A story of his weirdest advertising campaigns

Mobile Suit Gundam is a decades-old franchise examine the costs of war and Iimperialism during eons of interstellar conflict between corrupt and decaying governments. It’s also an animated show about giant robots made to sell toys, so sometimes you get the very special feel of one of the show’s most iconic characters. peddling a car.

Char Aznable-the pilot ace of the breakaway space colony Principality of Zeon in the original 1979 classic Mobile Suit Gundameventual Anti-Earth guerrilla in the guise of Quattro Bajeena in his sequel series Zeta Gundamand ultimately the drastic leader of the rest of Neo Zeon in Char Counterattack-is part of Gundamis the most enduring and iconic characters. His shadow is cast across the franchise’s entire history as he’s gone from villain with his own personal agenda, to anti-hero, to radicalized leader, whether in the show’s main “Universal Century” timeline. or in its entirety in an endless litany of “Char Clone” expys. This makes him a fascinating and compelling character, explored in more depth than some of the franchise’s most famous heroes.

But it also means that Char often finds himself Darth Vader-ized in a way, a public face of Gundam as a corporate franchise nearly as iconic as a brand like the series’ giant robots. In the decades since its debut, Char’s masked face has been slapped in all sorts of weird and wonderful ad campaigns in Japan, including this week, where a new collaboration with McDonald’ss Japan saw te Red Comet returns to promote three new burgers inspired by its mobile suits in the original Gundam. Looked to that, and more of tank the most dubious advertising campaigns, below.

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