Burger King banking on international expansion in rivalry with McDonald’s

Burger King attributes its massive growth to a global development playbook that has doubled its international store count since 2012 to nearly 12,000 locations and approximately 60 percent of its global system-wide sales.

As a result, Burger King has added more stores outside the United States than McDonald’s, including in North America, over the past decade.

Restaurant Brands International COO Joshua Kobza noted that the success of their expansion plan is evident when looking at their international growth.

He added that in many markets like China, France and Russia, they started from scratch.

This means identifying strong local partners, securing a master franchise and long-term development agreement, and building a solid business with a lasting presence and a track of continued growth.

Burger King has focused on growing its global footprint rather than trying to topple McDonald’s in the US

The international growth strategy is seen as a path of least resistance than trying to take on the undisputed leader in its home market, and a path that has worked to make Burger King a true rival to McDonald’s.

In the United States, Burger King is far behind McDonald’s in the fast food hamburger race.

McDonald’s has more than 39,000 stores worldwide, including approximately 18,000 in North America.

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