A Look At Valentine’s Day Menu Items At Dunkin’, Pizza Hut, And More

From heart-shaped pizzas to Applebee’s Tipsy Cupid cocktail, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a boon for the chocolate and flower industries. Many fast food chains are now using the day to launch new menu items and market various heart-themed products and promotions.

Sometimes it’s cute and cheeky (Yum! Brands (YUM) – Get yum! Report Brands, Inc.‘s Pizza Hut will have its annual Spicy Lover’s pizza) and sometimes that’s downright overkill (White Castle’s idea of ​​a romantic dinner is eight burgers for two people), but there’s certainly no shortage of options if gorging on fast food is more your style than a pressure-filled evening.

Here are some of the Valentine’s Day items and specials happening across the country: (Some of these deals are only available on the big day, while others are only available for a limited time.)

Applebee Smoocho Mucho Sips

Dubbed Smoocho Mucho Sips, Applebee’s Valentine’s Day deal includes two cocktails for $5 each – the Tipsy Cupid (a vodka lemonade with hints of strawberry) and the Date Night Daiquiri (swirled strawberry mango from Bacardi) are presented in large fishbowl-style glasses and festive colors.

In places where take-out alcohol is allowed (the pandemic has caused several US cities to relax its rules), the American chain Dine Brands Global DIN will also offer the cocktails as take-out.

White Castle Love Cube:

Lead white castle for Valentine's Day

While White Castle has for years made February 14 its “inCastle” day of $1 burgers, the prolonged pandemic has caused it to abandon the event for a dining experience once again.

While only $14.99, the White Castle Love Cube will require a strong stomach – the meal for two includes eight cheeseburgers, two soft drinks and two sides to share like fries and salad.

To take Valentine’s Day a step further, the chain has also added a Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake to the menu.

Krispy Kreme for Valentine's Day

After candy and chocolate, donuts are apparently the classic treat to share with a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

In honor of the holiday, Krispy Kreme (DNUT) – Get the report from Krispy Kreme, Inc. launched not one but four new donuts with a lovey-dovey theme.

While the Beary Best Valentine Donut looks like a chocolate teddy bear, Bee Mine Donut comes with a strawberry and KREME filling and has a little bee-shaped sugar cube on top.

For those who like their donuts to taste like other desserts, there’s also Cookie To My KREME and My Batter Half Donut. All four come in a cute red box with embedded Valentine’s Day cards.

Heart Shaped Pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen

Californian Pizza Chef for Valentine's Day

Pizza is a perennial favorite on date nights, precisely for its personalization.

California Pizza Kitchen CPK discovered this quickly when what was supposed to be a one-time Valentine’s Day promotion became an annual promotion at the request of customers.

From February 9 to 14, customers can once again order pizzas from the menu on a heart-shaped crispy thin crust. The “Sweet Deal for Two” will make it a romantic three-course meal with side dishes and wine pairings.

Pizza Hut Lovers Spicy Pizza

Chef Pizza Hut for Valentine's Day

For those who like it hot, Pizza Hut has launched three versions of the new Spicy Lover’s Pizza: a Spicy Double Pepperoni, a Spicy Hawaiian Chicken with chicken and pineapple, and a Spicy Veggie with green peppers and mushrooms. .

Although slated as a permanent menu item, the “lovers’ pizza” arrives just in time for a Valentine’s Day party.

Dunkin’s Pink Velvet Macchiato and Cupid’s Choice Donut

Dunkin Donuts for Valentine's Day

As this list shows, pizza and donuts seem to be the key to many people’s hearts.

Not to be outdone by a competitor, Dunkin’ (DK) – Get the report from Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc. also launched the Pink Velvet Macchiato and Cupid’s Choice Donut duo for Valentine’s Day.

The latter brings the taste of coffee to a red velvet cake flavored batter while the former is all about that brownie flavor.

If a donut seems too decadent, you can also order the same flavors in drink form as the macchiatos.

Tim Hortons Valen-Tims Cards

Chef Tim Hortons for Valentine's Day

If you’re in Canada, you also have the chance to win 16 cards printed with sayings like “You’ve Iced Capp-tured Your Heart” and “Muffin Compares To You”.

Now present in 14 different countries, the Toronto coffee and donut chain Tim Hortons, owned by Restaurant Brands International (RSQ) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc reportbrings back particularly fond childhood memories of Sunday brunch and post-hockey practice for the Canadiens.

To enter, simply follow Tim Hortons on Instagram.

KFC Giant Chicken Pillow

KFC Chef for Valentine's Day

Although not technically edible, KFC’s massive chicken sandwich pillow is sure to win over even the coldest of hearts.

In a partnership with PillowPets.com, the chicken chain has launched its most popular sandwich in the form of a three-foot-wide cuddly pillow.”

For the second year in a row, it’s available for pre-order during the Valentine’s Day period – but at $99.99, it’s not exactly cheap.

“We set a new standard for modern comfort food with the introduction of our KFC Chicken Sandwich last year,” Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer for KFC, said in a statement. “Now fans can snuggle up with the sandwich they love the most with our KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler.”

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