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The McDonald’s social media team caught the internet’s attention with their last tweetin which the fast food chain seems to be teasing the return of something big.

“Bring _____ back,” the channel posted Thursday, inviting fans to fill in the blank with their most missed articles. And fans quickly took the bait, with the Tweet racking up tens of thousands of likes, retweets and replies in a short time.

Looking through the comments section, you’ll find all sorts of things the public is hungry to see back on the menu, from old defuncts to McDonald’s retros.

But why this litmus test now? Is the channel actually planning to bring back an abandoned fan favorite?

The strategy would not be new for Mickey D’s. The chain was on a resurrection streak recently, bringing back popular menu items like Szechuan Sauce and Spicy Chicken McNuggets, and bringing the two together for the first time in history. Indeed, McDonald’s seems quite willing to honor customer requests at the moment.

While fans came up with plenty of suggestions on this topic — from Batman Forever embossed mugs to 29-cent burgers — some posts overwhelmingly dominated the Twitter feed. And if McDonald’s is listening, here are some of the items that could be brought back next.

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Courtesy of McDonald’s

As the overwhelming winner in number of mentions, Snack Wraps are sorely missed. While it’s hard to describe why a Snack Wrap is so good, it’s clear the world is in love with breaded chicken in a flour tortilla. (A little cheese and ranch? Yes, please.)

Indeed, last year McDonald’s had to dispel a rumor circulating on TikTok that the Snack Wrap would soon have a resurrection.

Launched in 2006the Snack Wrap targeted those who opted for health conscious fast-casual chains. For ten years, customers enjoyed various iterations of Snack Wraps until their sudden demise in 2016, attributed to the simplification of chain operations. While the Snack Wrap’s hidden appeal may never be unboxed, customers just want it back on the menu, now.

bts mcdonalds meal
Courtesy of McDonald’s

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The BTS meal took the world by storm in 2021 and quickly became the most successful meal collaboration in McDonald’s history. Fans of the meal were both BTS fans and fans of the two exclusive sauces — Cajun and Sweet Chili — that came with it. Otherwise, the meal included a fairly standard combo of 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries and a coke.

To support the promotion, McDonald’s launched a line of limited-edition products and aired a television advertisement, among other things. The meal was so popular when it debuted that McDonald’s visits rose 12% in the United States in the first seven days of the promotion.

It’s no surprise that the BTS meal has been on fans’ wish list. Not only sauces receive favorable reviewsbut the BTS army wants an encore.

mcdonalds mcpizza

The McPizza is a surprising blast from the past, but according to Twitter, fans would welcome it with open arms. But the pizza didn’t do well when it was introduced in 1989.

When it first started, the McPizza had many problems preventing its success. The item was not logistically feasible as it was not available until after 4pm, was made to order, therefore required a long wait time and generally did not fit the theme of the menu .

While the McPizza seems like a relic of a bygone era, there is still a place where a fan can enjoy their slice of cheese. Epic McD, the largest entertainment McDonald’s in the world in Orlando, Florida still sells the McPizza 24 hours a day.

For the rest of America, however, there may be a glimmer of hope in this response from McDonald’s to a customer comment.

Mcdonald's sausage McMuffin

There are plenty of McDonald’s fans who can’t get up early enough to eat the chain’s breakfast, it seems. In addition to asking for dropped items, some fans simply wanted certain menu items to be freed from arbitrary time restrictions.

During the pandemic, McDonald’s decided to limit its all-day breakfast hours to morning hours only. Although there have been reports that some places are sticking to breakfast all day despite the rollback, enough McDonalds have dropped the practice to justify that customers get angry.

Sources told us last year that many places meet supply and demand with breakfast. Where it was most popular, it was served late or all day. Where it wasn’t, it wasn’t. This was mainly due to the fact that breakfast takes just a little longer to cook than lunch, which could make a difference at busy times. Since last year, the McDonald’s company has been working with franchise owners to decide on all-day breakfast on a case-by-case basis.

Will McDonald’s make final decisions as to whether all the customer should be allowed to eat a McMuffin at 3 p.m. remains to be seen.

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