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Campaign Trail is our analysis of some of the best and worst new creative endeavors in the world of marketing. See past columns in the archives here.

In a series of new spots, Kraft Heinz’s Oscar Mayer attempts to highlight his personality and convey the magic of moments like his Wienermobile rolling through town.

Expressed through small content in the form of six and 15 second ads, a threesome videos shows original storylines with almost no context or narrative, deviating from a traditional storytelling strategy and instead focusing on playful and unexpected uses of meat.

In one place, a queen feeds the living ghost in a pyramid by biting into her sandwich. In another, a sleeping woman snuggles into a slice of bread and is covered with a pile of cold cuts. The third represents two pieces of bacon vying to be eaten by the person holding them.

The ads are part of a larger campaign that aims to explore the idea of ​​what it means to be Oscar Mayer through a new, content-driven approach.

“It’s not a campaign for meat lovers, Arby’s kind of campaign, but I really like using meat as a brush to surprise people,” said Emily Garvey Elias, chief strategy officer at group at the Johannes Leonardo agency, which helped create the effort.

“Emotional undercurrent”

The artwork taps into the eccentric ideas of several creators and marks the final chapter of the main brand platform “Keep It Oscar” which debuted in late April. This is Oscar Mayer’s first creative transformation in decades, aiming to build on a 138-year-old heritage with a modern twist and a stronger sense of cohesion across the brand’s products. This push also marks the major effort led by Johannes Leonardo, who took over last year as Oscar Mayer’s benchmark creative agency.

“When we started working with Oscar Mayer, we talked to them a lot about how the brand kind of got lost and started to take itself seriously, kind of like apologizing for who the brand was.” , said Elias.

The brand has spent years using advertising to strengthen its positioning around quality, Elias added, noting how this approach has helped make Oscar Mayer an iconic brand among consumers. As the campaign developed, the agency looked at key creative elements such as the Wienermobile and the jingle, “My Bologna Got a Name,” and found that what has stood out among consumers over the years are the unexpected moments of Oscar Mayer that arouse joy.

“Oscar Mayer has a legacy and an emotional undercurrent that a lot of brands would kill for,” Elias said. “I think where we are now is a big change, but in a lot of ways it’s just about getting back to the roots of the brand.”

To capture the brand’s unexpected spirit, the revamped creative approach now focuses on conveying ambiance instead of telling a traditional story. The question underlying the development of the campaign was: if the Wienermobile lived in a world of its own, what else would there be in this world? The answer is that “wonderfully strange spirit” that makes new creation natural on non-traditional marketing platforms like TikTok, according to Elias.

Videos under the “Keep It Oscar” banner will appear on TikTok and other social media sites, as well as traditional TV shopping, online and out-of-home videos. While Oscar Mayer is a newcomer to TikTok – he first published on April 30 – it generated more than 76 million views and 670,000 likes on the platform. Two thousand users created messages using the Soundtrack of “Yum Choir”, while the brand has gained 45,000 subscribers in five weeks, according to statistics provided by Oscar Mayer.

The agency and brand are developing a hashtag challenge on TikTok to encourage user participation and extend the cutting edge approach of “Keep It Oscar”.

Create a new iconography

While the original spirit of the Wienermobile underlies the campaign’s creative strategy, it is conspicuously absent from the new “Keep It Oscar” spots. Its absence is part of a drive to create additional brand iconography while reminding consumers that Oscar Mayer offers more than just hot dogs.

“The ambition here is to start building new structures of memory around the brand,” Elias said. “The Wienermobile continues to be an important part of the brand, and we are definitely thinking about ways to use it in the future.

“Charcuterie isn’t exactly the sexiest product on paper, but it’s the gist of [Oscar Mayer’s] business.”

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What can the hospitality industry learn from Fawlty Towers? https://mikeydee.com/what-can-the-hospitality-industry-learn-from-fawlty-towers/ https://mikeydee.com/what-can-the-hospitality-industry-learn-from-fawlty-towers/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 09:45:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/what-can-the-hospitality-industry-learn-from-fawlty-towers/

  • The catastrophic Basil Fawlty hotel may provide the struggling tourism industry with lessons in flexibility, veganism and international cooperation

Fawlty towers didn’t last very long – 12 episodes to be precise (now there’s a nugget of information, to bring to your next pub quiz). His guests, apart from a few senile regulars, were systematically dissatisfied. Much of this was due to the tyrannical owner of the hotel, Basil Fawlty, who was once described by his wife as a ‘big cranky tomato’.

The grueling string of disasters that have taken place in each episode will resonate with the current UK hotel industry which has lost around £ 200million every day in 2020, according to research commissioned by the hospitality UK trade body, and is currently facing immense uncertainty over the government’s list of safe international vacation destinations. To bounce back, perhaps the industry can draw inspiration from Fawlty’s abominable example.

Self-service work

At Fawlty Towers, the quality of service was clearly lacking. Staff have often been distracted from serving customers by drunken chefs and missing rats and a poor customer is still waiting to be served “a gin and an orange, a lemon squash and a scotch and water”. Had the hotel lasted until the Covid era, the chaos induced by social distancing rules and PPE requirements would have been excruciating.

For the hospitality industry, flexibility will be the key to surviving the next phase of the pandemic. Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) seems well positioned to take advantage of this. The company operates an online marketplace for accommodation, from single rooms to luxury accommodations. Most accommodations use a self-service system, which means guests can bring their own gin and orange, lemon squash and scotch, and water. On the day of its IPO last December, Airbnb shares rose more than 112%.

The stock has since adjusted and is currently trading at around $ 135 per share, but its market cap is not far behind the rival travel giant. Reserve assets (NASDAQ: BKNG), and far exceeds Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE), as well as hotel chains such as Marriott (NASDAQ: MAR) and Hilton (NYSE: HLT). While business travel is expected to remain low as we move into the summer months domestic recreational travel will pick up and Airbnb’s flexibility is well suited to the ever-changing rules.

Vegan trends

As a dining experience, Fawlty Towers failed to deliver. Fawlty often lacked basic ingredients, having to admit on one occasion to being “out of Waldorf”, and on the other: “duck off”. However, perhaps the hotel’s insignificant offer would have been better suited to today’s vegan trends. The global market for vegans and vegetarians is now worth more than $ 50 billion and is expected to grow 20-30% per year in the years to come.

Beyond meat (NASDAQ: BYND) is a huge market achievement. In May 2019, stocks climbed 163%, posting the best performance for an IPO in nearly two decades. Beyond Meat sells its products in 28,000 retail stores in the United States and is expanding its presence in Europe. It has also concluded agreements with restaurant chains, in particular Mcdonalds (NYSE: MCD) and restaurateurs such as Yum! Brands (NYSE: MIAM). Perhaps in hindsight, the expression “ducks off” showed a great culinary vision, which was unfortunately a few years ahead of its time.

Foreign customers and employees

Fawlty Towers has shown little tolerance or respect towards its foreign guests. An Australian has been manhandled and a German family is devastated by Fawlty’s dubious decision to impersonate the “fun march” of an unspeakable dictator. Had Fawlty enjoyed a better relationship with his overseas visitors, he might have enjoyed the long-standing success that much of the rest of the UK has enjoyed. In Ireland, investments in international tourism have seen income from abroad increase steadily in recent years. In 2018, it exceeded 5 billion euros for the first time and accounted for 3% of Ireland’s GDP. Much of that growth has come from North American visitors, which helped overseas revenues grow by 30% between 2016 and 2018.

Today, those in Germany and most other countries must self-quarantine for 10 days upon entering the UK. But maybe it allows them to avoid silly hotel owners, to ricochet offensive war references before claiming “I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.” .

The Spanish waiter, Manuel, is abused by Fawlty who seriously underestimates his employee. Although his poor command of the English language is a hindrance, Manuel is a loyal worker and shows a great determination to improve himself: “You see, I speak English well, I am learning it from a booook. “.

As the fallout from Brexit kicks in, the new points-based system will prevent many low-skilled foreign workers from relocating to the UK. Applicants will need to achieve a minimum score of 70 points, so only the “brightest and best” will get a skilled work visa. Low-skilled workers in the EU make up a significant portion of the UK hotel workforce and many establishments are already struggling to fill summer vacancies. The job market has become incredibly competitive due to Covid, and this will only intensify as students realize that they can no longer do that ski season or that European internship they had dreamed of.

The hospitality industry has a long way to go in recovering from the post-Covid era. Travel and tourism supports 1 in 11 jobs in the global economy, and these workers will need the calm, calm and serene approach of Fawlty’s hotel manager, Polly, to cope with the sudden change of pace . The troubling alternative is a shattered industry run by “aged and shiny stick insects” and “big saber-toothed pies”.

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Impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s with Competitor Analysis: https://mikeydee.com/impact-of-covid-19-on-mcdonalds-with-competitor-analysis/ https://mikeydee.com/impact-of-covid-19-on-mcdonalds-with-competitor-analysis/#respond Thu, 03 Jun 2021 14:57:11 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/impact-of-covid-19-on-mcdonalds-with-competitor-analysis/


The latest market research published on the impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, Market provides an overview of the current market dynamics of the impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, as well as what our survey respondents – all Outsourcing makers – predict the market to look like 2027. The study divides the market by revenue and volume (if applicable) and price history to estimate size and analyze trends and identify gaps and opportunities. Some of the players covered by the study are Domino’s, Yum Brands, Chipotle, Doctor’s Associates (Subway), Wendy’s, McDonalds Corp, Inspire Brands, CFA Properties, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), Seven & I Holdings, Aramark, Darden Restaurants, Brinker, Whitbread, Compass, Sodexo, Jollibee Foods Corp, Autogrill, Dine Brands Global.

Prepare to identify the pros and cons of the regulatory framework, local reforms and its impact on the industry. Find Out How Leaders In The Impact Of COVID-19 On McDonald’s Keep A Step Forward With Our Latest Investigative Analysis

Click to get the impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s Sample Market Research PDF Copy here @: https://www.htfmarketreport.com/sample-report/3310428-covid-19-impact-on-mcdonald-s-update

The Impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, Update 2021 “reports the main findings as of March 25, 2021 based on market analysis and brand diversification by industry and geographic area.

All companies in the restaurant industry saw their revenues drop in 2020 due to the spread of coronavirus cases around the world. McDonald’s positive performance in the fourth quarter of 2020, mainly driven by US operations, has improved the company’s outlook for 2021. As major countries around the world slowly recover from the pandemic crisis, a positive outlook for QSR outlets, especially in North America, Asia and Western Europe is expected to provide the business with plenty of opportunities not only to recover from losses that occurred in 2020, but also to grow at a steady pace over the course of the forecast period.

Look for the full report at @: https://www.htfmarketreport.com/reports/3310428-covid-19-impact-on-mcdonald-s-update

– McDonald’s sales in Japan grew in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the same is expected in 2021.
– North America and Asia, the two main markets for QSRs, will be among the fastest growing regions over 2020-2025.
– After the 2020 crisis, the North American market of McDonald’s is expected to experience a marginal recovery in the CAGR in 2019-2024
– McDonald’s invests in the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence.
– McDonald’s sentiment score drops 10.5% in Q4 2020, mainly due to resurgence of new waves of the pandemic

To understand the impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, the market dynamics in the world mainly, the global impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, the market is analyzed in the main regions of the world. Custom study by specific region or country can be provided, generally customer prefers below

• North America: United States of America (US), Canada and Mexico.
• South and Central America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.
• Middle East & Africa: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and South Africa.
• Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, NORDIC, BALTIC countries, Russia, Austria and rest of Europe.
• Asia: India, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, etc.) and rest
• Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

Inquire about customization in the @ report https://www.htfmarketreport.com/enquiry-before-buy/3310428-covid-19-impact-on-mcdonald-s-update

Reasons to buy:
– Understand the challenges and opportunities for a specific business in order to tap into what really impacts the industry.
– Get a broader appreciation of the rapidly changing consumer goods industry by getting insights both inside and outside your industry.
– Access valuable strategic information to help guide future decision making and inform new product development.

For an in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, market size, a competitive analysis is provided which includes Revenue (M USD) by players (2019-2021E) and market share (% ) by players (2019-2021E) supplemented by the concentration rate.

Full purchase of COVID-19 impact on McDonald’s, 2021 report at revised proposed price @ https://www.htfmarketreport.com/buy-now?format=1&report=3310428

Actual figures and in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on McDonald’s, estimated market size and trends available in the full version of the report.

Thanks for reading this article, you can also make a partial purchase or opt for a regional report limiting the scope only to North America, ANZ, Europe or MENA, Eastern Europe or European Union.

Contact us :
Craig Francis (Public Relations and Marketing Manager)
HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Limited
Unit # 429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ
New Jersey United States – 08837
Telephone: +1 (206) 317 1218

About the Author:
HTF Market Intelligence consulting is uniquely positioned to empower and inspire research and advisory services to empower businesses with growth strategies, delivering services with extraordinary depth and breadth of thought leadership, research, tools, events and experiences that aid in decision making.

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Yum! Brands CEO buys Gulf Stream Home from Pat Moran https://mikeydee.com/yum-brands-ceo-buys-gulf-stream-home-from-pat-moran/ https://mikeydee.com/yum-brands-ceo-buys-gulf-stream-home-from-pat-moran/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 21:30:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/yum-brands-ceo-buys-gulf-stream-home-from-pat-moran/

David Gibbs and 550 Middle Road, Gulf Stream (Google Maps)

The CEO of Yum! Brands, owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, has a new kitchen for dining.

David Gibbs paid $ 8.5 million for a waterfront home in Gulf Stream, property records show. A trust in Patricia Moran’s name sold the 6,401 square foot home at 550 Middle Road. Moran is the former President and CEO of JM Family Enterprises, an auto company based in Deerfield Beach and founded by her father, Jim Moran.

Gibbs bought the property with his wife, Sharon. He became CEO of Yum! in January of last year, according to its website. Gibbs has been with the company since 1989 and was previously Director of the Board of Directors. Yum! separated from PepsiCo in 1997. It has more than 50,000 restaurants in 150 countries, including franchises.

Pat Moran bought the five-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bath Gulf Stream home in 2016 for $ 6.7 million, according to records. It was built in 2001 on a 9,001 square foot lot with 330 feet of deep water frontage and a 150 foot dock.

The home has a wood-paneled library, three-bay garage, and balconies with views of the Intracoastal, according to the listing.

Earlier this year, a trust paid $ 11 million for a beachfront home in Gulf Stream. Other recent deals include an heir to McGraw Hill’s $ 8million sale and the Flex Seal founder ‘s $ 20million purchase, both of waterfront homes in the upscale city. .

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Yum! Brands and University of Louisville announce one-of-its-kind education and research center to open franchise opportunities for people of color and underrepresented women https://mikeydee.com/yum-brands-and-university-of-louisville-announce-one-of-its-kind-education-and-research-center-to-open-franchise-opportunities-for-people-of-color-and-underrepresented-women/ https://mikeydee.com/yum-brands-and-university-of-louisville-announce-one-of-its-kind-education-and-research-center-to-open-franchise-opportunities-for-people-of-color-and-underrepresented-women/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 19:21:40 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/yum-brands-and-university-of-louisville-announce-one-of-its-kind-education-and-research-center-to-open-franchise-opportunities-for-people-of-color-and-underrepresented-women/

Posted 10 hours ago

Proposed by Yum! Brands

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 1, 2021 / CSRwire / – Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM) and the University of Louisville today announced the launch of the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence. The Center will present the first commercial program of its kind at a public university to provide existing and potential franchisees with multiple levels of online training focused on the franchise model in all industries. In addition, the Yum! The Center for Global Franchise Excellence will focus on recruiting and educating people of color and under-represented women on the possibilities of franchising as a path to entrepreneurship.

The creation and funding of the Center are part of Yum! Brands’ Global Opportunity Unlocking Initiative, in which the company has committed $ 100 million over five years to promote equity and inclusion, education and entrepreneurship for employees, teams frontline catering and communities around the world.

“We believe that combining the resources and expertise of the University of Louisville with Yum! The brands will create an unparalleled resource for world-class franchise training that will help people around the world, especially people of color and underrepresented women, to be successful in owning and managing a franchise, ”said declared Neeli Bendapudi, president of the UofL. ” We are excited about the new center. because it aligns with UofL’s commitment to empower our communities and supports our vision of becoming the country’s leading anti-racist metropolitan research university.

“We are proud to partner with the University of Louisville to develop a sustainable and globally scalable program that democratizes exposure and strengthens knowledge of the franchise industry for all,” said Scott Catlett, legal and franchise director at Yum! Brands. “We hope the Center will pave the way for economic opportunity and successful ownership for talented and under-represented individuals, while bringing diverse voices and ideas to the entire franchise community.

the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence Builds on UofL’s existing franchise training pathways within the College of Business, which include a graduate program and an executive-level franchise management certificate. New to the Center is an undergraduate franchise track in the Bachelor of Business Administration program that was launched in the spring semester of 2021. The development of the Center’s program will continue to be led by franchise industry alumni and business experts from UofL with subject matter experts from Yum! Brands providing resources, up-to-date information and powerful insight into the state of the franchise. In addition, to improve equity for people of color and under-represented women, the Center:

  • Actively recruits diverse students for its undergraduate, graduate and executive level programs offered by the College of Business;
  • conduct research to develop new knowledge about franchise ownership, including case studies, white papers and other work to better understand the reasons for declining ownership by people of color and women under -represented;
  • create regular podcasts and a practitioner-focused journal to share franchise education and news with franchise owners and managers.

“Franchising is one of the best avenues to entrepreneurship, creating an opportunity to build generational wealth,” said Kathleen Gosser, Ph.D., executive in residence at the UofL Business College, where the Center will be based. “Franchise ownership among people of color and under-represented women is lower than their representation in the population. Our goal is to uncover and reduce the barriers to franchise ownership, starting with education. “

The franchise model is strong in the United States and around the world and makes business ownership accessible to many people. At the end of 2021, the International Franchise Association projects that the franchising industry will increase to more than 780,000 points of sale employing 8.2 million people in the United States only.

“Partnership with UofL on the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence enables Yum! Brands to amplify our world-class franchise model and give more people access to the franchise world and the ability to create generational wealth and a legacy, ”said Wanda Williams, Head of Yum! Global franchising. “Access to the program will also be a great opportunity for new franchisees entering Yum! System of marks as well as for employees who wish to become entrepreneurs. “

In addition to Yum! Brands’ recent grant to UofL, the company is also investing $ 6 million over five years to advance equity and opportunity across Louisville, particularly in West Louisville, including black students, educators, entrepreneurs and agents of social change. As part of that, Yum! Brands is working with Nat Irvin, Assistant Dean of UofL College of Business, on the university’s Pathways program to primarily help high school students eligible for the Pell Scholarship at major Louisville public schools to gain college credit and early admission at UofL.

About the University of Louisville
Founded in 1798, the University of Louisville is a state-funded research university located in the greater Kentucky metropolitan area. The university serves more than 22,000 students each year in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs at 12 colleges and schools. The university has been recognized and honored for its research efforts, community engagement initiatives, and commitment to diversity. UofL is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference for Academics and Athletics. For more information visit louisville.edu.

About Yum! Brands, Inc.
Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has more than 50,000 restaurants in more than 150 countries and territories and more than 2,000 franchisees around the world. The company’s brands – KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell – are global leaders in the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories. The company’s family of brands also includes The Habit Burger Grill, a fast-paced, casual restaurant concept specializing in grilled-to-order burgers, sandwiches and more. Yum! The brands were included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and in 2020, Yum! Brands has been named in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America and ranked among the Top 100 Corporate Citizens by 3BL Media.

In 2020, Yum! Brands launched the global Unlocking Opportunity initiative, which includes a five-year, $ 100 million commitment to promote equity and inclusion, education and entrepreneurship for employees, catering teams frontline and communities around the world. Through KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill, and in close collaboration with franchisees of Yum !, The Unlocking Opportunity initiative builds on more than 20 years of investing in the company’s culture focused on the people.

Yum! Brands has been committed to the Louisville community since its inception in 1997 and has donated over $ 60 million to hundreds of local nonprofits and charities since then. In addition to increased societal efforts to tackle inequalities at the local level, Yum! Brands is the proud naming rights partner of KFC Yum! Based in Louisville. Central arena. In addition, the Yum! Brands Foundation continues its long history of supporting the Dare to Care Food Bank, Metro United Way and the Fund for the Arts in Louisville.

Yum! Brands

Yum! Brands

Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has more than 48,000 restaurants in more than 145 countries and territories, primarily operating the company’s restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – the world’s leading chicken, pizza and Mexican cuisine. All over the world, the Yum! The brand system opens on average more than eight new restaurants per day, making it a global leader in retail development. In 2018, Yum! Brands has been named in the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index and ranked among the Top 100 Corporate Citizens by Corporate Responsibility magazine. In 2019, Yum! Brands was named to the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the second year in a row. For more information on Yum! Brands, visit yum.com. Yum! Media line: 502.874.8200

More than Yum! Brands

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Pizza Hut Brings Back a Fan Favorite – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Weather Indiana https://mikeydee.com/pizza-hut-brings-back-a-fan-favorite-wish-tv-indianapolis-news-weather-indiana/ https://mikeydee.com/pizza-hut-brings-back-a-fan-favorite-wish-tv-indianapolis-news-weather-indiana/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 11:56:16 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/pizza-hut-brings-back-a-fan-favorite-wish-tv-indianapolis-news-weather-indiana/

(CNN) – Pizza Hut is bringing back one of its most famous pizzas, more than a decade after it left the menus.

The Edge, a thin crust pizza “filled with toppings to the edge”, is available now for $ 12.99. Pizza Hut The Edge first came out in 1997 and has made a few rare appearances since, with the most recent re-release in 2009.

The pizza has a “thin crust” that is “strong enough” to hold multiple toppings and is cut into 16 squares. The Edge comes in four varieties, three of which have different types of meats and a vegetarian option. The limited-time offer is the “perfect pizza for patio season,” according to a press release.

Pizza Hut has regularly tapped into nostalgia for menu items and promotions to entice eaters. The company calls it a ‘Newstalgia’ campaign, which ‘showcases classic and beloved elements of the brand and brings them to life in a modern and relevant way’.

In recent months, the company has relaunched its popular “Book It!” program, brought back its old logo and celebrated the 25th anniversary of its debut in a stuffed crust with a slice of dough stuffed with cheese without pizza.

However, Pizza Hut hasn’t fully relied on the past to propel its future, especially as the appetite for pizza remains strong despite the pandemic’s slow demise.

The chain recently temporarily added a Detroit-style pizza for the first time, which ditch the traditional round shape for a rectangular cheese crust. He also rolled out a new restaurant design that emphasizes drive-thru.

These innovations helped same-store sales grow 8% at its US restaurants in the first quarter of 2021. Pizza Hut is owned by Yum Brands, which also controls Taco Bell and KFC.

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Despite increased value, Daytona 500 winner McDowell won’t use leverage for new deal https://mikeydee.com/despite-increased-value-daytona-500-winner-mcdowell-wont-use-leverage-for-new-deal/ https://mikeydee.com/despite-increased-value-daytona-500-winner-mcdowell-wont-use-leverage-for-new-deal/#respond Mon, 31 May 2021 18:00:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/despite-increased-value-daytona-500-winner-mcdowell-wont-use-leverage-for-new-deal/

For the first time in 14 years of racing in the top-tier NASCAR Cup Series, Michael McDowell has legitimate leverage for an upcoming contract negotiation. But don’t rely on him to use it.

McDowell’s star has never shone brighter. On the one hand, the 36-year-old driver won the first victory of his career in the Daytona 500, the biggest motor racing event. But the Harley J. Earl Trophy could cast too much of a shadow over his remaining accomplishments this year for Front Row Motorsports.

In the first 15 races of the year, he finished five of them in eighth place or better, including a sixth place at Homestead-Miami Speedway. His 15.9-place average finish – in the 26th fastest car in the series based on the median lap average standings – is the best of his career and the best in Front Row’s 16-year history, contributing to catapult its open market value to $ 2.48 million. by season in a recent update from MotorsportsAnalytics.com. With no contract stuck for 2022, it looks like his performance deserves a raise or jump to another more established squad; however, that is not his desire.

“I plan to be at Front Row while they get me,” McDowell said. “I like what we do. It’s fun to be a part of something and to build something. I have a lot of freedom at Front Row to be a part of these things … a lot more of the inner work.

The autonomy it enjoys is on par with what elite drivers of large organizations receive; for another program, he would have few opportunities to obtain such a contribution.

Front Row, owned by Bob Jenkins, whose portfolio also includes over 150 Yum! Brands franchises and Morristown Driver’s Services, a provider of transportation logistics, maintain a frugal budget in what is generally a spend-free industry. While NASCAR’s Next Gen car – essentially a kit race car that will debut next year – will eliminate the work staples of big teams such as CNC machine operators, drivetrain specialists, and gear specialists. chassis, Front Row has positioned itself to choose from among the soon to be inundated mechanical talents. the market.

“I am really looking forward to the future with the Next Gen car,” said McDowell. “I think we have the people and we have the team and we have the partners who, if the new car does what we think we can do, we’ll be a competitor at a lot of these racetracks.”

Additionally, McDowell insists he won’t be asking for a base pay hike, despite his free market value, a value that is strictly on track, up 121% from his preseason assessment.

“It’s not part of the conversation,” McDowell said. “I’m not going to see Bob and Jerry (Freeze, team GM) and say ‘Hey look what I’m doing’ because Bob has been spending a lot of his own money for a long time and I’m just glad we have success.

Success, McDowell believes, could improve his ability to pay bonuses, depending on contract incentives and race winnings.

“I think this Next Gen car will even give us more opportunities to drive well and which will generate more sponsorship, which generates more income and more income options for me in this regard. “

This season’s improvement for McDowell and Front Row is currently focused on the 550 horsepower tracks, which make up 47% of the schedule. McDowell ranks sixth in production in Equal Equipment Rating on 550 horsepower tracks, but 36th on 750 horsepower tracks – shorter venues and road courses – which make up the remaining majority of the 36-race season.

McDowell acknowledged that the gap between the divisions is something that needs to change, especially given his road racing origins and the importance of track type in the calendar with seven points-earning events in 2021, against two last year.

“We’re not where we want to be, even with our road course program,” McDowell said. “We have to make gains to be in this top five (on the road courses) and be able to compete with cars (Hendrick Motorsports) and cars (Joe Gibbs Racing).

“The schedule for this year, we knew it was going to be good for us. Road courses and obviously superspeedways (like Daytona and Talladega) have been one of our strengths, you know, for several years. So we knew it was a year of opportunity with as many road courses as there are.

This opportunity could extend into future years as NASCAR explores the possibility of adding street classes to its schedule, a notion McDowell likes and offers more optimism for a continued stay at Front Row.

“I’m really happy to be at Front Row,” McDowell said. “I don’t want to do anything else.”

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Program to increase franchise opportunities for women and minorities – The Advocate-Messenger https://mikeydee.com/program-to-increase-franchise-opportunities-for-women-and-minorities-the-advocate-messenger/ https://mikeydee.com/program-to-increase-franchise-opportunities-for-women-and-minorities-the-advocate-messenger/#respond Sat, 29 May 2021 16:31:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/program-to-increase-franchise-opportunities-for-women-and-minorities-the-advocate-messenger/

The University of Louisville partners with Yum! Marques to create a unique education and research center to increase business franchise opportunities for women and minorities.

The Yum! The Center for Global Franchise Excellence will present the first commercial program of its kind at a public university to provide existing and potential franchisees with multiple levels of online training focused on the franchise model in all industries. It will also focus on recruiting and educating under-represented women and people of color on franchising as a path to entrepreneurship.

“We believe that combining the resources and expertise of the University of Louisville with Yum! The brands will create an unparalleled resource for world-class franchise training that will help people everywhere, especially people of color and under-represented women, succeed in franchise ownership and management, ”said Neeli Bendapudi, president of the UofL. “We are excited about the new center because it aligns with UofL’s commitment to empowering our communities and supports our vision of becoming the country’s premier metropolitan anti-racist research university.

The creation and funding of the Center are part of Yum! Brands’ global Unlocking Opportunity initiative, in which the company has committed $ 100 million over five years to promote equity and inclusion, education and entrepreneurship for employees, catering teams frontline and communities around the world.

“We are proud to partner with the University of Louisville to develop a sustainable and globally scalable program that democratizes exposure and strengthens knowledge of the franchise industry for all,” said Scott Catlett, legal and franchise director at Yum! Brands. “We hope the Center will pave the way for economic opportunity and successful ownership for talented and under-represented individuals, while bringing diverse voices and ideas to the entire franchise community.

In addition, to improve equity for people of color and under-represented women, the Center:

–Actively recruit diverse students for its undergraduate, graduate and executive level programs offered by the College of Business at UofL.

–Conduct research to develop new knowledge about franchise ownership, including case studies, white papers and other work to better understand the reasons for declining participation of people of color and women under -represented.

–Create regular podcasts and a practitioner-focused journal to share franchise education and news with franchise owners and managers.

Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, has more than 50,000 restaurants in more than 150 countries and territories and more than 2,000 franchisees around the world. Its brands include KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

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Top 10 Actions From Last Week: AMC, Virgin Galactic, and GameStop https://mikeydee.com/top-10-actions-from-last-week-amc-virgin-galactic-and-gamestop/ https://mikeydee.com/top-10-actions-from-last-week-amc-virgin-galactic-and-gamestop/#respond Sat, 29 May 2021 12:30:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/top-10-actions-from-last-week-amc-virgin-galactic-and-gamestop/

Stocks closed on Friday and the S&P 500 closed May with its fourth straight month of gains as inflation data failed to dent investor sentiment about the recovery in the US economy.

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Off the menu: al fresco dining provides expansion operating capacity at low cost https://mikeydee.com/off-the-menu-al-fresco-dining-provides-expansion-operating-capacity-at-low-cost/ https://mikeydee.com/off-the-menu-al-fresco-dining-provides-expansion-operating-capacity-at-low-cost/#respond Sat, 29 May 2021 10:43:06 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/off-the-menu-al-fresco-dining-provides-expansion-operating-capacity-at-low-cost/

Gov. Charlie Baker’s recent proposal to extend outdoor dining permits beyond the June 15 end of the current state of emergency raises interesting questions for restaurateurs and the restaurant public.

Give the current “honor system” regarding the “fully immunized” status, more than a few restaurant patrons may exercise caution and choose outdoor seating, even though their preference would otherwise have been to eat in the shelter sun, street smells and annoying bugs.

There also appears to be public support for the kind of culinary experience in the streetscape that the pandemic has spawned. In a poll touted by the National Restaurant Association in March of this year, 84% of those polled online believed restaurants should be able to permanently offer expanded outdoor seating.

Most restaurateurs are in favor of outdoor seating, as it can represent a relatively inexpensive expansion of their operating capacity. This is especially true when they are allowed (or even encouraged) to take possession of a public good in the form of a sidewalk or street space free of charge.

Ultimately, of course, market forces will determine the future importance of outdoor dining. Customers (and their dollars) will make their preferences known by choosing to stay outside or retreat indoors in air-conditioned dining comfort.

As vaccine-backed “normalcy” appears to be looming on the horizon, major restaurant chains are considering future expansion.

Among the more ambitious are KFC, the brand of fried chicken. During what has been dubbed “World Investor Day” at the end of May, KFC management announced plans to expand the chain from 25,000 units worldwide to a possible target of 75,000. outlets, most of which will be in emerging markets such as India and the Middle East. and Africa.

Envisioning what they described as “buckets of growth” after the pandemic, KFC plans to drive its future expansion by leveraging technology – digital control platforms, augmented reality training for employees, and robotics. The brand is also engaged in the testing of a herbal product dubbed “Beyond Fried Chicken”.

On the Border has refined its menu and drink offerings.

The kitchens of the casual Tex-Mex restaurant chain now offer “Bolder Border Bowls” which can be ordered with grilled chicken, portobello mushrooms, shrimp or steak.

An aperitif assembled at the table, “Melted Queso Fundido”, has also been introduced; it incorporates processed cheeses mixed with caramelized onions, poblano peppers and chorizo. Flour tortillas are provided for dipping.

The chain’s mixologists are now concocting a trio of “Bold Pineapple Margaritas”, with smoky and spicy versions complementing the basic pineapple cocktail.

There is a border location on Riverdale Street in West Springfield and Silas Deane Highway in Rocky Hill, CT.

Skyline Beer Company in Westfield recently announced dinner hours, with its Southwick Road taproom and beer garden now serving 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. pm on Sunday.

This spring, Skyline opened a new patio dining area, with outdoor service provided, weather permitting.

Skyline’s menu currently promotes ‘heartwarming favorites’ like a platter of smoked bratwurst and baked macaroni and cheese that can be personalized by adding bacon, chicken, grilled beef brisket, pork or grilled vegetables.

Sweet treats for dessert include blueberry and cherry chips and a bacon chocolate chip cookie baked to order.

Daily specials are also available.

Advance reservations for dinner at the Skyline are strongly encouraged; they can be done by calling (413) 378-3333.

Teresa’s restaurant in Ware brought back a summer favorite from last year in the form of its “Italian Ice” frozen martinis; spoon cocktails are available in lemon, watermelon and orange cream flavors.

The restaurant has fully reopened its banquet hall and accepts reservations for weddings, banquets and parties of all kinds.

Their phone number is (413) 967-7601.

The Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge has fully reopened its dining operations, offering dining inside as well as on the patio Monday through Thursday, 12pm to 7pm; Friday and Saturday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

For the start of the summer season, the inn has created a specialty cocktail menu that includes “A Toast to Paige Hall” (raspberry vodka, Chambord and sparkling wine) and “The Ballroom”, a libation made up of tequila. , elderberry liqueur and fresh lime.

The Inn’s Bake Shoppe continues to offer prepared and ready-to-reheat meals and sides daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Options include ‘Publick House’ roast turkey dinner, meatloaf, pot roast and more.

The Publick House Historic Inn answers (508) 347-7323.

Even as things are “opening up” in Western Massachusetts, Sunderland’s Blue Heron Restaurant continues to offer a full menu of curbside take-out.

The options available change from week to week, but a recent menu featured dishes such as chicken breast stuffed with ricotta and goat cheese, pan-roasted duck, and spring vegetable fettuccine.

Family-style packs that serve four or five are also available; these must be pre-ordered.

The weekly take-out menu is available at blueherondining.com and orders can be placed online.

The Blue Heron restaurant answers (413) 665-2102.

While curbside delivery and pickup may have been the salvation of many restaurants during pandemic closures, one unfortunate side effect has been tons of trash to take away.

With predictions that the delivery and pickup of family packaging could continue to be important in the future, many restaurateurs, aware of the environmental cost of all that food packaging waste generated by these services generates, are looking for ways. more “green”.

One company that already has a solution tested is r.Cup, a Minneapolis-based company that previously specialized in closed-loop recycling of beverage cups at entertainment venues and sporting events.

The company launched r.Ware, a recycling program for restaurants that provides reusable hard plastic containers. R.Ware is designed as a turnkey program, with the company providing a return station and a smartphone app. Customers are encouraged to return used take-out containers through a loyalty program that rewards them based on the number of items returned.

Like other recycling solutions of this type, the key seems to be “scale”, a level of volume sufficient to justify the cost of the system. Currently, a restaurant’s expense of a container of r.Ware is estimated to be three to four times higher than that of a single-use disposable, and this cost will need to be factored into menu prices. for take-out.

The unknown about these recycling and reuse efforts is whether customers will be willing to pay for the environmental benefits they provide.

Among fast food chains, Taco Bell has at times made a name for itself with its “LTO shuffle,” a menu development practice that brings new items in and out of the brand’s restaurant menus.

The most recent such change was the brief return of Quesalupa, a cheesy and puffy tortilla stuffed with seasoned beef. Originally introduced in 2016, the Quesalupa quickly became a Taco Bell favorite, but that didn’t stop the chain from pulling it several years later.

This spring, as part of the deployment of another new element, the Quesalupa returned, only to be quietly eliminated again last month.

At the same time, Taco Bell brought back the Naked Chicken Chalupa, an item in which a marinated and breaded chicken breast serves as the tortilla shell. Naked Chicken Chalupa has also been a recurring menu item, following a short run in 2017, a booming reintroduction in 2018, and phasing out several months later.

While Taco Bell spokespersons are coy about future menu innovations, it seems likely that product brewing will continue to be used as a marketing ploy at Yum! Brand subsidiary.

Hugh Robert is a faculty member in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts program at Holyoke Community College and has nearly 45 years of experience in catering and education. Robert can be reached online at OffTheMenuGuy@aol.com.

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