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McDonald’s is giving customers a taste of summer with its new seasonal menu, but its arrival means fans will have to say goodbye to one of its other popular items.

The fast-food joint launched the first half of its new summer menu last week, and with it the arrival of the always-delicious mozzarella dips, a McFlurry tiramisu and two new Italian-inspired burgers.

There’s an Italian-themed item available for chicken and beef fans in the form of the Italian Stack and Crispy Chicken Italiano, and hopefully they’ll be delicious enough to entice fans of something a bit spicier – or should I say McSpicier.

The popular McSpicy burger arrived on McDonald’s menu earlier this year after earlier success with customers, and featured a spicy chicken breast fillet topped with lettuce and mayonnaise between a toasted sesame seed bun.

Heatstroke may not have been for everyone, but its disappearance from the menu has left some fans desperate.

“WHO ALLOWED MCDONALD’S TO STOP MAKING THE MCSPICY,” wrote one fan, while another commented, “Absolutely beyond devastated to find out the McSpicy has left McDonald’s.”

A third commented: “McDonald’s don’t have to take McSpicy and garlic cheese bites off the menu. This was the best combo I’ve ever tasted man.”

Although the McSpicy went well, it’s always good to try new things.

Fans of the chicken burger might just find a new favorite in the new Italian menu that promises to bring fresh new flavors to its chicken with the help of some added herbs.

The Crispy Chicken Italiano will offer McSpicy fans the same crispy chicken tenderloin, but this time the burger will also come with a slice of juicy tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto-style sauce, red onion and of lettuce. Not only that, but the regular bun will be replaced with a soft, freshly toasted ciabatta style bun to really give you that Mediterranean feel.

The Italian stack. Credit: McDonald’s

If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, you can always opt for the Italian Stack which includes two 100% beef patties, mozzarella, onions, crispy onions, a rich tomato sauce, lettuce and a creamy cheese, all wrapped in a freshly toasted bun, flavored with tomato and basil.

Of course, McDonald’s menu will still feature all the classics, such as the Big Mac and boxes of chicken nuggets, and the new mozzarella sticks are sure to make the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Ukraine-Russia War Breaking News: Live Updates Sat, 11 Jun 2022 14:48:41 +0000 Yevgeny Shumilkin returns to work on Sunday. To prepare, he removed the familiar “M” from what had been his McDonald’s shirt and covered the “M” of his McDonald’s jacket with a Russian flag patch.

“It will be the same buns,” promised Mr. Shumilkin, who maintains equipment for a restaurant in Moscow. “Just under a different name.”

McDonald’s restaurants are reopening in Russia this weekend, but without the Golden Arches. After the US fast-food giant pulled out this spring to protest President Vladimir V. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a Siberian oil tycoon bought its 840 Russian stores. Because almost all of the ingredients came from inland, he said, restaurants could continue to serve much of the same food.

The bet could work out well – underscoring the surprising resilience of the Russian economy in the face of one of the most intense sanctions barrages ever inflicted by the West. Three and a half months into the war, it has become clear that the sanctions – and the torrent of Western companies voluntarily leaving Russia – have failed to completely dismantle the economy or spark a popular backlash against M . Cheese fries.

Russia has spent much of Mr Putin’s 22 years in power integrating into the global economy. It turns out that it is not easy to disentangle such vast and intertwined trade links.

It is certain that the effects of the sanctions will be deep and widespread, with the consequences only beginning to be felt. Economists and businessmen say the standard of living in Russia is already falling, and the situation is likely to get worse as import stocks run out and more companies announce layoffs.

Some of Russia’s DIY efforts might not live up to Western standards. When the first post-sanctions model of the Lada Granta – a Russian hatchback co-produced by Renault before the French automaker pulled out this spring – rolled off an assembly line at a factory near the Volga on Wednesday, it lacked airbags, modern pollution controls or anti-lock brakes.

Credit…Maxim Shipenkov/EPA, via Shutterstock

But the economic decline is not as precipitous as some experts predicted after the February 24 invasion. Inflation is still high, around 17% on an annual basis, but has come down from a 20-year high in April. A closely watched measure of factory activity, the S&P Global Purchasing Managers Index, showed Russian manufacturing expanded in May for the first time since the start of the war.

Behind the positive news lies a combination of factors working to Mr. Putin’s advantage. Chief among them: high energy prices, which allow the Kremlin to continue funding the war while raising pensions and salaries to appease ordinary Russians. The country’s oil revenues have increased by 50% this year.

Moreover, the skillful work of the Central Bank prevented a panic in the financial markets after the invasion and helped the ruble to recover from its initial crash. Store shelves, for the most part, remain stocked, thanks to large stocks and alternative import routes established via countries such as Turkey and Kazakhstan – and Russian consumers buying less.

Even the new Lada Granta is less clumsy than observers predicted: despite the shortage of foreign components, it will still come with power steering and power windows.

“Not everything is as bad as expected,” proclaimed a Russian automotive website.

The survival of Russia’s economy plays into Mr. Putin’s favor by reinforcing his narrative that Russia will stand tall in the face of the West’s determination to destroy it. He met with young entrepreneurs at a town hall-style event on Thursday, his latest effort to show that even though he was waging war, he was keen on keeping the economy functioning and foreign trade functioning. Although the West will not do business with Russia, he insisted, the rest of the world will.

Credit…Pool photo by Mikhail Metzel

“We’re not going to have a closed economy,” Putin told a woman wondering about the effects of the sanctions. “If someone tries to limit us in something, he limits himself.”

For the wealthy, luxuries and iPhones are still widely available, but more expensive, transported to Russia from the Middle East and Central Asia. The poor have been hit by rising prices, but they will benefit from a 10% increase in pensions and the minimum wage announced by Mr Putin last month.

Those most affected by the economic upheaval belong to the urban middle class. Foreign goods and services are now harder to find, Western employers are pulling out, and travel abroad is becoming difficult and prohibitively expensive.

But Natalya V. Zubarevich, an expert in social and political geography at Moscow State University, notes that many middle-class Russians have no choice but to adapt to a lower standard of living: At least half of the Russian middle class, she estimates, works for the state or for public companies.

“Sanctions are not going to stop the war,” Zubarevich said in a phone interview. “The Russian public will put up with it and adapt because they understand that they have no means of influencing the state.”

Chris Weafer, a macro consultant who has long focused on Russia, issued a note to clients last week, saying “some of our previous assumptions were wrong.” Inflation and the contraction of the economy proved less severe than expected, according to the note. His firm, Macro-Advisory Eurasia Strategic Consulting, revised its forecast to show a smaller decline in gross domestic product this year – 5.8% instead of 7% – while also forecasting a recession that will last until April. next year.

In a phone interview, Weafer described Russia’s economic future as “duller, more debilitating”, with lower incomes, but basic goods and services still available. A major juice company, for example, warned customers that its boxes would soon be all white due to a shortage of imported paint.

Credit…Natalia Kolesnikova/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

“The economy is now entering an almost stagnant phase where it can avoid a collapse,” he said. “It’s a more basic level of economic existence, which Russia can continue for a while.”

On Friday, as inflation stabilized, the Central Bank of Russia cut its key rate to 9.5%, the level before the invasion. On February 28, the bank raised it to 20% in an attempt to avoid a financial crisis. The rouble, after plummeting in value in the days following the invasion, is now trading at four-year highs.

One of the reasons for the ruble’s unexpected strength is that global energy demand has surged in the wake of the pandemic. In June alone, the Russian government expects a windfall of more than $6 billion due to higher-than-expected energy prices, the finance ministry said last week.

At the same time, Russian consumers spent less, which further supported the ruble and gave Russian companies time to set up new import routes.

Russian officials, however, acknowledge that the toughest times for the economy may still be ahead. Elvira Nabiullina, the central bank’s chief, said on Friday that while “the effect of the sanctions has not been as acute as we initially feared”, it would be “premature to say that the full effect of the sanctions is over. is manifested”.

For example, it remains unclear how Russian companies will be able to obtain microchips used in a wide variety of products. During Mr. Putin’s meeting with contractors, one developer said he was “very concerned about our microelectronics”.

Mr. Putin cut: “Me too. Honest.”

Credit…Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

The ties that unite the Russian economy to the West, today in the process of unraveling, go back decades, sometimes more than a century. Aeroflot, the national carrier, has acquired dozens of new Boeing and Airbus planes and promoted itself as a convenient transit airline for people traveling between Europe and Asia. In the Ural Mountains, a factory has worked with Siemens, the German manufacturing giant, to produce modern trains to replace rusting Soviet equipment.

Banned from using European airspace, Aeroflot is now focusing on domestic routes and working to switch to Russian planes – a process that will take years. Siemens, which built telegraph lines across the Russian Empire in the 1850s and helped usher the country into the industrial age, announced last month it was pulling out of Russia.

“Sanctions are suffocating the economy, which doesn’t happen all at once,” said Ivan Fedyakov, who runs Infoline, a Russian market consultancy that advises businesses on how to survive under the current restrictions. “We only felt 10-15% of their effect.”

But when it comes to food, at least Russia is better prepared. When McDonald’s opened in the Soviet Union in 1990, Americans had to bring everything. Soviet potatoes were too small to make fries, so they had to acquire their own russet seed potatoes; Soviet apples didn’t work for the pie, so the company imported them from Bulgaria.

Credit…via Reuters

But by the time McDonald’s pulled out this year, its Russian stores were getting almost all of their ingredients from Russian suppliers. So when McDonald’s, which employed 62,000 workers in Russia, announced in March that it was suspending operations because it could not “ignore the needless human suffering taking place in Ukraine”, one of its Siberian franchisees, Aleksandr Govor was able to keep his 25 restaurants. open. Last month, he bought all of McDonald’s Russian operations for an undisclosed sum.

On Sunday – Russia Day, a patriotic holiday – it will reopen 15 stores, including the former flagship McDonald’s in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, the place where in 1990 thousands of Soviets lined up for a taste of the West . The chain will operate under a new yet-to-be-disclosed brand, although the new logo has been unveiled, which is meant to feature a burger and fries.

The hash browns will have a Russian name, according to a menu leaked to a Russian tabloid. And, since the secret sauce is exclusive, there won’t be a Big Mac on offer.

McDonald’s sites hire 2,000 new employees Thu, 09 Jun 2022 21:40:00 +0000 The jobs come with support for continuing education and career advancement.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (Note: the video above is from an independent report.)

McDonald’s Northeast Florida locations are looking to add 2,000 new full-time and part-time employees.

According to a McDonald’s press release, the jobs come with support for continuing education and career advancement. Employment benefits include educational benefits for a high school diploma, ESL classes, tuition assistance, and guidance from career counselors through the Archways to Opportunity program of the company in participating restaurants.

New this year, McDonald’s has partnered with Western Governors University to offer employees and their families a 5% tuition discount, as well as access to scholarships for workers to attend school at little expense, according to the press release.

Employees working at restaurants participating in “Archways to Opportunity” can also receive a free associate’s or bachelor’s degree from Colorado Technical University, as well as a free laptop for their studies, the statement said.

“People are at the heart of our business, and the skills our crew members learn in our restaurants, such as responsibility, teamwork and responsiveness, can open the door to a brighter future,” said the McDonald’s owner/operator Raphael Vazquez in the release. “As local business owners, we are committed to empowering our employees and the communities we serve.”

Additional perks include free meals and paid time off.

To apply, go to or text “apply” to 38000 to start an application.

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McDonald’s in Ulverston ‘could trap the birds’ with new net and spike scheme Wed, 08 Jun 2022 04:40:00 +0000

Plans have been tabled to install bird netting at a new fast food restaurant in a town in the southern lakes have been submitted to the district council.

The £16,300 works at McDonald’s in Ulverston would also see spikes installed along ledges and signage. The scheme has drawn criticism from the boss of a southern Cumbrian bird sanctuary.

“Birds impale themselves on spikes,” said Elisabeth Ashleigh, who runs the Bardsea Bird Sanctuary with her daughter Tamsin. “No matter what kind of mesh they use, they get their feet stuck.”

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A report submitted by Ecolab says the silver insulation of machinery on the site’s roof will be attractive to birds such as crows and magpies. He says that without preventative measures the birds will cause damage ‘resulting in thousands of pounds of long-term repairs’.

The report says the Oubas Hill restaurant, which opened last month, will become a nesting place for scavenger birds – such as gulls and pigeons – attracted to discarded food. The accumulation of “bird-related debris”, he says, would lead to insect infestations, the spread of disease, damage to the building and “risk of litigation with a third party if a member of staff suffers an injury due to the slippery soiling of poisonous birds”.

Netting would therefore be attached to the roof and upper ledges of the building to prevent birds from roosting and roosting. The Ecolab report says a site survey revealed the presence of swallows.

It recommends that the waste area “be protected against any entry of this species”. He says swallows are “heavily protected and therefore a smaller [19mm] a gauge net would be used at this level”. A total of 250m of spikes would be installed along the lower ledges and signage of the new restaurant to prevent birds from roosting.

But Ms Ashleigh felt the birds should not be deterred from the building.

“These are the people who leave trash everywhere, who don’t put their trash in the bin properly, they are the ones who need to be educated,” she said. Birds do not pose a threat.

]]> Dance For Any S’pore McDonald’s Store Manager And Get A Free S$0.80 Ice Cream Cone – Mothership.SG Mon, 06 Jun 2022 06:04:51 +0000

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Does inflation get to you? Want to pay less for non-essentials, like ice cream?

Or even better, get it for free?

Well, apparently now you can get a free ice cream cone while dancing for the manager at any McDonald’s outlet.

dance for ice cream

This life hack/marketing gimmick was propagated by online personality Ang QiuTing (aka Bong QiuQiu) recently, when she demonstrated the “Shake ‘N Dip dance”.

In the caption to her post, she explained that the dance can be considered a dance as long as the customer does the Shake ‘N Dip hand gestures and recites the lyrics, without having to walk the nine yards:

You don’t need to do the full body Shake ‘N Dip dance to enjoy the delicious reward, you can simply do the Shake ‘N Dip hand gestures to the beat of the Shake ‘N Dip song and recite the Shake. The lyrics of ‘N Dip can also de!

In response to MothershipWhether the video was a paid McDonald’s post or a limited-time offer, a spokesperson for the fast-food chain confirmed the offer was valid and said, “It’s a hack only if customers are willing try, they can take advantage of a free vanilla cone at McDonald’s.”

In other words, keep dancing until McDonald’s stops handing out free ice cream.

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McDonald’s hires an outside firm to assess its diversity efforts Fri, 03 Jun 2022 21:00:00 +0000

McDonald’s hires an outside firm to assess its diversity efforts

Burger chain investors had demanded a civil rights audit as shareholders focused more on social issues

McDonald’s said diversity and inclusion are core corporate values.

McDonald’s Corp. said it hired a third party to assess its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, after the burger giant’s investors asked the company to conduct a civil rights audit.

A shareholder proposal submitted by labor pension fund advisory firm SOC Investment Group had asked McDonald’s to analyze the impact of the company’s policies on civil rights across the chain’s operations.

The proposal came as McDonald’s, America’s biggest restaurant company by sales, faced criticism over its handling of racial issues, and as investors pressed other big companies to assess their records. on race and related issues.

McDonald’s reported in a filing Thursday that about 274 million shares of common stock in the company voted in favor of the proposed audit, based on a preliminary count following the company’s annual meeting of shareholders. last week.

About 217 million shares voted against the proposal, with about six million abstaining. Bloomberg first reported preliminary vote tallies.

McDonald’s said diversity and inclusion are core company values ​​and it is committed to providing opportunities for employees, franchisees and suppliers.

“While we are proud of our progress, our efforts continue and we will continue to focus on actions that have a meaningful impact,” the company said.

The SOC said in its proposal that McDonald’s should solicit feedback from franchisees, employees, suppliers and customers, and make its findings public.

Civil rights audits assess company policies regarding race, sexual orientation, gender and other characteristics, the group said.

McDonald’s had said in a separate filing ahead of the vote that such an audit would bring no benefit to shareholders because the company had already committed to new standards of conduct across its operations.

Chain executives are now being assessed on their progress in increasing minority representation in their ranks as part of their annual compensation review, and last year McDonald’s said it would offer loans to low interest rate to new franchisees to help increase diversity among the ownership of its American restaurants.

Proxy firm Glass, Lewis & Co. had advised shareholders to support the proposal, writing that taking on a third-party audit would help McDonald’s identify and mitigate risks.

Failure to do so could potentially harm shareholder interests, Glass Lewis said.

Dieter Waizenegger, executive director of SOC, said Thursday the company hoped to work with McDonald’s on the assessment.

Civil rights audits have become more common in recent years as investors scrutinize how companies treat their employees and issues of race have taken on greater prominence in the United States.

Some companies have chosen to carry out such audits themselves.

In 2019, Starbucks Corp. engaged law firm Covington & Burling LLP, led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., to assess and provide recommendations on how the company could better manage diversity and inclusion in its stores .

Starbucks in 2018 came under fire after two black men were arrested at one of its Philadelphia cafes.

This year, Google parent Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc. and cigarette maker Altria Group Inc. were among the companies that faced proposals from investors demanding independent audits of the companies’ management of the race and other civil rights issues.

In recent years, McDonald’s has been sued by former and current franchisees, two former executives and a media company for its alleged bias in its treatment of minorities.

The company said the cases were unfounded and decided to dismiss or settle many of them.

In a lawsuit brought by black franchisees of four restaurants, the owners agreed last year to leave the chain and drop the lawsuit, while the company bought the restaurants for a total of $6.5 million, said McDonald’s.

The company said it was confident its case was strong, but the settlement allowed everyone involved to move forward.

McDonald’s chief executive Chris Kempczinski apologized last November for a text exchange with Chicago’s mayor over the shooting deaths of two Chicago children that critics called racially insensitive.

Mr. Kempczinski said the comments were wrong and discussed the matter with employees, franchisees and local leaders.

Vintage McDonald’s Playland pieces sold in the market Thu, 02 Jun 2022 14:33:56 +0000

Now you can be Mayor McCheese of your own backyard!

A seller from Johnstown, New York has listed some amazing pieces of McDonald’s nostalgia on Facebook Marketplace…original pieces from McDonald’s Playland!

Do you remember how amazing it was to visit McDonald’s in the 80s? You weren’t just in for a cheap meal, you were going for an evening of fun. It wasn’t just fast food, it was an event! A child could swallow 1,500 calories of sodium and saturated fat and then go to work on a variety of equipment that is probably completely unsafe by 2022 standards!

Being a kid was so much better back then.

Arguably the most important item in this seller’s collection is Officer Big Mac’s jail cell. He has two (!) but one is in better condition than the other, and the asking price is $2,900. Do you remember jumping up there with a strange kid who smelled faintly of poo, and you were best friends for about 12 minutes? Good times, good times.

Another highlight here is the Grimace Rocker for $1,000. It needs a paint job, but if you’re ready to take on that – ohhhh baby, talk about MINUTES of excitement! What species was Grimace supposed to belong to? He didn’t fit with the rest of the characters. Looked more like the Philly Phanatic’s distant cousin than a fast food mascot.

Mark Skaife Invitational Golf

Getty Images

There are also various vintage seating accessories available. If you want to take the whole lot, it can be yours for $5,600. To see individual pricing for each gear, check out the original list here.

Vintage McDonald’s Playland pieces for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Someone in Johnstown is selling amazing McMemories – original pieces from a McDonald’s Playland!

New York is home to America’s finest McDonalds location

Denton House McDonald’s is located at 2045 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, New York. Here is a glimpse of the interior. [Photo credit: Lejaceman via Trip Advisor]

10 Fast Food Restaurants We Want in New York State

The fast food restaurants we want in New York State.

San Diego-area McDonald’s franchisee settles with DOJ over discrimination allegations Tue, 31 May 2022 22:22:00 +0000

A McDonald’s franchisee operating four restaurants in the San Diego area has reached a settlement with the Department of Justice resolving allegations that the franchisee’s company discriminated against non-US citizens by asking for their documents to work in the United States, it was announced on Tuesday.

According to a DOJ statement, Sutherland Management Company refused to accept documents from a person proving he had permission to work in the United States. The company demanded that he present a different document and did not allow him to work until he presented it, the Justice Department said. .

“Under federal law, employers cannot discriminate by asking workers for more documents than necessary, or specific documents, to prove their authorization to work because of their citizenship status, immigration or national origin,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Civil Rights Division.

“Employees have the right, whether they are U.S. citizens or not, to choose the valid and acceptable documents they wish to present to prove their authorization to work.”

Further investigation into the allegations against Sutherland “uncovered that the company routinely discriminated against non-U.S. citizens, primarily lawful permanent residents, by requiring them to present specific documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security to prove their authorization to work in the United States,” the DOJ said.

As part of the settlement, the company agreed to pay $40,000 in civil penalties, pay back wages to the worker who complained, review and revise its employment policies, and train its employees. responsible for verifying workers’ authorization to work in the United States.

Major changes coming to McDonald’s favorites for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Sun, 29 May 2022 23:01:00 +0000 The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is right around the corner and it looks like everyone is doing something to mark this momentous occasion.

Alterations marking Her Majesty’s 70 years of service include a stately re-recording of their famous jingle, a name change to a much-loved burger and an upgrade to Big Mac meal packaging.

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We love it

To kick off the celebrations, the instantly recognizable McDonald’s Jingle has been reimagined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The “Five Note Sting”, played at the end of its commercial and familiar to millions simply as “ba da ba ba ba”, is now fit for a queen.

The 35-person ensemble recorded a version including brass, strings, percussion and woodwinds, hoping to earn a royal seal of approval.

The new jingle will replace the original in the brand’s TV and radio advertisements over the Jubilee weekend, along with the “one’s lovin’ it” slogan.

Dine like a royal

Big Mac, Fries and Milkshake packaging reinvented in an elegant porcelain service. Picture: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is also offering customers the opportunity to dine like a king during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The global brand has reimagined Big Mac, Fries and Milkshake wrappers into an elegant porcelain set, adding Platinum Jubilee Pageant details to mark the occasion.

There are 70 of the limited edition sets up for grabs. For a chance to win, fast food fans will need to enter the competition via the McDonald’s app between May 31 and June 6, with the lucky winners being crowned on June 8.

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cheese royale

The final part of the Jubilee celebrations will see McDonald’s change the name of an iconic burger for the duration of the weekend.

On Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3, the famous Quarter Pounder with Cheese will become the ‘Royale with Cheese’, paying homage to the infamous Pulp Fiction scene (“they got the metric there”) and giving the burger a royal makeover.

The ‘Royale with Cheese’ will be available for just 99p on the McDonald’s app, giving customers a saving of £2.60 to kick off a weekend of celebrations.

For the remainder of the bank holiday weekend, Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5, McDonald’s will be offering Spend £15 Save £5 on all McDonald’s orders through the McDonald’s app.

Trending This Week: McDonald’s Launches Chocolate Pretzel McFlurry Sat, 28 May 2022 06:31:01 +0000

This week on, the main story was the Senate votes to kill the $40 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund in the second round. The bill received 52 “yes” votes, eight votes less than the amount needed to start debate on the bill. That’s likely the death knell for the Replenishment Bill, which was first proposed last summer and would have funded the 265,000 restaurants and bar operators who applied and saw themselves refuse funding (more than two-thirds of the total number of applicants).

In other news, McDonald’s USA LLC plans to launch a new limited-time Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry nationwide on May 25, the company announced Wednesday. be available at participating restaurants.

Additionally, Fat Brands on Wednesday announced Chip’s acquisition of Nestle Toll House Café from Crest Foods for an undisclosed amount and will begin rebranding the dessert stores as Great American Cookies, which FAT Brands also owns. Crest Foods currently franchises 85 Nestlé® Toll House Café by Chip cafes in the United States and they will each be integrated into the Fat Brands portfolio.

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