-market-recovery-and-impact-analysis-report-quality-is-our-recipe-carrols-restaurant-group-yum-brands/ https://mikeydee.com/fast-food-and-fast-food-restaurant-market-recovery-and-impact-analysis-report-quality-is-our-recipe-carrols-restaurant-group-yum-brands/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 14:08:27 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/fast-food-and-fast-food-restaurant-market-recovery-and-impact-analysis-report-quality-is-our-recipe-carrols-restaurant-group-yum-brands/

This type of restaurant focuses on fast food service and limited table service. Take away or take away meals are also available. Food is often cooked in bulk ahead of time and kept warm until sold.

The updated report on the fast food and quick service restaurants market gives an accurate analysis of the value chain assessment for the review period of 2021 to 2027. The research includes a comprehensive assessment of the administration of the main companies in the market and their income-generating activities. strategies adopted by them to conduct sustainable business. The service industry report further lists the market gaps, stability, growth drivers, restraining factors, opportunities for the projected period.

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Key companies in this report include: Quality is our recipe, Carrols Restaurant Group, Yum! Brands, Darden Concepts, McDonald’s, Ark Restaurant, Del Taco Restaurant, Restaurant Brands International, Kotipizza Group Oyj, Chipotle Mexican Grill, DD IP Holder, Jack in The Box.

The global fast food and fast food restaurant market is expected to register a notable expansion in the market of XX% during the review period due to the higher market value in 2019. The market research provides a measure of product effectiveness, real-time fast food and restaurant market scenario to fast service, as well as personalized ease. The study further offers market analysis, strategies and planning, R&D landscape, target audience management, market potential, due diligence and competitive landscape.

Scope of the report:

An in-depth analysis of statistics on current and emerging trends offers insight into the dynamics of the fast food and quick service restaurants market. The report includes Porter’s five forces to analyze the importance of various characteristics such as understanding of suppliers and customers, risks posed by various agents, strength of competition, and promising emerging businessmen to understand a resource. precious. Further, the report covers Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurants research data of various companies, benefit, gross margin, global market strategic decisions, and more through tables, charts and infographics. .

The Fast Food And Quick Restaurant Service report highlights an overall assessment of the revenue generated by different segments in different regions for the forecast period, 2021 to 2027. To leverage business owners, gain an in-depth understanding of the Current momentum, the Fast Food and Restaurant Fast Food Research strives to find data on aspects including, but not limited to, demand and supply, distribution channel and technology upgrades. Primarily, determining strict government policies and regulations and government initiatives that promote the growth of the fast food and quick service restaurant market provides knowledge of what to expect for business owners in the years to come.

Global fast food and fast food restaurant market segmentation:

Market segmentation: by type

Chain of shops
Independent store

Market segmentation: by application

In line

Geographic analysis:

The global fast food and fast food restaurant market is spread across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world.

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COVID-19 impact assessment

The COVID-19 pandemic has emerged in containment across regions, line limitations and the breakdown of transport organizations. In addition, the financial vulnerability of the fast food and quick service restaurant market is much higher than past outbreaks such as extreme intense respiratory disease (SARS), avian flu, swine flu, bird flu and Ebola. , inferred from the growing number of infected people. individuals and vulnerability upon exiting the crisis. With the rapid increase in cases, the global fast food and fast food refreshments market is influenced from several points of view.

Accessibility of workforce is disrupting the inventory network of the global fast food and fast food beverage market in every way, as lockdown and the spread of infection cause individuals to stay on the line. interior. The presentation of the manufacturers of Fast Food and Fast Food and the transport of the products are associated. If the assembly movement is stopped, the transport as well as the warehouse network also stop. Stacking and dumping of items i.e. raw materials and results (fasteners), which requires a ton of labor, is also heavily affected due to the pandemic. From the entrance of the assembly plant to the warehouse or distribution center to end customers, i.e. application companies, the entire inventory network of fast food restaurants and fast food is seriously compromised because of the episode.

The research provides answers to the following key questions:

  • What is the projected size of the fast food and quick service restaurant market by 2027?
  • What will the normal share of the industry as a whole be for years to come?
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  • What are the development techniques received by major market sellers to stay ahead of the curve?

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Q&A: How Jahzmin French brought JINYA Ramen Bar to Uptown Charlotte https://mikeydee.com/qa-how-jahzmin-french-brought-jinya-ramen-bar-to-uptown-charlotte/ https://mikeydee.com/qa-how-jahzmin-french-brought-jinya-ramen-bar-to-uptown-charlotte/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 10:30:28 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/qa-how-jahzmin-french-brought-jinya-ramen-bar-to-uptown-charlotte/

Jahzmin French has loved the food industry since his first job as a waiter in high school. Two decades later, the industry veteran came to Charlotte as the owner of the local franchise of JINYA Ramen Bar.

Newly opened on the ground floor of the Ally building on S. Tryon Street, the Japanese scratch food serves its namesake – the ramen noodles – along with bowls of rice, desserts and other inspired dishes. Japanese. The site can accommodate 125 people and has a full bar.

[Also read: Uptown Charlotte gets a new Black-owned restaurant]

The Charlotte restaurant is the first in North Carolina for the Los Angeles-based chain, which was started in 2010 by Tomo Takahashi, a Japanese immigrant.

French, who co-owns the Uptown franchise with her business partner Brad Phelps, said she plans to open a second JINYA, in SouthPark, in early 2022, followed by others in the Charlotte market.

Bringing the JINYA brand to Charlotte during a pandemic, she says, came with its challenges, but she is inspired by customer reviews and the restaurant’s first sales.

Ramen, she says, is “all the craze”.

Photo: JINYA Ramen-Charlotte

I met the French during a busy lunch hour to find out how she does it – owning, managing, breaking glass ceilings. And ramen, of course.

Q. How did it all start, opening a JINYA Ramen Bar in downtown Charlotte?

French Jahzmin: Brad and I have been partners for three years. I met him when I was running my own restaurant consulting agency. At that time his dream was to make restaurants, and I was the catering expert, so he and his wife looked for me, talked about what they wanted to do, and they said we were looking for a partner, and they wanted partner with me. The rest is history. We had restaurants in Louisiana. We chose to do JINYA during the pandemic, and since then have sold this brand (in Louisiana) and decided to focus only on JINYA in North Carolina.

Inside the JINYA Ramen Bar in the upscale neighborhoods of Charlotte. Photo: Sarafina Wright

Q. You said you guys had restaurants in Louisiana? What kind of restaurants were they and what has become of them?

JF: We had three – two in New Orleans and one in Baton Rouge. It was barbecue and Louisiana cuisine. The pandemic has hit the restaurant industry hard. Honestly, it was a devastating decision to make. We thought about people who need to work and people who might not feel safe at work, but you need people to run a restaurant, so we made a very difficult decision and helped everything the world around us as much as possible to find jobs or whatever it was like. With JINYA, we kind of got scared because we are still in a pandemic right now. We kind of took the plunge and opened anyway.

Q. Your catering consulting agency; what was the path that led you there?

JF: I was with the Hooters brand for over 10 years. I resigned as the first African-American general manager of the Hooters Bayou-Fox franchise on the Gulf Coast. Then I went to West Palm Beach, Florida, where I was the first female CEO at the corporate level. I started my business in West Palm when I was working full time. It was a commotion and very difficult. Then, when I came back to Pensacola, I really took the plunge and worked as a full-time consultant. It went really well, really fast, and it was really cool to see how many people need help with the restoration operations. I loved doing it. I suspended my activity as a consultant to make JINYA and develop and grow. When everything is settled and I have the right leaders in place, I will resurrect my business and focus on consulting.

Q. Has the restaurant / hotel industry always been a dream for you?

JF: When I was in high school I tried to get a job at McDonalds, and I don’t know why, but they never hired me, and all my friends worked there, so I was very sad. But I went to apply for Steak ‘n Shake, got the job, and loved it.

Q. What did you like about it?

JF: Oh man, the joy of talking to different people. You have a table there, then you have another. It’s almost like you’re having fun. I’m not a chef or anything, but I love the food. And I just have a passion for watching people enjoy good food.

JINYA Ramen Charlotte
JINYA Ramen-Charlotte located at 601 S. Tryon St. – the premier location in North Carolina.

Q. The black presence in the restaurant industry is very low, especially when it comes to ownership. There really aren’t that many black women-owned restaurants in Charlotte, especially in the upscale neighborhoods. How does it feel for you to be in this space, from an industry perspective?

JF: It’s exciting. I appreciate all the love and support I have received. I had no idea how big of a deal this could have been. My goal was just passion… I knew it was a great product and a great brand, and we knew it had to come here. Honestly, it just makes me feel humbled to have the opportunity and to be a light to some people. My heart is just full. I’ve had times where I’m just like, wow, I’m blown away. I even cried with some of the guests here, unfortunately, because I’m at work and I hate my emotions showing a bit. But they brought me to tears.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who someday wants to be where you are as a restaurant owner?

JF: Number one is self-help. Don’t wait for someone to teach you anything. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t want you to outdo them because they can see your work ethic and motivation. Use whatever resources you have that are free. Put your foot in the industry. Start as a host, start as a waiter, learn all the roles of the restaurant, as this will enrich your knowledge. You will also be able to manage well this way, once you understand all the challenges of each position. And go for it. It is not easy. I don’t know the last time I slept really well. I’m exhausted, but my passion drives me and the support I’ve received from the people here in Charlotte and from my phenomenal team.

Q. Speaking of staff, many restaurants have difficulty finding staff. As opening a new business during the pandemic, has this been a challenge for all of you as well?

JF: Absoutely. When my managers and I were hiring for this location, I told them to put the experience aside; let’s focus on human beings, see if they are a good person, if they have team spirit. We did a lot of advertising saying “no experience needed”. And honestly, for any business owner, sometimes that’s better because you can mold them into how you want them to work for your brand rather than giving them bad habits. And then for people who have experience, they already know things, which is super useful.

Inside JINYA Ramen Bar in upscale Charlotte neighborhoods on September 23. Photo: Sarafina Wright

Q. With ramen, it’s a craze in a way. There are some who have known him forever, and now a lot of people in Charlotte are going to find out for the first time. What about this dish that makes it so popular? And is there any difference to the packaged ramen noodles that a lot of people grew up eating?

JF: Almost everyone in the world has been exposed to pack ramen, and I experienced it while I was at Alabama State University. I still have a package in my pantry now. But what we’re doing here at JINYA is just on a whole new level. This is real Japanese food to scratch. The food is amazing. We cook the broth for more than 18 hours. We cut, slice and slice everything. It is absolutely cool. I think it opens the mind to real authentic ramen that we really can’t find here in the US. And Jinya did a fantastic job creating them and bringing them from Japan to LA ten years ago. And now allows us to open in North Carolina. We are store number 40, and we will continue.

Q. And there are already a few ramen restaurants in Charlotte. What is the difference between JINYA Ramen Bar and these places?

JF: We of course have other restaurants in Charlotte in this category. But JINYA is apart because we have the most variety. I think JINYA focused on the vegan options – we have the vegetable, chicken and pork broth. The ambiance and the atmosphere are intact. We love to have fun here. The food, the music, the decor, the ambiance is what sets us apart.

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