Boycotting McDonalds does not help Palestine. Here’s how to boycott effectively

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With tensions rising between Israel and Palestine, it is only natural for compassionate people to ask “how can we help”.

Lately, Malaysian social media has once again suggested boycotting the McDonald’s fast food chain.

However, in a Facebook PublishPopular stand-up comedian Harith Iskander said: “Boycotting McDonald’s to ‘support’ the Palestinians is as effective as ripping your blue underwear because you think it will help Liverpool.

McDonald’s Malaysia denies helping Israel

McDonald’s Malaysia has denied getting aid to Israel and called the case a blatant lie and slander.

Managing Director Azmir Jaafar explained that McDonald’s Malaysia (Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd) has been fully taken over by Saudi Group Reza with a local business partner since 2017, in which the company’s equity is fully held by Muslims. .

He also pointed out that as a local business, McDonald’s Malaysia does not contribute, support or be involved in any political or religious conflict in any country.

McDonald’s Malaysia is aware of the existence of a viral WhatsApp message regarding a call to boycott our brand. McDonald’s Malaysia would like to point out that the boycott is unfounded and that our brand statement in support of aid to Israel is a blatant and slanderous lie.

Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia, Statement by Azmir Jaafar to Bernama

Credit: BradfordBoycott / Facebook

So what can we do about it?

Misguided boycotage

Boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) is a Palestinian movement for freedom, justice and equality. BDS supports the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity.

Effective BDS campaigns are based on accurate research. There is a lot of information online claiming that big companies are giving money to Israel. Sometimes these rumors turn out to be false. For example, some activists are calling for a boycott of Starbucks. But Starbucks has no stores in Israel and officially confirms that it does not support Israel. Companies like McDonald’s are not a priority for the BDS movement at this point. We focus on companies that play a clear and direct role in sustaining Israeli violations of international law and on which we can have a tangible impact.

Press 2017 declaration of BDS Malaysia on the issue of the McDonald’s boycott

Untargeted or targeted boycotts Concentration on a small number of companies and products. Credit: BDS Movement

Know what to boycott

The Palestinian National BDS Committee (BNC) calls for a boycott of Israeli and international companies complicit in violations of Palestinian rights.

Virtually all Israeli companies are complicit to some extent in Israel’s system of occupation and apartheid, but the BNC focuses its boycotts on a small number of products and companies that play a clear and direct role in the crimes. Israel for maximum impact.

Targeted consumer boycotts persuade retailers around the world to stop selling products from companies profiting from Israel’s crimes, and many Israeli exporters complain that it is increasingly difficult for them to export their products.

For those who want to make a difference here, the Malaysian branch of BNC, BDS Malaysia, has adopted the following list of products and companies described by the global BDS movement for boycott purposes:

Credit: BDS Malaysia
  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • PUMA
  • G4S (the services are widely used in Malaysia)
  • American caterpillar (distributed by Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd di Malaysia)
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Ahava (Israeli cosmetics sold on Lazada and Shoppee)
  • AXA products
  • Airbnb

If you want to donate money to fund boycott of Israel activities, you can send money to BDS Malaysia by clicking on HERE.

If you want to send money to directly help the suffering Palestinians in Gaza, you have to send your money to MyCARE as they have an office there. To do this, click on HERE.

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