McDonald’s Franchise

End-to-end systemization for businesses

Credit: End-to-end systemization of a business begins with identifying the areas causing the most errors, stress, and / or pain. In other words, those places of constant frustration in a business that cause employees to scramble and owners awake at night. Once every business frustration is identified, the process …

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“Hell no, I don’t support the Clippers!”: Shaquille O’Neal hilariously refuses to side with Kawhi Leonard and co even after the Lakers exit from the first round

Shaquille O’Neal insists he will never support the Los Angeles Clippers even if the Lakers have been sacked. In an odd turn of events, two teams that were called Western Conference favorites ahead of these playoffs struggled / struggled in their respective series. The Los Angeles Laker fell to the …

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BTS frenzy shuts down McDonald’s amid COVID fears

One of the most powerful fandoms, BTS ARMY, strikes again. Several McDonald’s franchises in Indonesia have been temporarily closed due to over-ordering of BTS McDonald’s meals. The collaboration meal between the K-Pop sensation and the fast food chain hit locations on May 26. However, the BTS ARMY created an influx …

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