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The big ones keep getting bigger.

Go through the list of 52 week highs (see a few names below) in the all-time high stock market right now, and it’s a who’s who of big-cap, big-name companies.

The stocks mentioned here reflect a few themes played by investors through 2022: a likely increase in consumption of food / consumer products at home with the raging Omicron variant (Hershey, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Mondelez, Proctor & Gamble, Constellation Brands, Yum! Marques); strong health care plays in the midst of the ongoing pandemic (Abbott, McKesson, Zoetis); the names of the economic recovery (Norfolk Southern, Paychex, Hilton); the hot US housing market continues (Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams).

  1. Hershey (HSY)

  2. Coca Cola (KO)

  3. McDonald’s (MCD)

  4. McKesson (MKC)

  5. Mondelez (MDLZ)

  6. South Norfolk (NSC)

  7. Paychex (PAYX)

  8. Proctor & Gamble (PG)

  9. Sherwin Williams (SHW)

  10. Constellation Brands (STZ)

  11. Yum! Brands (MIAM)

  12. Zoetis (ZTS)

  13. CME Group (CME)

  14. Hilton (HLT)

  15. Abbott (ABT)

  16. Home deposit (HD)

Of course, the upward moves in these large cap stocks come as the broader market remains in full Santa Claus Rally mode despite the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, investors feel encouraged to increase these stocks even though they are far from cheap from a valuation perspective.

The S&P 500 (^ GSPC) on Wednesday posted its 70th closing record of the year. It was the second most record-breaking close for the S&P 500 in a calendar year. In 1995, the S&P 500 set 77 closing records according to Bloomberg data.

Most on Wall Street expect the rally to continue through early January, reflecting favorable seasonal factors such as fund managers making new bets for the new year.

“We encourage our customers not to go out, to stay in the market. When recoveries strike, when sentiment changes, it happens so quickly that often by the time you are able to come back to the market, you’ve already missed something, ”said Erin Gibbs, chief investment officer at Main Street Asset Management, on Yahoo Finance Live.

In other words, the big one… can keep getting bigger.

Brian Sozzi is an editor and anchor at Yahoo Finance. Follow Sozzi on Twitter @BrianSozzi and on LinkedIn.

Follow Yahoo Finance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flipboard, LinkedIn, Youtube, and reddit

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Avoid boarding a cruise ship regardless of vaccination status, CDC says https://mikeydee.com/avoid-boarding-a-cruise-ship-regardless-of-vaccination-status-cdc-says/ Thu, 30 Dec 2021 18:39:12 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/avoid-boarding-a-cruise-ship-regardless-of-vaccination-status-cdc-says/

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just indicated that people should avoid cruise travel, regardless of their vaccination status, as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across the country.

The agency has raised its COVID-19 health travel advisory for cruise ships to a Level 4, the highest warning level, as there has been a recent increase in reported COVID-19 cases on ships cruising around the world.

“Even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk of contracting and spreading variants of COVID-19,” the CDC said Thursday.

The agency is investigating cases of COVID-19 on more than 85 ships, according to reports. In fact, between December 15 and December 29, approximately 5,000 cases of COVID-19 were reported by cruise ships in U.S. waters. That’s a significant increase from just 162 cases in the first two weeks of the month, reports CNBC.

The news, of course, is a blow to the cruise industry, which spent more than a year shutting down before resuming cruising last June with security protocols in place across the industry. .

Some of the largest cruise lines in the United States, including Royal Caribbean, Disney and Carnival, did not immediately respond to the CDC’s announcement on Thursday. The stocks of major cruise lines fell in the wake of the news.

However, the week between the Christmas and New Years holidays is generally one of the busiest of the year for the industry.

CDC says passengers who are currently aboard ships should be tested for COVID-19 three to five days after their trip ends, and self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after their return. .

An agency representing major cruise lines, Cruise Lines International Association, said it was disappointed with the CDC’s decision.

“We are obviously disappointed with the CDC’s decision to increase the level of travel for cruises today, especially given the overwhelming level of efficiency of cruise protocols which results in a significantly lower level of cases on cruise compared to to land, “Brian Salerno, a representative for the organization, told CNBC.

It is not clear whether any cruise lines will announce cancellations or revisions to their upcoming itineraries.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the nation’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

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Anthony’s of Brooklyn Toms River NJ Catering for New Years Eve https://mikeydee.com/anthonys-of-brooklyn-toms-river-nj-catering-for-new-years-eve/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 12:22:55 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/anthonys-of-brooklyn-toms-river-nj-catering-for-new-years-eve/

If you’re like my family, hosting other people is one thing. It is an important part of the holiday season. When you have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and then New Years Eve in a week, the preparation is a bit exhausting.

Now, alright, Christmas Eve is more of a family affair. While New Years Eve is less a family matter than a big celebration. Usually, in a year without a covid, you call friends, get a babysitter, and go out for a fun night out. This year looks a little different. People are certainly more careful. So what to do? Even if you have a small gathering at home, it takes some preparation. What is the biggest company? Food.

You just spent last Friday preparing for a storm.

You don’t want to start over. So a brand new local grocery store is ready to help.

Anthony’s From Brooklyn would like to host your New Years event.

Anthony just opened before the holidays.

They have a location here in Toms River.

So what’s on the menu. Caution. It will make you hungry. Platters and platters of Italian goodness.

You can’t party without an Antipasto platter. Of course, if you prefer to take and take out, they have a platter of specialty sandwiches and even eggplant mozzarella.

Work smarter and not harder when it comes to your vacation reunion. New local businesses want to do it for you.

We are truly delighted to welcome the New Year. Just do it with a full belly, which you don’t have to pack.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the nation’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

It’s Not Too Late To Check Out These NJ Driving Vacation Posters

Do not wait. Time is running out to attend these New Jersey holiday exhibitions.

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New Years Eve 2021 events in Bismarck-Mandan https://mikeydee.com/new-years-eve-2021-events-in-bismarck-mandan/ Mon, 27 Dec 2021 17:40:19 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/new-years-eve-2021-events-in-bismarck-mandan/

Are you ready to ring in the New Year?

Christmas has already passed and we are now fast approaching the end of 2021 – which has passed very close. It’s hard to believe that in a few days we’ll be on our way to the New Year. But whether we’re ready for it or not, 2022 will be here in the blink of an eye. So, get ready to celebrate New Years this Friday!

The weather turned snowy over Christmas and the temperatures will be freezing on New Years Eve.

Thanks to the insane weather that has recently set in, much of North Dakota is currently covered in snow. And temperatures dip to negative before the wind chill factors, and it’ll likely be freezing cold on New Years Eve. But don’t let Mother Nature’s freezing weather wash over you and ruin your holiday season. Why? Because there are several evenings at Bismarck-Mandan that you won’t want to miss!

There are New Years events for everyone at Bismarck-Mandan.

Whether your New Years celebration is family friendly or planning an adult party, there is something going on at BisMan for you. Everything happens, from the bowling alley to the masquerade. What kind of event are you looking for to celebrate the upcoming New Year?

What are your plans to ring in 2022?

5 fun things to do on New Years Eve in Bismarck-Mandan

If you’re looking for family fun or an adults-only party, there’s a New Year’s Eve celebration in town for you! Check out five of the city’s funniest events to celebrate in 2022.

TOP 10: Best Holiday Specials Ever, Ranked

What are the signature drinks of each state?

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the nation’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

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Action Alerts Plus sees the potential of Chipotle https://mikeydee.com/action-alerts-plus-sees-the-potential-of-chipotle/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 19:06:19 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/action-alerts-plus-sees-the-potential-of-chipotle/

First of all, Chipotle (GCM) – Get the report from Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. may be one of the biggest surprises in the market for many investors. Of course, we all expect the FAANGs to command huge stock valuations. But how many people knew that the quick, casual Mexican restaurant was priced at the time of writing over $ 1,750 per share?

Now, the Action Alerts Plus team sees even better things in the future for Chipotle Mexican Grill. They recently wrote:

New report from Black Box Intelligence shows restaurant sales increased 8.3% year-on-year in November compared to November 2019 [pre-pandemic]. The company noted better-than-expected performance for fast-casual dining, the category that houses the Chipotle Mexican Grill, and larger vouchers. Black Box also reported that restaurant sales for the first week of December “posted stronger sales growth than the monthly sales growth reported for August, September and October.”

The team added that “We remain quite comfortable with our price target of $ 2,000, given that CMG shares are currently trading at a price / earnings / growth ratio close to 1.5 to 3, 7 for Domino’s shares. (DPZ) – Get the report from Domino’s Pizza, Inc., while Yum Brands (YUM) – Get Yum! Report from Brands, Inc. and Papa John’s (PZZA) – Get the report from Papa John’s International, Inc. are 2.0 and 2.36 respectively. There you go, Chipotle is expected to grow profits at a compound annual growth rate of 33% over the 2019-2022 period, compared to 17% for Domino’s and just under 12% for Yum Brands. “

The team concluded, “As confidence in Chipotle’s ability to achieve and deliver this expected earnings per share, we should see its PEG ratio rise more than the 1.8 which is derived from our current price target. And because some will likely ask, all the status quo, a PEG ratio of 2.0 implies a CMP share price closer to $ 2,200.

Get more trading strategies and information about real money contributor investing.

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]]> Ben & Jerry’s first black CEO Robert Holland Jr. has died at 81 https://mikeydee.com/ben-jerrys-first-black-ceo-robert-holland-jr-has-died-at-81/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 02:13:23 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/ben-jerrys-first-black-ceo-robert-holland-jr-has-died-at-81/

Robert Holland Jr., 81-year-old, who forged many avenues in business, including becoming the first black CEO of ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s, has passed away, BLACK COMPANY learned Thursday.

Holland was mentioned Ben cohen and Jerry greenfield, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s after launching a “YO! I’m Your CEO ”is looking for a new business manager. The crusade attracted more than 25,000 applicants and became one of the most high-profile searches in the company’s history. Holland pursued the role in large part because he remembered the separate ice cream shops in Albion, Michigan as a child. She was asked to write an essay and write a poem called “Time, Values, and Ice Cream.” He recounted his experience with segregation.

Holland became CEO of Ben & Jerry’s in February 1995, making him the first black American to run a large corporation. A true pioneer and pioneer, he was experienced in entrepreneurship, brilliant engineer and long-time corporate administrator. He was a philanthropist focused on education as well as STEM topics in particular. He notably participated in the integration of technical and commercial management positions at Mobil Oil, and he was the first black partner of McKinsey & Company.

Born and raised in a racially segregated town of Michigan, in his early years Holland recalled when a high school guidance counselor nearly derailed his dream of becoming an engineer when she handed him a list of ‘trade schools. Determined to achieve his goals, Holland sought a career in the Air Force and even received a recommendation from Congress to attend the Air Force Academy. But it was a time of deep racial divisions, and her dream was quickly postponed when her high school refused to release her transcripts.

But as fate willed it, Holland met a college professor in an athletics meet that helped him, sharing a list of colleges with engineering programs.

“Each application was $ 25 and I only had $ 50, so I applied first and last in alphabetical order, and got accepted at Union College in Schenectady, NY,” Holland said. He hopped on a bus and headed for college, leaving his hometown of Michigan behind with a more optimistic outlook.

He once said, “I got on the bus to go to Union College. [a 26-hour ride]. It was my first time out of Michigan. It was not the last blind trip I would take, but the first in a long series.

Holland shared his experiences as a source of inspiration.

“I’m not looking for sympathy or a badge for the challenges of my childhood. I’m sharing it to provide some context to show, as my parents would say ‘what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger,’ “Holland said.

This tenacity from a racist childhood served as a catalyst that helped catapult Holland to the top as a well-respected business executive. He was also a great advocate and supporter of black leaders in American business.

In fact, Holland himself has served on several boards. They included Carver Bancorp, Lexmark International, Inc., Neptune Orient Lines, YUM Brands, among them. He was a corporate director and managing partner of Essex Lake Group. His business acumen helped him cover the cover of BLACK COMPANY magazine. Holland was also a close friend of the late Earl Graves Sr., the pioneer founder of BLACK COMPANY.

In the field of education, he was notably chairman of the board of directors of Spelman College and administrator of the Atlanta University Center.

Holland was born in Albion, Michigan in 1940, the third of five children. None of her parents received formal education, but they insisted that all their children receive a good education. He once said Marc Lowery of BLACK COMPANY, “My dad knew more about the law than I’m sure most lawyers know.”

When Holland was still young, his father contracted tuberculosis and died.

“Basically I was the man of the house,” Holland told Lowery.

“My mother was our rock. Fulfilling his parents’ educational wish, Holland attended Union College in Schenectady, New York, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The family established the Barbara j holland and Robert Holland, Jr., Trust focused on promoting minority academic success and STEM activities. And a memorial service will be announced at a later date.

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New mission barbecue opens in Falls Township in summer 2022 https://mikeydee.com/new-mission-barbecue-opens-in-falls-township-in-summer-2022/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 04:29:02 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/new-mission-barbecue-opens-in-falls-township-in-summer-2022/

We can all agree that a new restaurant in the area is never a bad move. We will always welcome all new restaurants.

It was recently shared on Levittown Now that a new Mission BBQ restaurant is coming to Falls Township.

Do you remember the location of the old Pier 1 next to Commerce Boulevard and Oxford Valley Road? According to Levittown Now, the new Mission BBQ has been approved to occupy this area and bring the new restaurant to the Falls Township area.

This isn’t the first mission barbecue in the Bucks County area. There is a Mission BBQ in the Warminster part of Bucks County. It was also shared on the Mission BBQ website that another location “will be soon” in the Mercer County area of ​​Hamilton.

Looks like Mission BBQ is on a mission (no pun intended) to open up a few new locations.

We learned from Levittown Now that the new Mission BBQ location in Falls Township will likely open in mid-summer 2022.

The state of New Jersey has a total of 3 different locations for Mission BBQ, one in Deptford, one in Marlton and one soon to be Hamilton.

The state of Pennsylvania has a lot more with a total of 13 different locations across the state. The closest locations to Bucks County are Warminster, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, and Plymouth Meeting.

The area where the BBQ Mission takes place already has some great restaurants, so there will be a fair amount of cooking competitions nearby.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the nation’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

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GIFT IDEAS FOR ALL ON YOUR LIST https://mikeydee.com/gift-ideas-for-all-on-your-list/ Mon, 20 Dec 2021 16:07:29 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/gift-ideas-for-all-on-your-list/

‘Modern Man’ Mike Bako discusses the best holiday gifts and gadgets on nationwide media tour

New York, New York –News Direct– YourUpdateTV

A video accompanying this announcement is available at: https://youtu.be/ZxlS9kIS6CE

‘Modern Man’ Mike Bako discusses the best holiday gifts and gadgets on nationwide media tour

For more information, visit DailyNational.com

Every holiday season we hear it over and over … The holiday season and the rush do it impossible shopping for everyone.

Your spouse doesn’t know what they want, your kids already have it all, and yet they keep dropping clues and making their wish lists. As the holidays quickly approach, many people are scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone in their life.

This year there is help.

Digital journalist and trends expert Mike Bako teamed up with YourUpdateTV on a nationwide media tour to discuss the great holiday gift options for this year.

Send money for collection and gifts:

It’s the season for gatherings and giveaways!

With PayPal and Venmo, you can handle any group expense with digital payments, whether it’s brunches with friends or a group gift for Grandma and Grandpa. PayPal also lets you personalize a free digital greeting and attach a cash gift so recipients can spend however they want. And new PayPal customers can earn $ 5 just by downloading the app, signing up, and adding a payment method.

Ways to start a new family tradition:

What better way to build traditions than through family.

Ancestry helps families learn more about themselves by connecting them to family history so they can make more meaningful connections to each other and to their heritage.

AncestryDNA is a top-selling kit that allows people to find their unique history – from ethnic origins in specific geographic areas to the greatest number of connections to living relatives.

With billions of historical records, like censuses, immigration, births, marriages, and military records, Ancestry helps people make meaningful discoveries about the places and people who came before them, and how they got there. where they are today.

Create your wishlist for the holidays:

Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set has everything you need for battle, including the very first motorized Beystadium, 2 right / left spin launchers and 2 tops!

Check this out, it has a spinning Motor Vortex disc in the center of the Beystadium and you can participate in one-on-one fighting games with the spinning tops, launchers and Beyblade Burst toys.

For boys and girls from 8 years old.

Buy last minute gifts:

Target makes it easy and inexpensive for customers to purchase essentials and gifts until the last minute, even when there’s no time to ship. Target is truly a one-stop-shop for holiday needs, offering top national brands like Ulta Beauty Gift Boxes and a curated assortment of products only at Target like the Target Edition of Monopoly, Limited Time LEGO®. X Target collection and popular heyday ™ AirPods cases. And, knowing how important it is to get a good deal – especially in the last days of vacation prep – Target is adding new, last-minute deals on thousands of freebies across its assortment, from toys and gear. electronics to clothing, home and beauty from December. 19-25.

No matter how shoppers choose to shop, Target makes it easy to get last minute freebies just in time for the holidays. With Target’s Drive Up service, customers can place orders online, let the store know they’ve arrived through the Target app, and have a team member bring them in their car. All without ever having to unbuckle your seat belt. With order pickup, customers can pick up their orders online from inside the store quickly and without contact with a barcode scan. Visit your local Target store, Target.com, or the Target app to find and collect great holiday gifts in time for everyone on your shopping list.

Last Minute Christmas Stocking

Gopuff is the leader in immediate delivery of everyday essentials. Gopuff delivers your everyday essentials in minutes, from cleaning and home products to baby and pet items, even local brands, food and drink including alcohol in many markets . Great for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers, Gopuff offers gift cards.

Available between $ 5 and $ 200, Gopuff Gift Cards can be used for any item on Gopuff, whether it’s a bottle of premium wine, coffee beans from a local cafe. favorite or even a deck of cards. Gift cards are delivered electronically so there is no waiting for shipping and since Gopuff has thousands of local brands on its platform, they are a great way to shop locally.

About Mike Bako:

Mike Bako is the Trends Editor for DailyNational.com. Mike is also the father of two beautiful boys, Evan and Henry. Reuters, FOX News, Fox Business, WPIX in New York, and ESPN Radio all frequently draw on Mike’s ideas on new trends, current events, sports and culture.

About YourUpdateTV:

YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for health and wellness, lifestyle, media and entertainment, money and finance, social responsibility, sports and technology.

Contact details


+1 212-736-2727


See the source version on newsdirect.com: https://newsdirect.com/news/mike-bako-presents-his-holiday-gift-guide-gift-ideas-for-everyone-on-your-list-443234583

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Connecticut is not on the list of cities with the best pizza in the United States https://mikeydee.com/connecticut-is-not-on-the-list-of-cities-with-the-best-pizza-in-the-united-states/ Fri, 17 Dec 2021 18:55:59 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/connecticut-is-not-on-the-list-of-cities-with-the-best-pizza-in-the-united-states/

So what happened here? In a new survey naming cities with the best pizza in the country, New Haven, Connecticut was not at the top of the list.

It seems rather odd that the city that some say has not only America’s best pizza, but also the best pizza in the world, hasn’t been number one in this new poll. New Haven, the home of Frank Pepe’s Pizza, Sally’s Apizza and others, failed to make this year’s list.

It’s not like New Haven didn’t even make the top 10, they came in third, but it does mean that there are two other cities in America that apparently have better pizza.

The survey was carried out by the folks at rent.com, and they compiled the results using a number of different metrics while looking at pizza in some 300 of the country’s largest cities. To find the best, taste was a big factor, but they also had to consider how quickly and easily to sear a slice, and they also looked at saturation survivability based on the quality of the pizza, which, if you know your pizza, is one of the hallmarks of a good slice.

Some of the other factors in determining the list were three main considerations, the percentage of pizzerias in a city, the number of pizzerias per square mile, and the number of pizzerias per 100,000 people in that particular city.

Make no mistake, the Northeast was very well represented with 9 of the top 10 cities in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

So here is an overview of the list, the Top 10 cities with the best pizza in the country.

  1. Rochester, New York
  2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  3. New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  6. Miami, Florida
  7. Buffalo, New York
  8. Cambridge, MA
  9. Worcester, MA
  10. Manchester, New Hampshire

So what do you think? Has Connecticut been watered, you can leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the country’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

WATCH: The history of food since you were born

From product innovations to major recalls, Stacker has researched what’s happened in food history every year since 1921, according to news and government sources.

Find out how school cafeteria meals have changed over the past 100 years

Using government reports and news, Stacker has traced the history of cafeteria meals from their inception to the present day, with data from government news and reports. Read on to see how various legal acts, food trends, and budget cuts have changed what kids get on their platters.
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BizHawk: Owner Chad Brown Decided To Open AREA 44 Gymnasium In Goleta Old Town | Business https://mikeydee.com/bizhawk-owner-chad-brown-decided-to-open-area-44-gymnasium-in-goleta-old-town-business/ Fri, 17 Dec 2021 05:10:00 +0000 https://mikeydee.com/bizhawk-owner-chad-brown-decided-to-open-area-44-gymnasium-in-goleta-old-town-business/

BizHawk is published weekly and includes material of interest to the business community. Share your company’s news, including employee announcements and staff movements, via email [email protected].

All-you-can-eat shrimp at all-you-can-eat weights – for $ 44 a month. The old Sizzler building in the old town of Goleta is now the AREA 44 gymnasium.

Chad Brown, from El Segundo, opened the gym in October. He has just married and settled in the region.

“Goleta is awesome,” Brown said.

AREA stands for Aggressive Resistance Exercise Association, and the gym is offering new memberships for $ 44 per month for the first 200 members, through the end of 2021. No contracts are involved. Personal training sessions are available at an additional cost.

The gymnasium includes weight machines, resistance exercises, heavy balls, and a variety of training and aerobic equipment. Brown said the gym has something for everyone, whether they’re an elite athlete or someone just trying to lose weight or build endurance. Gym coaches will develop an individualized plan for those who register.

“It’s not just heavy equipment,” Brown said. “It’s also functional for thinking outside the box.”

Brown, a former athlete, is also a certified trainer.

“If you’re looking for a place to fully understand what fitness can be like and have fun, this is the place,” Brown said. “It’s a family style gym.”

The building is located at 5555 Hollister Ave. in Goleta. The space housed the Sizzler Restaurant, before it closed in 2012. The building has housed other businesses, including the Butler Events Center, over the years.

Aloha at the new entertainment center?

While no one is quite sure when, apparently, the San Jose-based Aloha Fun Center is opening an entertainment center inside the old Macy’s building in Paseo Nuevo in Santa Barbara.

The center will include a laser beacon, roller skating, an arcade and “good vibes”.

We don’t know when the place will open. Efforts to contact the owner for further details were unsuccessful.

According to Instagram, Aloha Fun Center is hosting a hiring fair on Saturday, with “compensation based on experience.” Junior associate jobs start at $ 15 an hour, according to the social media post. Jobs include skate guards, skate instructors, a DJ host, assistant general manager and shift supervisors.

“Aloha Fun Center is a growing family entertainment center in the Bay Area,” according to its Instagram post. “We strive to bring fun and enjoyment to people of all ages. We love our community and continue to develop it.”

The job fair announcement states: “Walk-in people are welcome. Hiring locally ”.

According to Mary Lynn Harms-Romo, senior director of marketing for Paseo Nuevo shopping center, the company will occupy the first floor of the building.

“It’s a great use for this building that will give families something new and fun to do downtown,” said Harms-Romo.

Original Habit Burger Vend

The remaining eight independent Habit Burger restaurants have been sold to Yum!  Brands.
Click to see larger

The remaining eight independent Habit Burger restaurants have been sold to Yum! Brands. (Photo by Jade Martinez-Pogue / Noozhawk)

Yum! Brands will take ownership of the eight remaining independent Habit Burger restaurants on March 1, according to a press release.

Yum! Brands, a publicly traded company that owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, bought the other 300 Habit stores in a deal worth $ 375 million in 2020.

Until now, the Reichard family had retained ownership of the eight sites.

Brent Reichard and his brother, Bruce, expanded from Goleta to Santa Barbara and then nationwide. The original restaurant was founded in Old Town Goleta, at 5735 Hollister Ave.

The restaurant is known for its old-fashioned milkshakes, charburgers, onion rings and generous portions of fries.

National Habit Burger Grill operates nearly 300 company-owned and franchise restaurants in the United States and China.

“I will miss working with all of our amazing team members and am very proud of all of their hard work and commitment to taking care of our customers every day,” said Brent Reichard in a prepared statement. “I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of great people and really enjoying what a great trip this has been.”

State Street restaurant and bar closed

Project Corazon Cocina & Bar has closed permanently.

The concept, located at 214 State St. in Santa Barbara, closed its doors for good in November.

“It is with great pleasure that we would like to thank everyone for the incredible support we have received over the past two years,” the company said on Instagram. “We hope we have brightened up some of your darker days with some delicious food during the pandemic. COVID won this one! “

The company is still present in the Santa Barbara public market.

Santa Barbara was quick to close State Street to cars and allow alfresco dining. The move boosted restaurants in and near Block 500, but also moved some of the traffic away from restaurants in the lower blocks.

The restaurant opened in July 2019 and is committed to serving high quality ‘elevated’ Mexican cuisine, with an emphasis on tacos, mescal tequila and beer.

– Noozhawk editor-in-chief Joshua Molina can be reached at . (JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address). Follow Noozhawk on Twitter: @noozhawk, @NoozhawkNews and @NoozhawkBiz. Connect with Noozhawk on Facebook.

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