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BEFORE we start a new diet and exercise program, the first thing we must always swear is McDonald’s – because we have proven time and time again that we have no control over ourselves when it comes down to it. is a McChicken sandwich.

But while we’ve always assumed that indulging in fast food is the worst thing you can do on a diet, this personal trainer claims he goes to a McDonald’s every day for two weeks – and ALWAYS manages to lose. weight.


Fitness instructor Oisin Mulligan shared his McDonald’s weight loss challenge on TikTokCredit: Oisin Mulligan / Tiktok

Document your weight loss plan on TIC Tac, fitness instructor Oisin Mulligan explained how he still lost weight by eating the food he liked.

In the first video of the series, the trainer – who specializes in weight loss – said, “I’m doing this to take the fear out of food.

“No food will inherently make you gain weight – even if that food is a McDonald’s Big Mac.”

At the start of the experiment, Oisin weighed 82.1 kg [12 stone 9lbs] – and 11 days later, he lost 1.7 kg.

The fitness expert wanted to challenge the idea that McDonald's is 'bad' and will stop you from losing weight


The fitness expert wanted to challenge the idea that McDonald’s is ‘bad’ and will stop you from losing weightCredit: Oisin Mulligan / Tiktok

Explaining how he planned to lose weight, Oisin added, “I do it by staying in a calorie deficit.

“Essentially our bodies burn so many calories per day or use so much energy each day and if you eat just a little less than that no matter what you eat you will lose weight.”

Every day, Oisin filmed himself ordering something different from the McDonald’s menu – but made sure to do 10,000 steps as well.

He said, “If that doesn’t show that calories are the deciding factor in weight loss, nothing will.

No food will inherently make you gain weight – even if that food is a McDonald’s Big Mac

Oisin Mulligan

“All diets work by creating a calorie deficit, but most do it by restricting whole food groups, such as carbohydrates. And I repeat, restriction leads to failure! “

Although he doesn’t advise his customers to eat junk food every day, Oisin wanted to challenge the idea that McDonald’s is “bad.”

He continued, “People are afraid of certain foods or feel like they can’t eat the foods they enjoy and lose weight at the same time.

“If someone calls your food bad or says McDonald’s is inherently bad or your chocolate bar is bad, when you eat that food you feel bad.”

So far, Oisin has lost 1.7 kg


So far, Oisin has lost 1.7 kgCredit: Oisin Mulligan / Tiktok

Needless to say, Oisin’s videos were a hit with its 12,900 subscribers.

“I love this message,” replied one. “I have to eliminate the fear of food! Great videos.”

Another added: “Love this trip!

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I really need your videos right now.

“I gained weight from being treated for a tumor and I am punishing myself for eating.”

Asked about his vitamin intake, Oisin replied, “There are a lot of other foods involved – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to eat them every day.”

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And this woman grew two new breasts under her armpits after having a baby – they let milk flow every time she breastfeed.

Additionally, the TikTok sandpaper leg shaving trend has been criticized because experts say NOT to try it.

McDonald’s fan splits opinion with his ‘ice cream hack’, but can you guess what the garnish is

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“Going out is very safe”: Dr McDonald suggests spending more time outdoors Thu, 03 Jun 2021 21:00:00 +0000

PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Dr James McDonald of the RI Department of Health has advised everyone to spend more time outdoors as the weather warms.

On Wednesday, the outdoor mask mandate for all Rhode Islanders was dropped, regardless of their vaccination status.

“The ventilation to the outdoors is frankly so good that there really isn’t much risk of disease transmission,” McDonald said. “Going out is very safe. “

Watch the full interview in the video above.

When outside in a crowded place, McDonald’s and other health officials recommend that people continue to wear masks.

McDonald added that as people spend more time outdoors, one must remain vigilant about diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks.

“The ticks are here,” he said. “If you’ve got grass, you’ve got a garden, you’ve got ticks.”

With the removal of masks, some worry about an increase in other diseases.

“I think we learned a lot of really good public health prevention, by the way, during the pandemic,” McDonald said.

He suggested that people continue to wash their hands and not go to work or school when they feel sick.

On Tuesday, the Chinese government announced what may be the world’s first human case of the H10N3 strain of bird flu.

“I’m not worried about it,” McDonald said. “I’m not worried that there is another global pandemic about this and I don’t want anyone else to worry about it.”

The next time 12 News at 4 is joined by McDonald’s is July 1.

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Sophie’s snack bar in Maidstone is better than McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s and more Thu, 03 Jun 2021 05:00:00 +0000

There is something quintessentially British about hamburger vans.

Where else would you find yourself in a shady field, by the side of the road, or in a parking lot for fatty, smelly, fried meat in bread?

Sophie’s Snack Bar outside B&Q in Maidstone and near Lockmeadow and McDonald’s … (47765607)

Years ago on family outings around Maidstone I chased my dad for a hot dog or sausage sandwich in any burger van we saw, even though I wasn’t hungry. . It is the experience of “eating out”.

That’s why Sophie’s snack bar was where I headed on a hot holiday morning.

Sandwiched between Lockmeadow and McDonald’s in Maidstone, it sits in the center of the B&Q parking lot, meaning I could kill two birds with one stone and grab some duct tape before ordering.

I swung to the busy parking lot just after 10am and looked for the safest place to stand between a group of four, while still maintaining social distancing.

A stone’s throw from the Gourmet Griddle, which was reviewed by another bespectacled Maidstonite, there are plenty of other dining options nearby, but nothing stood in my way.

For £ 10 it was well worth the price ... (47765605)
For £ 10 it was well worth the price … (47765605)

“A box of breakfast and a stick of sausage and bacon please,” I asked the woman who looked like she was about to collapse in the heat.

I quickly understood why she looked so hot as I was standing in my mid-twenties, something hot. With the sun scorching over me, it was hard to tell if it was the bacon sizzling on the grill or my pale complexion taking a beating from the UV rays.

Waiting 13 minutes in the sun with no place to hide wasn’t the most enjoyable, but looking back, sitting in my car with the air conditioning on was always an option.

But if I had done that, I would have missed the comical conversations between the two workers begging one of their regulars to buy cigarettes at the store, or watching a fallen coke can explode and soak anyone within a radius of two. God for social distancing).

Almost 15 minutes after ordering and seeing my skin turn from pale eggshell white to salmon pink, it was time to jump in the engine and come home.

For £ 10 it was well worth the price.  .  .
For £ 10 it was well worth the price. . .

Back home in the cool inside, I first opened the breakfast box and encountered two fried eggs, two pieces of bacon, two hash browns, a sausage, tomatoes, beans and two slices of bread and butter. There was the option for mushrooms but I, like any sane person, can’t stand them.

The food was better than expected with the sausage and bacon cooked to perfection, the beans heavy and hot but not too hot.

My only criticism would be for the eggs which were quite chewy, a bit crispy around the edges with both almost transparent.

It also looked a bit bigger than it was and it took just under 5 minutes to push it into my esophagus. I was glad I had the extra breakfast stick, which looked like half a baguette.

Light work.  It looked like it would be more filling, but the Sophie's Snack Bar breakfast box was easily beaten
Light work. It looked like it would be more filling, but the Sophie’s Snack Bar breakfast box was easily beaten

This is where things got serious and an undying appreciation for burger vans grows stronger.

A giant French baguette stuffed on the verge of exploding with two-foot-long, well-done, but not overcooked sausages, bacon and red sauce is what every meat-eater dreams of.

Still warm from coming home and a short time to finish the breakfast box, the breakfast stick took me back to my young careless days where the worst thing in the world was being denied no matter what. it was the hamburger van by a grumpy dad.

It was so good that as I write this on Tuesday, the first day of my “diet”, I am already considering firing him. In a world full of McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s, and Five Guys, I would always go for a big breakfast sandwich in the local burger van.

The sausage and bacon stick was perfect
The sausage and bacon stick was perfect

Notes out of five

Food: sensational. Cooked to perfection other than a ladle egg made me want to come back ASAP. *****

Drink: Drink offered with the breakfast box. No Oasis fridge and drinks were broken, so slightly warm Fanta Zero was the underwhelming option. **

Decor: What better place to spend your weekend than the B&Q parking lot? Yes. But the weather was fine. **

Staff: chatty, funny and helpful with recommendations. Drenched some customers with a wild Coke though. ****

Price: £ 10 for the breakfast box and a foot-long sausage and bacon stick. Definitely worth it for the quality of the food. *****

For more news on major brands and the best places to enjoy a tasty bite, go to our Eat, Drink, Buy section.

To read the reviews of the Secret Drinker pub, click here.

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McDonalds turns purple for BTS collaboration, Twitter can’t keep calm Wed, 02 Jun 2021 10:45:29 +0000

If you’re a fast food lover, you’re probably familiar with McDonald’s recent collaboration with popular Korean boy group BTS. Fans of BTS, also known as BTS Army, had plenty to celebrate as their favorite band were now releasing exclusive meals and merchandise at McDonald’s outlets around the world. But even McDonald’s fans were surprised when the burger restaurant decided to completely revamp its appearance by turning purple. Wondering what we mean? Looked:

(Also read: Did you know? It’s the only McDonald’s in the world with a blue logo!)

Yes indeed. McDonald’s has ditched its red and yellow colors for a vibrant purple. From the decor to the meal packaging, from the logo to the exterior facade of the restaurant and even the exclusive BTS merchandise sold at McDonald’s – everything has been rebranded thanks to the mega collaboration.

The reason why the color purple was chosen by the hamburger giant was the connection with the BTS group. According to reports, the purple connection is made with BTS member Taehyung who said the color is the last in the rainbow and is meant to represent love and trust. “I Purple You” has become a popular phrase among BTS fans.

Twitter users were quite intrigued to see this new McDonald’s avatar. Take a look at their reaction:

(Also Read: Wait, What? BTS’s Melted Butter Video Receives Over 13 Million Views)

McDonald’s BTS meal has also arrived in India. This one-of-a-kind BTS menu will debut at McDonald’s in North and East India on June 1, and in South and West India on June 4, 2021. The BTS meal will include chicken nuggets, French fries, cola and dips.

About Aditi AhujaAditi loves to talk and meet like-minded foodies (especially those who like vegetarian momos). More points if you get his bad jokes and sitcom references, or recommend a new place to eat.

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McDonald’s customer ‘betrayed’ after biting chicken in her Veggie Deluxe Tue, 01 Jun 2021 17:53:59 +0000

A vegetarian McDonald’s customer said she felt “betrayed” by the fast food chain after biting into a Vegetable Deluxe burger that contained a chicken fillet.

Louise Davies, 50, said she vomited “immediately” and could not eat for an additional 12 hours after biting into the meat filling.

The mom bought the “ veggie burger ” – which is believed to contain two diced red pepper and pesto – while treating her 11-year-old daughter who had just broken off from school vacation.

They had passed through the McDonalds drive-thru in Hardwicke, Gloucester, on their way back to Stonehouse just after 5 p.m. on Friday May 28.

But when Louise, who is an official at the Ministry of Defense, munched on her burger, she suffered a terrible shock, reports Gloucestershire Live.

The meaty filling inside of what Louise thought was a veggie burger

The mother-of-one said she had not eaten meat for 45 years, but immediately recognized the taste of chicken.

Louise said: “I was immediately sick because I haven’t eaten meat for over 40 years. The texture and all … I just had to rush to the bathroom.

“This is the effect the meat will have on me. Even its smell, I don’t like.

“I didn’t really eat it, I bit into it and immediately threw up. I spat it out and threw up.

“I didn’t think about looking in it, I just thought it was a veggie burger.

Louise said she was sick for 12 hours after snacking on the takeout burger - stock image
Louise said she was sick for 12 hours after snacking on the takeout burger – stock image

Louise said she only vomited once but “couldn’t eat” all evening.

“It just reminded me of being a kid in my grandma’s kitchen, just the taste of it. It made me sick even then, ”said Louise.

“I can’t trust anything from McDonald’s to be a vegetarian anymore. Not the best place to get vegetarian food to be honest if they are that carefree. I feel upset and a little betrayed.

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Louise said she finally managed to consume something more substantial the next morning with a strawberry, pineapple, banana and blackberry smoothie.

McDonald’s has apologized for the mistake and will investigate why it happened, admitting that “it just wasn’t good enough”.

A spokesperson for the fast food chain said: “We absolutely recognize that it is not acceptable to serve meat when our vegetarian product has been ordered, and we sincerely apologize to the customer for any errors that have occurred. were committed in this case.

“It just wasn’t good enough.

“We have a number of procedures in place to avoid inaccurate orders, but in this case they clearly weren’t followed, and we are investigating why this happened.”

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14-year-old boy stabbed to death near McDonald’s after being attacked by up to 7 people Mon, 31 May 2021 22:00:14 +0000

A 14-year-old boy was stabbed to death near a McDonald’s in a “shocking and senseless” tragedy.

The teenager was assaulted in Kingstanding, Birmingham, around 7.30pm by ‘up to seven offenders’ on the Monday public holiday.

Detectives have launched a murder investigation as West Midlands Police said the force “flooded the area with officers looking for the offenders.”

West Midlands Police said that despite the best efforts of paramedics, “unfortunately nothing could be done to save him” and the schoolboy died at the scene, Birmingham live reports.

The culprits fled the scene, police said, as officers urgently called for help in locating them.

Detective Inspector Ranj Sangha, from the force’s homicide unit, said: “This is a shocking and senseless tragedy. Another young life was taken far too soon.

“We have officers with the boy’s family facing the cruelest news tonight.

Were you affected by this incident? Email

The stabbing took place near McDonald’s in Kingstanding

“My heart is with them.”

He added, “We will leave no stone unturned in our hunt for the ruthless individuals responsible for this, or anyone harboring them, knowing what they have done.”

Anyone who can help with the investigation is urged to contact police via live chat on the force’s website, calling 101 citing newspaper 3313 as of 5/31, or calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

The force said in a statement: “A teenager was stabbed in Kingstanding this evening (May 31).

“Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save him and the 14-year-old died at the scene.

“We immediately launched a murder investigation and flooded the area with agents to search for the offenders.”

“We understand that the teenager was attacked on College Road at the junction with Wardour Grove around 7:30 pm by up to seven offenders, who fled to Chester Road.

“We are currently speaking to witnesses and are speeding up CCTV requests.”

The latest public holiday tragedy comes after a flower stand owner was stabbed to death in north London as he tried to stop an assault.

Tony Eastlake was attacked near his stand in Islington on Saturday afternoon.

A murder investigation was opened after his tragic death at the scene.

No arrests have yet been made.

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McDonald’s reaffirms its ‘commitment to the dead’ | News, Sports, Jobs Mon, 31 May 2021 05:35:42 +0000

Staff Photo / Bob Coupland McDonald firefighter Robert Golden places flags during a memorial service at the Woodland Park War Memorial on Sunday in memory of the veterans and military personnel who gave their lives serving their country.

McDONALD – As the names of deceased McDonald’s veterans were read, members of the fire department placed flags in their honor around the war memorial on Sunday in Woodland Park.

More than 50 people attended the Memorial Day service, which was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many communities are now hosting Memorial Day events, although many have been cut back to ensure public safety.

Major Scott Allen, 910th Airlift Wing public affairs officer, was the keynote speaker and also played taps for the village service, which was coordinated by the firefighters.

“I am truly grateful to be able to share this memory with you today. It is most fitting for all Americans to pause, honor and reflect on the history and heritage of this day. For many, Memorial Day is a time for backyard barbecues and extended weekends to spend with family and friends and the unofficial start of summer. However, Memorial Day means much more than that. This is the time to remember not only those who answered the call to arms, but who were prepared to risk anything to defend America and its interests ”. Allen said.

He said Memorial Day was originally called “Decoration day” and began as a day in memory of those who died in the service of our nation.

Memorial Day was first proclaimed in May 1868 by General John Logan to honor fallen men and women.

Allen said every veteran’s headstone has a story to tell.

“Our commitment to the dead must be to live our own lives as fully as possible and to always be willing and able to give back to our communities, our nation and our world,” Allen said.

He said the movie “Save Private Ryan” left a lasting impression on this generation regarding the debt owed to past generations of the national army.

“There are many who have died for you. Now live a life worthy of such a sacrifice. We in the Mahoning Valley do not forget the sacrifices of those who came before us. Freedom is certainly not free; it was bought at a high price. You can ask any family member of anyone who has served or served in the military, the sacrifice and selfless service of the serviceman and his family to make our country what it is, the greatest. country of the world. Allen said.

Allen told people to never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and coast guards so that everyone could live freely.

“Let us give thanks to the veterans of our armed forces for the sacrifices they made in fighting for our country. May our homage to those who came before us be to live a life worthy of their sacrifice. Whether today or in the years to come, let us not forget with regret or shame for these missed opportunities, to be grateful for what we have, to be honored for our successes and failures and to stand up for this cause. why we believe we are right. and true, “ Allen said.

Allen had all retirees and former members of the country’s armed forces to be recognized and also recognized members of the Gold Star family of servicemen who died during the conflict.

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Dan McDonald’s story: homeless man jailed for 18th time in 16 years Sun, 30 May 2021 13:36:00 +0000

Sign outside Robert Reyes’ house (KXAN Photo / Erin Cargile)

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Less than a mile from the iconic El Arroyo marquee sign on West 5th Street, owners of the Old West Austin neighborhood are posting their own posts.

Robert Reyes has stapled brand new “no trespassing” signs to the fence outside his home. They are posted near the “WARNING: Security cameras in use” signs that he nailed to the side of his house some time ago.

It is clear that someone is not welcome.

“I want to see him stay in jail,” Reyes said without hesitation.

Reyes talks about the person he caught on his home security camera. Several video clips show a man entering his carport, opening the door of a van and starting to search the seat.

Reyes received an alert on his phone as soon as motion was detected in the first week of May, but when he first glanced at the video clips he thought it was his father who also lives with him. When he looked closely, it was clear that the man was not his father.

Dan McDonald video ring 052421
Image from security camera footage Robert Reyes sent to Austin Police (Courtesy Robert Reyes)

Reyes sent the video clips to Austin Police and, according to court records, officers were able to confirm he was the same guy the other neighbors were calling. An arrest warrant said a neighbor saw him fight someone on the sidewalk while holding a knife, and another neighbor called 911 when she was shocked to find him standing on her patio back.

Austin police arrested Dan McDonald, 35, later that night.

It was a relief for Reyes’ neighbor Carol Austin, who told KXAN that someone entered her unlocked house the same day while she was taking a nap. She said she found her purse emptied and placed upside down on her driveway with $ 80 in cash missing. Austin said she also noticed milk was missing from her fridge, along with a loaf of banana bread on the counter and peanut butter.

“My feeling is that when he comes out he will probably come back here because he knows the area well,” Austin said. “It’s his workspace.”

Carol Austin Purse 052421
Carol Austin said she was $ 80 in cash missing from her purse (KXAN Photo / Erin Cargile)

Jeff Albrecht, who also filed a police report after his home was broken into, added more security cameras to the perimeter. He reached out to KXAN for more answers on McDonald’s. He said a neighbor had dug online and shared information on Nextdoor suggesting the suspect had been arrested and charged with car burglary and criminal trespassing on several occasions previously.

“Is this what we do as a city?” Said Albrecht. “Where we let people get arrested, let them break into homes and cars… then let them go out onto the streets and start over – or is there a plan? Or is there a failure of a plan? “

McDonald’s dreamed of playing college football

An online criminal background check finds McDonald’s has been arrested 18 times in the past 16 years, with nearly half of the arrests in the past year and a half. His long criminal history dates back to 2005, when he was 20 years old.

Dan McDonald HS Soccer Ball 052421
Dan McDonald in his high school football uniform (courtesy of the McDonald family)

Long before McDonald’s became a familiar face behind bars – after being convicted of around 20 crimes, including theft, aggravated assault and burglary – his family say he grew up in eastern Austin and that he was one of five siblings.

“We knew Dan before homelessness, before drugs, before mental health issues,” said a close family member who asked KXAN not to share his name.

Family members told KXAN that McDonald, who grew up in poverty, was a talented high school athlete who dreamed of playing college football, but those goals were ruined when he was arrested for marijuana. His family said he attended Huston-Tillotson University, but was demotivated with no sports in his life and started using harder drugs and alcohol to cope. Substance abuse ultimately triggered serious mental health issues around 2008, according to the family, which were made worse by the death of her mother in 2014 and the death of her father two years later.

McDonald’s has been homeless and in jail since then, according to family and court records.

A family member, who didn’t know McDonald’s was back in jail, said he used to keep in touch with his siblings and aunt, but they haven’t heard from him at all of him over the past year and a half.

In March of this year, when an Austin police officer informed McDonald that he was arrested on burglary on a vehicle charge, the arrest warrant read, “He said he didn’t care.” , that he would go out and do it again just like the last time. “The family does not believe he currently possesses the mental faculties necessary to be successful in society and said it was evident that the endless cycle in and out of the criminal justice system was not functioning.

“If they have the power to say, ‘We’re going to lock you up. You’re going to go to jail ”, they should also have the power to say,“ We’re going to put you in this facility, in this mental health facility or in this drug program, you know, ”” he said. she says.

In her opinion, McDonald’s two greatest needs are access to mental health services and safe housing.

She said there was a three-year period that he lived in a group home in Austin and was doing well. He kept in touch with his family by writing letters, but eventually he came back downstairs. They said he became homeless which gave him easy access to drugs on the streets and reverted to his old ways.

What are his options in prison?

Travis County District and County Courts have implemented mental health, alcohol and drug diversion programs to match suspects like McDonald’s with resources aimed at keeping people healthy and safe. get off the street.

But, even if McDonald’s goes this route, which is voluntary, one of its former criminal defense attorneys, Doran Sauer, said there was no guarantee the help would be there.

“There just isn’t enough housing, there isn’t enough mental health beds,” Sauer said. “It’s a constant obstacle in trying to find enough resources for everyone.”

Sauer represents many homeless clients and said the mental health record is still full. The lack of resources contributing to the revolving door of Travis County Jail is one of the biggest issues the city and county are trying to address.

Rickey Jones, of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, manages all felony diversion programs.

“I think the denial period is pretty much over and I think everyone is aware of these mental health issues, these drug issues,” said Rickey Jones, “And yes, I believe the county and the city will engage soon launch these projects and launch this aid for people who need it. “

A solution recently proposed by KXAN in April that could help suspects like McDonald’s is a diversion center, which could be paid for with federal stimulus dollars. This would provide a place to go other than jail for people with untreated mental health and addiction issues.

Despite the lack of resources, Jones said the majority of suspects accept the mental health services offered by the prison. Mental health screenings are taken during the booking process, and Jones said suspects have time to stabilize before making legal decisions for themselves.

Jones said that so far this year, more than 400 inmates have accepted mental health assistance.

It is not known whether McDonald’s will take this route. His current defense attorney, Marc Chavez, who was appointed to him after the May arrest, said he was trying to reach his client in prison. Chavez said McDonald has yet to contact to set up a video conference, so he plans to go to the prison this week to visit him in person. It’s a conversation that needs to take place before putting in place a potential plan.

“I’ll do my best to provide her with mental health resources,” Chavez said over the phone. The decision ultimately rests with McDonald’s.

McDonald’s family is hopeful he chooses help and the 35-year-old will one day be on a better path.

Carol Austin 052521
Carol Austin outside her home in Old West Austin (KXAN Photo / Erin Cargile)

“Some people won’t want the help, but they might need it next week,” said Sauer, who said it takes time, patience and trust between suspects and health experts. mental community.

Back in the neighborhood where McDonald’s was recently arrested, opinions are mixed on what should happen next.

“He doesn’t want help,” Reyes said. “I know it’s hard to say, but I think jail would be the best place for him.

Austin, which is now locking its doors at all times, hopes the resources will come as soon as possible for McDonald’s.

“There are people who just want these people to get off the streets, they don’t care what happens to them,” Austin said. “Well, we have to care what happens to them or we will continue to be their victim.”

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McDonald’s and Pizza Hut insist on security measures at outlets after Covid-19 cases, Singapore News & Top Stories Sat, 29 May 2021 21:00:00 +0000

SINGAPORE – The McDonald’s store at Canberra Plaza in Yishun is cheerfully decorated with pop colors and cartoon characters. But since dinners weren’t allowed until June 13 under phase two (heightened alert) rules, it was largely empty and desperate.

A few young boys who entered were directed, after scanning and sanitizing their hands, to stand-alone order kiosks where customers can view the menu, place their orders and make payment.

Touch screens are treated with Sdst, a self-disinfecting antimicrobial coating that is reapplied every 90 days. They are also disinfected every two hours.

After having recovered their food, the young people left by an exit at the other end of the exit.

These are part of the measures and protocols imposed by the fast food giant in all of its outlets since April last year, when it suspended all restaurant operations for two weeks in response to a group. of cases of Covid-19 linked to its points of sale.

These are again being examined with a new McDonald’s cluster that started with a delivery guy at their Bedok Reservoir branch on May 20 and expanded to a roommate who worked as a rider for the Pasir Ris Elias Community Club outlet.

There are now 19 cases connected to the cluster. Eight are from the two McDonald’s outlets and six are delivery men and kitchen staff from Pizza Hut, who are close contacts of early cases. The other cases are other contacts linked to the staff of the two chains.

McDonald’s uses a third party, i-vic Logistics, to supply McDelivery riders, while Pizza Hut has a mix of full-time employees and third-party riders. A spokesperson for i-vic Logistics said its pilots only work for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s and Pizza Hut also work with food delivery platforms such as Grab, foodpanda, and Deliveroo.

The two restaurant chains say they have not added new protocols after the recent cases because strict measures have already been in place since the breaker in the middle of last year.

These include the lack of cross-deployment of staff and delivery people in outlets, twice daily temperature measurements and constant hand disinfection. They also practice contactless deliveries and cashless payments.

What both companies have done instead is remind staff and delivery people more frequently to follow protocols.

This time, instead of closing all of its outlets, McDonald’s decided to close only the affected restaurants for two weeks.

“The situation last year was different as the staff at the time were deployed to all outlets,” said Mr. Benjamin Boh, general manager of Hanbaobao, the licensee of McDonald’s in Singapore. “But we’ve tightened up all of our procedures since then and our staff and runners only work for one restaurant. So when someone is affected, we can quickly shut down the outlet and contain it. That’s a lot more. controllable.”

Currently, four restaurants, including those at Woodgrove and Hougang Avenue 8 which have cases unrelated to the cluster, are closed and all staff are quarantined for 14 days.

Food to be delivered and taken out at Compass One’s Pizza Hut outlet is left on a table for pick-up to avoid physical contact between staff and runners or customers. ST PHOTO: WONG AH YOKE

Pizza Hut has the same policy and its three outlets connected to the cluster – at Punggol Plaza, Westgate and Havelock II – are closed.

Mr Boh added that 30% of McDonald’s employees have been vaccinated, and a company spokesperson said all staff are encouraged to get vaccinated. The i-vic Logistics spokesperson said more than 80% of its runners have been vaccinated and have also participated in swab tests for food delivery people.

Major delivery platforms could not say how many of their passengers have been vaccinated because they are not full-time employees.

Mr. Chua Teow Hock, operations manager of Pizza Hut Singapore, said the company encourages all eligible staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible. He added: “We have submitted the details of our frontline and delivery staff to the Department of Health for assistance in speeding up the vaccination process.”

The Sunday Times visited a McDonald’s store on May 27 and a Pizza Hut store on May 28 to observe their security protocols:

Security Protocol at McDonald’s Canberra Plaza

In the kitchen:

The kitchen staff follow a “hold in place” work system, each person staying in their place, keeping a distance of 1 to 2 m from each other. Cooked food from each station is left in a packing area and the conditioner does not enter the kitchen. Staff take breaks one at a time.

Staff and delivery person:

There is a separate packaging area for deliveries, and food is sealed after packaging to reassure customers that it is not tampered with during travel. Equipment used by runners is disinfected after each delivery.

A larger outlet like Canberra Plaza has a room called the delivery cell where two McDelivery passengers are allowed at a time to wait in demarcated areas for orders to be packed. For small outlets, the cell is located outside the restaurant.

The packaged food is placed on a counter and the horsemen collect it and leave.

Riders from other platforms are alerted to food that is ready via a number display system and retrieve it from a separate counter.

Staff and clients:

Take-out customers use a touchscreen to order and pay for food. They then stand inside designated areas to have the food ready before picking it up at a service counter. Those who want to pay in cash collect the food from the cashier who stands behind a plastic shield. Hand sanitizer is provided on the counter.

Delivery man and customer:

Cash payment is not accepted for deliveries. Contactless delivery is available, with the food hanging on the door or the door.

Security Protocol at Pizza Hut Compass One

In the kitchen:

The two kitchen workers work in separate spaces and change gloves each time they move to another position. The ready food is left on a counter and another staff member takes it to the packing area and bags it for collection. Staff take breaks one at a time.

Staff and delivery person:

The outlet does not employ riders but uses two “walk-in delivery men” who bring food to nearby addresses on foot.

Every staff member, including internal delivery people, who enters the restaurant must undergo temperature checks, disinfect their hands, and complete a digital form detailing health status and recent movements. They must also wear approved masks, such as surgical masks and three-layer fabric masks.

Passengers from other delivery platforms are not allowed in the restaurant. They are alerted when the food is packed and collect it from the tables set up at the entrance.

Staff and client:

Customers who order takeout scan a QR Code for the menu, ordering and payment. They leave and come back to get the food on a table at the entrance when it is ready.

Those who wish can order from the cashier and pay cash. A bottle of hand sanitizer is provided on the counter.

Delivery staff and customer:

For contactless delivery, the customer is alerted when the food arrives and asked where the food should be placed. The delivery man keeps his distance to wait for the customer to collect the food before leaving.

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UL Adds Arizona Transfer and Former McDonald’s All-American Jordan Brown to Roster | Cajuns UL Ragin ‘ Fri, 28 May 2021 22:09:00 +0000

UL men’s basketball coach Bob Marlin announced Friday the addition of the All-American consensus prep and Arizona transfer Jordan Brown to the 2021-2022 roster.

Brown, a 6-foot-11, 235-pound forward, played the 2020-2021 season in Arizona where he was named the Pac-12’s sixth man of the year after averaging 9.4 points and 5.2. rebounds for the Wildcats in 26 games.

Son of Dion Brown (1980-84), former great basketball player Ragin ‘Cajuns (1980-84), Jordan Brown began his college career in Nevada in 2018-19 where he was a freshman of Mountain West’s preseason year.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Jordan to the Ragin ‘Cajuns family,” said Marlin. “Jordan will add instant value to our organization. Not only is he a talented basketball player, but an individual of high character.

“Jordan will join a talented team and bring many different tools to the table. Its size and athleticism will be a factor on the glass, the rim protection and in the paint. Jordan’s game extends to the perimeter as well, and we can’t wait to use his skills all over the court.

Consensual five-star rookie at Prolific Prep in Napa, Calif., Brown averaged 23.5 points and 13.1 rebounds per game as a senior and was named All-American McDonald’s, where he played in the 2017 game. and finished with 26 points and eight rebounds. .

Brown also competed with USA Basketball, winning a pair of gold medals, starting with the U16 FIBA ​​Americas team and the U17 World Championship teams.

UL, who also added Lafayette native and St. John’s transfer Greg Williams Jr. to the roster, finished 17-9 last season under Marlin and reached the semifinals of the championships. of the Sun Belt conference.

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