All states of Massachusetts now have body cameras after scandal

You may have heard the rumors. Well the rumors are true. Massachusetts State Police announced Thursday that all 2,200 staff members have now been assigned body cameras.

Massachusetts State Police said the implementation of the police department’s body camera program has been completed. As of December 16, all sworn-in members of every division of the Massachusetts State Police have received body cameras and are trained to use them.

The reform was ordered in 2018 after the agency was hit by an overtime scandal. Apparently, some soldiers are said to have taken thousands of hours of overtime for periods when they were not actually working.

Now, basically, body cameras have been assigned to every soldier, and departmental policy governs the use and criteria for activating body cameras. In addition, the Ministry’s implementation of its cruiser camera program is nearing completion. Since yesterday, cameras have been installed in around 800 departmental cruisers, 200 of which are still waiting.

In a media statement, Col. Christopher Mason, Massachusetts State Police Superintendent, said:

Our camera program helps accurately document soldiers’ interactions with suspects, victims and members of the public. This is essential for gathering evidence for criminal cases as well as for commemorating the nature of interactions between soldiers and the public. Body camera video is also a valuable training tool for recruits and existing officers.

Body cameras are just one of a series of initiatives Massachusetts State Police have undertaken with the Baker-Polito administration, including increased use of technology in recruiting, building the facility the department’s internal security operations; and the installation of GPS technology in police vehicles. .

For more information, visit the State Mass Police website here.

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