Are you really excited for McDonalds?

This is the first show I have broadcast in over a month in which Auckland has come out of the dreaded Alert Level 4.

And honestly, I thought this time things * might * be different. I figured that after more than a month at home, more of us in the big city could have taken stock, let go of the habit, and set our aspirations a little higher for the transition to the level 3. Aucklanders could have learned from everyone around the country. A new start. A new dawn. A new opportunity to refresh our routines.

But no. We all went to McDonalds and Burger King and Wendy’s and Carl’s Junior, and KFC, instead.

Well, not all of us. I’m not trying to be all loud and powerful, but I haven’t had any of this Worldwide-franchise-plastic-additivesy-supersize-me shit for almost fifteen years and I’ll be damned if a level 3 happens to convince me to spend half an hour with an idling engine waiting for chicken nuggets in a queue behind the wheel.

What is wrong with people? On Wednesday I could see queues on the street for my nearest franchise. Addicts waiting for a fix! Honestly, the marketing of big brand fast food franchises has to be one of the biggest media scams of all time. Because in case you haven’t noticed, the food really isn’t that good.

It’s okay I guess. A little sugar, salt and saturated fat as well as several hundred additives. Call me the old fashioned way but I prefer my food to be made with ingredients, not random numbers.

And before you accuse myself of elitism, know this: I’m not a vegan. I am not a health fool. I eat sugar, salt, and saturated fat. But if I want to enjoy some take out as a treat, I would much rather spend my money on a roti canai at the Malaysian hole in the wall down the road, or on a scoop and a piece of cod with fish and chips. local. Small independent businesses need all the help they can get right now.

I know we like to joke. Haha! Two guys got caught smuggling buckets of K-Fry across the Auckland border. Hilarious. I just think sometimes the fixation is a bit … lame. Apparently, health officials have considered setting up a vaccination system in the KFCs, Piza Huts and Taco Bells. Part of me thinks it’s smart. Part of me thinks it’s funny. Part of me thinks it’s pretty sad that there are apparently people in our society who would rather receive a Cheesy Gordita Crunch than a vaccine for a deadly virus.

I saw Population Nutrition Professor Boyd Swinburn on Breakfast this week lamenting the fast food “craving culture” that has dominated Covid-19. I totally agree with him. This is a conversation our society doesn’t really want to have and you shouldn’t need me to make this point: if you think Covid-19 is putting pressure on our healthcare system, wait until you hear bad talk. nutrition!

There are many reasons why I hope we never return to level four. A lot. Top of the list: I’m sick of people treating a McChicken quarter pack or combo like a sweet sip of water after a long walk through the desert.

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