Burger King drops popular menu items (more Whoppers, less choice)

The pandemic has caused many fast food chains to remove menu items in the name of simplification. Yum Brands’ (YUM) – Get yum! Report Brands, Inc. Taco Bell had to dump its beloved Mexican pizza due to the complexity of its manufacturing and inefficient packaging. (He is brought back.)

McDonald’s (MCD) – Get McDonald’s Corporation report ditched its all-day breakfast menu for similar reasons despite customers loving it. As consumers transitioned from restaurant to delivery and drive-thru, chains made changes intended to make the process more efficient, not necessarily to give consumers more of what they wanted.

Dropping things your customers love because it makes your restaurant more efficient carries real risks. McDonald’s might lose the late sleeper who wants an afternoon McMuffin and Taco Bell might have seen Mexican pizza lovers choosing to eat elsewhere.

Now Restaurant Brands International (RSQ) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc report Burger King has a plan to simplify and streamline its menu. It’s a recipe that could see beloved, or at least beloved, items disappear.

What happens to the Burger King menu?

Burger King began taking steps to simplify its menu in late 2021. This involved streamlining the way it builds its menu items.

Burger King chairman Tom Curtis, the man tasked with fixing the chain’s business in the United States, explained what was going on during RBI’s fourth quarter earnings call, QSR Magazine reported.

“These measures and the renewed focus on operations are welcomed by franchisees and are beginning to advance several key operational metrics, including order accuracy and overall satisfaction,” Curtis said.

Curtis sees the changes as a back-to-basics approach, a focus on what the fast-food giant has built its reputation on.

“We’re excited to work on this brand positioning and define the essence of our brand going forward. I think we’re going to focus on our core, on the Whopper, the flame grill, ‘Having it Your Way. Those are really the things that made us great and the things that will make us great in the future,” he said.

So far, these changes haven’t caused any noticeable disruption to the menu, but like at Taco Bell and McDonald’s, it could happen.

Curtis says the key to improving sales comes from repair operations, and that could mean eliminating menu items that don’t sell well or don’t sell well enough to justify the effort it takes to make them. .

Burger King expects more Whoppers

Burger King hasn’t been shy about using the name of its most famous sandwich to launch new product offerings. It currently does this with its Whopper Melt sandwiches, which are getting a huge national push. The chain’s president said he expected more from that.

“The Whopper is a multi-billion dollar brand, and we need to treat it that way,” Curtis said. “…While we always strive to provide excellent value on a full menu basis, going forward we will be determined and focused when we choose to promote this iconic asset.”

Burger King also wants to become more thoughtful about its menu and what it features.

“We are implementing better testing protocols to ensure our advertising and initiatives are well-chosen and have more impact,” Curtis said.

“And given the increased rigor of our new processes, it is fair to expect greater impact from our initiatives in the second half of 2022.”

The fast-food chain became known for its innovation and regularly tried new versions of its classic Whopper in the United States and around the world. He was also willing to try something in a global market before taking it to others.

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