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CHICAGO, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Aloha Poke Co., the nation’s premier fast-casual poke restaurant concept, today announced plans to expand into the Atlanta contracted with a local entrepreneur and a franchise veteran Randy Elias at the bar. This company marks the first fast and casual Aloha Poke restaurant in the state of Georgia, with the potential to add more throughout 2022. Aloha Poke’s Atlanta the expansion signals a growth spurt for the popular poke brand and follows significant growth from Texas and other states. Aloha Poke’s success is built on the customer-centric brand promise of the concept of delivering fast and fresh sashimi-quality seafood along with other natural unprocessed ingredients.

“Aloha Poke Co. is delighted to come to Georgia,” noted Chris Birkinshaw, CEO, Aloha Poke Co. “We are pleased that the people of Atlanta and surrounding communities will have access to our poke bowls, which infuse delicious, nutritious and natural ingredients, especially in an era of heightened awareness of the quality and safety of quick, casual menus. “

The Aloha Poke expansion in Georgia is run by a seasoned franchise entrepreneur, Randy Elias, who joined the Aloha Poke brand after a career spanning more than twenty years in the fast-casual franchise. Elias’ portfolio includes several Moe’s Southwest Grill in Acworth and Cartersville communities with other quick casual businesses. In addition to the beauty of the poke bowl presentation, Elias researched the Aloha Poke franchise to simplify his franchise portfolio and was drawn to the brand’s franchise development program, expected return on investment, efficiency of operations and low labor requirements.

“I have seen many different franchise concepts that require complex construction work and kitchen staff and am now under the pressure of current workforce issues, economic turmoil and chain challenges. supply, ”Elias said. “Aloha Poke’s brand development and branding strategy requires a lot less start-up and maintenance, while delivering an attractive return on investment year over year. I think concepts like Aloha Poke are doing the trick. part of the fast-paced and relaxed shift to higher-quality menu offerings as we continue to navigate pandemic-related disruptions. ”

Quick and relaxed wallet simplification trends

With the sharp acceleration in proximity trends due to the pandemic, restaurateurs and brands must anticipate the needs of post-COVID customers. As multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees seek to create the most profitable franchise portfolio, many have turned to diversification to maximize returns. Since the pandemic, this diversification strategy has often turned to simplification, especially for restaurateurs facing ongoing challenges related to untenable shortages of line cooks, waiters and kitchen staff, and a chain. unpredictable supply and backwards. In addition, as inflation rises and regulations or market forces push hourly wages upwards. $ 15 per hour, many brands are either forced to pass the rapidly rising costs on to their customers or stagnate without the workers and supplies needed to grow their business.

Situated at Chicago, Aloha Poke currently operates 17 locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, and Washington DC In addition to the brand menu sourced from responsible sources and simple, efficient operations, franchise restaurant investors are interested in Aloha Poke due to its attractive upfront capital requirements, unity economy and numbers. attractive sales to investment.

Aloha Poke is actively seeking to develop its exciting, healthy and relaxed concept, with skilled entrepreneurs and experienced restaurant franchisees who share the same passion and energy for the life of the brand. Ideal Aloha Poke franchisees have experience in restaurant operations or business management and share a desire to positively impact the country’s need for fast, beautiful and durable poke bowls.

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About Aloha Poke Co.

Proudly reinventing the idea of ​​fast food, Aloha Poke Co. quickly packs Ahi Tuna, Patagonian Salmon and other clean, simple, and responsible ingredients into beautiful and delicious poke bowls. Founded in the city center that of Chicago French market in 2016, Aloha Poke expanded to 17 locations in the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest and Mid-Atlantic.

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