Celebrate Canada’s National Shawarma Day today with Osmow ™ $ 5 Shawarma


National Shawarma Day invites carnivores and vegetarians to enjoy perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken or crispy fried falafels at any of 120 Osmow’s â„¢ stores across Canada at prices never last seen in 2001 , the year Osmow was launched.

Toronto, ON, Oct. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Osmow’s â„¢, Canada’s most popular fresh and fast Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant, invites Canadians to celebrate the second annual National Shawarma Day on the 15th October in honor of historic Middle Eastern street food.

For just $ 5, Osmow’s is offering its legendary Chicken Shawarma or ROCKS â„¢ wrap at its original price, while vegetarians can also join in for the day with a Falafel Wrap or ROCKS â„¢ for the same price.

Shawarma is tender, fragrant, boldly spicy and marinated meat that cooks slowly while turning on a vertical skewer. At Osmow’s â„¢, Shawarma is prepared a little differently. Once the marinated meat is delicately cut, it is grilled to caramelized perfection then served over ROCKS (rice), STIX (fries) or classically wrapped in a thin pita bread which is then expertly toasted. Personalized with additions like fresh herbs and grilled vegetables, feta or homemade sauces, there are endless combinations of Shawarma dishes bursting with delicious flavors.

A fan favorite for a reason, be sure to add a regular or NEW light and vegan garlic sauce! Only adventurous eaters dare to add Osmow’s â„¢ Scorchin ‘Hot Sauce!

“Last year, National Shawarma Day was a huge success! Said Ben Osmow, CEO and Franchisee of Osmow â„¢, the fast growing Canadian fast food company. “We didn’t just measure the impact by the sheer number of social posts and national matches on our sites across the country. We also knew last year’s celebration was a success thanks to rave reviews from people who had never tried Shawarma before and from Shawarma aficionados! Our National Shawarma Day was in the news across Canada and spread to the United States. We are excited to take advantage of this fun themed day.

“When my parents opened the first Osmow’s in 2001 and started serving a dish they had enjoyed since they were children in Egypt, no one could have imagined that we would be celebrating Canadian National Shawarma Day on the 20th anniversary of our family. business, ”says Osmow’s â„¢. President and Marketing Director Bernadette Farag.

“The time for shawarma is now,” says Ben. “It is clear that the popularity of Shawarma is on the rise, as evidenced by our impressive growth over the past 20 years in 120 locations! Join us – and all Canadian restaurants serving Shawarma – in celebrating National Shawarma Day today.

Osmow’s invites all other Mediterranean brands to celebrate October 15 as National Shawarma Day in Canada as this exciting and tasty niche of food continues to grow, in a spirit of diversity and cultural exploration. To show your love for Shawarma, order yours today and tag photos, reels and videos with #NationalShawarmaDay, which will help spread the word and support the fast and casual food industry and local businesses. . For more information on National Shawarma Day and Osmow’s â„¢, visit osmows.com and follow @osmows on all the popular social networks.

About Osmow
Founded in 2001 by Sam Osmow, Osmow’s â„¢ first store was located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada and remains a successful operation to this day. Over 20 years ago, as a recent immigrant to Canada, Sam saw an opportunity to bring his Egyptian roots to the Canadian landscape by mixing balanced traditional Egyptian cuisine with a North American palate. Filling a void in today’s fast-paced, casual dining market, Osmow’s savory dishes with iconic sauces such as fan-favorite garlic sauce continue to bring customers back to satisfy their cravings. Osmow’s â„¢ has grown to 120 locations and is spreading across Canada. Osmow’s â„¢ invites all other Mediterranean brands to celebrate October 15 as National Shawarma Day in Canada as we continue to develop this exciting and tasty niche, in a spirit of diversity and cultural exploration.

CONTACT: Heather Kirk Immedia PR for Osmow's 416 500 1752 [email protected]

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