Aussies slammed for showing no manners at Melbourne McDonald’s and leaving rubbish everywhere

Australians criticized lack of manners in McDonald’s ‘insane’ act: ‘How can people be so inconsiderate?’

  • A McDonald’s customer shared a snippet of her experience at a Melbourne store
  • The TikTok user said she was waiting for her takeout order at the restaurant
  • The dining room is covered in trash strewn all over the tables and floor
  • One commenter said late night staff could be asked to leave it as an OHS issue

Australian fast food customers have been slammed for having no manners after leaving a city fast food restaurant littered with rubbish.

A customer waiting for his takeout order recently filmed the dining room at McDonald’s restaurant in the city of Melbourne and shared the clip on TikTok.

Trash is piled up on the floor and tables – including food wrappers, half-eaten burgers, strewn fries and discarded drinks.

The mess didn’t seem to bother many customers, who sat amidst the rubbish to eat their food.

“Melbourne Maccas is something else… They should fire me before I clean this up,” the uploader wrote.

TikTok users have criticized the condition of a Melbourne McDonald’s restaurant covered in litter (pictured)

Viewers of the clip were shocked by the messy environment and wondered how people could brazenly dump their rubbish where other patrons were eating.

‘Who would sit in this cesspool? I would be furious at the state of this,’ one person wrote.

“How can people be so inconsiderate, just use the trash can,” said another.

“And Melbourne is one of the ten most livable cities in the world?” said a third.

Some reviewers tried to explain why the restaurant would be so messy.

“If it’s near clubs on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s not that unusual,” one person said.

“The manager probably tolerates it for the amount of business he gets,” added another.

“If it’s after midnight, employees could be told to just leave it because it’s a health and safety issue,” said a third.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

The uploader said she was expecting a takeout order but had to share her view of the restaurant's dining room (pictured)

The uploader said she was expecting a takeout order but had to share her view of the restaurant’s dining room (pictured)


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