Connecticut is not on the list of cities with the best pizza in the United States

So what happened here? In a new survey naming cities with the best pizza in the country, New Haven, Connecticut was not at the top of the list.

It seems rather odd that the city that some say has not only America’s best pizza, but also the best pizza in the world, hasn’t been number one in this new poll. New Haven, the home of Frank Pepe’s Pizza, Sally’s Apizza and others, failed to make this year’s list.

It’s not like New Haven didn’t even make the top 10, they came in third, but it does mean that there are two other cities in America that apparently have better pizza.

The survey was carried out by the folks at, and they compiled the results using a number of different metrics while looking at pizza in some 300 of the country’s largest cities. To find the best, taste was a big factor, but they also had to consider how quickly and easily to sear a slice, and they also looked at saturation survivability based on the quality of the pizza, which, if you know your pizza, is one of the hallmarks of a good slice.

Some of the other factors in determining the list were three main considerations, the percentage of pizzerias in a city, the number of pizzerias per square mile, and the number of pizzerias per 100,000 people in that particular city.

Make no mistake, the Northeast was very well represented with 9 of the top 10 cities in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

So here is an overview of the list, the Top 10 cities with the best pizza in the country.

  1. Rochester, New York
  2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  3. New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  6. Miami, Florida
  7. Buffalo, New York
  8. Cambridge, MA
  9. Worcester, MA
  10. Manchester, New Hampshire

So what do you think? Has Connecticut been watered, you can leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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