Covid-19 delta outbreak: McDonald’s requires vaccination passport for dinner


November 29, 2021 Most of the upper part of the North Island – including Auckland – will go straight to red level under the new traffic light system from Friday, while the whole of the South Island will change to the less restrictive orange level.

Those who are not vaccinated will be denied entry into McDonald’s after the fast food franchise announced that diners would need a vaccination passport to enter its stores.

Customers will need to present a vaccine pass to eat in its stores, which follows under the government’s new Covid-19 traffic light system.

However, those who are not vaccinated will not fail completely, with McDonald’s confirming that they will still be able to use the drive-thru and delivery methods.

McDonald’s spokesperson Simon Kenny said: “Customers going to restaurants will need My Vaccine Pass. We will continue to offer contactless service through drive-thru and McDelivery, where My Vaccine Pass will not be. not required. “

Moves as the country is set to switch to the new traffic light system on Friday.

McDonald’s won’t be the first and only place the unvaccinated cannot enter.

Hospitality venues and close-contact businesses such as gyms and bars will be able to prevent unvaccinated customers from entering.

If you are not vaccinated, the traffic light system will likely look like a level 3 lockdown.

Events, restaurants, hairdressers and cafes that use vaccination certificates will not be able to accept you in their stores.

Events, restaurants, hairdressers and cafes that do not use vaccination certificates will not be allowed to open under the red and orange decors at all – except to offer take-out only in the case of restaurants and cafes.

Gatherings at funerals and weddings will be limited to 10 people under red frame and 50 people under orange frame.

In the green surroundings, events, gymnasiums and restaurants will be able to open without vaccination certificates, but there will be restrictions on the number of people who can be present.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the vaccine passport was the “golden ticket” to freedom.

“We know there are still those who decide when to get the vaccine – but we need to make decisions now that will protect them and others.”

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