10 things you should never do in Pittsfield or the Berkshires

There are rules, don’t you understand !? Yes, there are rules, some are written and some unwritten. Whether you live in Pittsfield or elsewhere in the Berkshires, you should know these things.


Their website is literally nocoorslight.com. Moe’s à Lee is a (good) joint of beer and whiskey and no crappy light beer is allowed. Boyfriend.

Craig Benoit, owner of Hot Dog Ranch in Pittsfield, told Slater and Marjo that ketchup just doesn’t belong in a hot dog. Mustard? Yes. Onion? Yes. The famous brown sauce? FUCK, YES.

Hot Dog Ranch Facebook Page

New owner after new owner … Promises, promises … Many ideas have been offered on what to do with the now defunct Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough, but nothing has seen the light of day. What about returning as a functioning mall? It will not arrive. Discover the Lee points of sale.

Berkshire Shopping Center Facebook Page

I know it comes out of the tongue. Anything that is “Mc” is McDonalds, not its main competitor. Burger King fans, show respect.

Burger King Facebook page

It’s not quite the traffic at Gillette Stadium, but Lenox is not a big city, and the traffic in the city of about 5,000 people is terrible when it’s concert time.

Candle Lanes on North St. is gone at this point, and the beloved Ken’s Bowl on Dalton Ave has been razed to make way for a marijuana grow facility. Try Mingo’s in North Adams or Cove Lanes in Great Barrington.

As far as we know, cycle lanes are here to stay, and there is data showing that Pittsfield Main Street is now safer for pedestrians.

Live 95.9 was Live 105.5 at one point, and I understand, five rhymes with Live, but never say Live 95 POINT FIVE.

The Atkins diet was so 2000, my brother. Even though Subway says they don’t mind removing bread from the middle of the sub-roll to make sure it’s not just carbs but don’t be that guy. Don’t be a Slater.

We all knew it, we all loved it, we all miss Bagel’s Too on North St., but it won’t come back.

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