Chipotle Mexican Grill tests pollo asado in two markets

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s new pollo asado

Source: Mexican Chipotle Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced Tuesday that it is testing pollo asado at 95 restaurants in Cincinnati and Sacramento, marking the first time it has introduced a new chicken option.

Pollo asado is made with grilled chicken, garlic, fresh lime, guajillo peppers, and hand-chopped cilantro. It will be available in both participating markets for a limited time.

Under the leadership of CEO Brian Niccol, who previously ran Yum Brands‘ Taco Bell, the company has accelerated the addition of new menu items through a process it calls “gate testing of steps.” The chain has been strategic with new releases, making many of them time-limited options to drive customer traffic to their restaurants and keep the menu from getting bloated. This year it released Rice and Cauliflower Breast as limited-time options and Quesadillas as a digital-only item.

“Chicken has long been the number one protein choice among Chipotle guests,” Marketing Director Chris Brandt said in a statement. “With the famous Adobo chicken recipe already on our menu, we decided it was time to add another option and our tasty new Chicken Pollo Asado is another perfect addition to our real ingredients. “

Chipotle shares have climbed 30% this year, bringing its market value to $ 50.6 billion.

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