Endicott Friendly’s Restaurant a pile of rubble

An Endicott building that housed a Friendly’s restaurant and a few other establishments for over 40 years has been demolished.

It didn’t take long for a demolition crew to get their work done on East Main Street and Loder Avenue in the village’s Union neighborhood.

As the vacant structure was demolished, construction of a Byrne Dairy convenience store continued a few feet to the north.

The site of a future Endicott Byrne Dairy store on November 9, 2021 (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Debris from the restaurant building bearing Friendly’s signature red color filled the site on Tuesday afternoon. The rubble should be cleared by the end of the week.

Various businesses have occupied the property over the years, including a lumber business and gas station.

Sambo’s opened as the first restaurant on the site in 1977. Friendly’s store operated there for a few decades until it suddenly closed in April 2019.

The Byrne Dairy store is scheduled to open next spring. This will be the company’s first location in the Binghamton area.

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