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Does inflation get to you? Want to pay less for non-essentials, like ice cream?

Or even better, get it for free?

Well, apparently now you can get a free ice cream cone while dancing for the manager at any McDonald’s outlet.

dance for ice cream

This life hack/marketing gimmick was propagated by online personality Ang QiuTing (aka Bong QiuQiu) recently, when she demonstrated the “Shake ‘N Dip dance”.

In the caption to her post, she explained that the dance can be considered a dance as long as the customer does the Shake ‘N Dip hand gestures and recites the lyrics, without having to walk the nine yards:

You don’t need to do the full body Shake ‘N Dip dance to enjoy the delicious reward, you can simply do the Shake ‘N Dip hand gestures to the beat of the Shake ‘N Dip song and recite the Shake. The lyrics of ‘N Dip can also de!

In response to MothershipWhether the video was a paid McDonald’s post or a limited-time offer, a spokesperson for the fast-food chain confirmed the offer was valid and said, “It’s a hack only if customers are willing try, they can take advantage of a free vanilla cone at McDonald’s.”

In other words, keep dancing until McDonald’s stops handing out free ice cream.

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