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Lord Sugar has been criticized for being too “wooden” in the latest promotional video from The Apprentice winner and Huddersfield dessert parlor owner Harpreet Kaur.

The mastermind behind Barni’s dessert parlor in Hillhouse has snagged a £250,000 investment from business guru Lord Alan Sugar after a roller coaster 12 weeks of completing challenges on the BBC competition.

In the tense finale to the reality series, the budding entrepreneur opted to rebrand his 6-figure dessert company Barni’s under the brand name ‘Oh So Yum’.

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Lord Sugar’s new business partner has since opened two more dessert parlours, one in Sheffield and the other in Leeds, since winning The Apprentice, Harpreet hasn’t stopped, ensuring that she gives him stuff Oh So Yum! every chance of succeeding.

Barni’s was already a smash hit, but with the rebranding and new TV fame, it now has the chance to become one of the biggest dessert brands in the country.

In its latest attempt to grab the attention of new customers, Harpreet released a new promotional video alongside business partner Alan Sugar, encouraging social media users to head to the website and order treats.

Posting the clip to his 88.2k followers, Harpreet wrote: “Me and my new business partner @lord_sugar Have you ordered yet? I’ve introduced FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £30 from today. Get yours now and let me know what you think at ohsoyum.co.uk”

However, fans were less than impressed with Alan’s performance and accused him of being too “wooden” in the clip, the comments section was soon flooded with criticism.

One social media user said, “Alan needs to be fired for his acting! Horrible,” while another follower wrote, “Alan really needs to work on his camera skills.”

“Don’t eat them @lord_sugar you’re sweet enough #SugarCupCakes @harpsi_kaur” added another.

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